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Inflatables in SPAAACE! ISS 'nauts to enjoy bouncy castle spaceship

Barry Dingle

Space Junk

If they connected one of these to each side of the ISS, maybe they could change the acronym to B.A.L.L.S.: Bigelow Attached Low-g Love Spaces.

Microsoft's Euro cloud darkens: US FEDS can dig into foreign servers

Barry Dingle

Re: Doom for US tech companies

One potential side effect, as with corporations shielding themselves from US taxes, would be to incorporate in another country, one not inclined to comply with US law. Probably not an easy or inexpensive feat for existing companies, but a definite consideration for startups.

New leaked 'Windows 8 screenshot': The Start Menu strikes back

Barry Dingle

Just looks like a Frankenmenu, with bits stitched together instead of a coherent UI. As long as it's alive, it will continue to frighten the elderly.

Microsoft Cortana EULA contains the Greatest Disclaimer of ALL TIME

Barry Dingle


is she pretty at least?

Nod Labs forges one (Bluetooth) ring to rule them all

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Re: An interesting idea

Also, I'm afraid there are some things I do with my fingers that might cause "input errors".

Barry Dingle

An interesting idea

quickly killed by its own price. Maybe the knockoffs will get that part right.

One year on: diplomatic fail as Chinese APT gangs get back to work

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Re: Someday...

In case you haven't heard the song, someday never comes.

Besides, we've tried building "supreme" agencies before, and shit keeps happening.

Bulls hit city streets after alleged Samsung ad shoot hits the fan

Barry Dingle

Thumbs up for the title

if "Bulls hit" is in the news, make sure everyone knows

New WebCL toolkit hooks browser apps into GPUs – and that's not good news for Apple

Barry Dingle

Re: Silly headline

I've never heard of localStorage either.

Dashboard Siri! Take me to the airport! NO, NOT the RUNWAY! Argh!

Barry Dingle

Angry DashBirds

Hopefully is can sense when you are stuck in traffic, and pop up a game.

How many keys can one keyboard have? Do I hear 200? 300? More?

Barry Dingle

The "S" is for stupid

As a cheap tablet app this would make "S"ense.

Candy Crush King went 'too far' when it candy crushed my app – dev

Barry Dingle


is that his game might actually get noticed by people now, whatever the new name is.

BlackBerry nabs 'The Sims' to head up crucial Services unit

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SAP + BB = Sucksess

When you need a fast, nimble turnaround of your company, you naturally think of SAP.

In a meeting with a woman? For pity's sake don't read this

Barry Dingle

So many words

so little story.

Baldness fix from foreskin follicles

Barry Dingle

Re: Why..?

For a little light dusting before the shagging.

Microsoft pulls Win 8.1 RT code which upgraded Surface 'slabs into BRICKS

Barry Dingle

Sometimes getting bricked IS an upgrade.

Microsoft store staff to hold all night vigil for Surface 2

Barry Dingle

Re: Pitbull photo

So, a Pitbull concert is the "prize" for being one of the lucky customers? Could I just have the cash instead? Speaking of which, who has a midnight opening where customers have to be bribed to show up?

Microsoft admits it's '18 months behind' with Windows 8 slabs

Barry Dingle

And a midstream reorg will help

them zune to the top.

Jiggy Pennsylvania couple busted by 25 bike cops

Barry Dingle

Re: Good Lord, oh the manatee!

Is that a reference to: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/04/target-manatee-gray-color_n_3013235.html

PC makers REALLY need Windows 8.1 to walk on water - but guess what?

Barry Dingle

We heard a train wreck a year ago

is it still on fire?

Yahoo! joins! rivals! in! PRISM! data! request! admission!

Barry Dingle

Barely Legal - NSFW

No sexy pics, just tainted technology. A government comprised mainly of lawyers can get away with just about anything.

Japan proposes NSA-style agency and new snooping laws

Barry Dingle

The Wii of Cybersecurity

At least it will give another democracy a workout.

Thanks, NSA: Amazon sales of Orwell's 1984 rise 9,500%

Barry Dingle

Wish I was smart

enough to change the world through an online comment. And also to have printed a Liberator gun before my 3D printer jammed. Dammit.

Obama administration defends mass call-data slurping

Barry Dingle

Re: "There have been approximately 100 plots and also arrests made since 2009 by the FBI"

Your broken gestalt regions have made you believe a sarcastic comment equals approval. Yay for our side.

Barry Dingle

Re: "There have been approximately 100 plots and also arrests made since 2009 by the FBI"

Consider each drone strike a conviction.

Acorn founder: SIXTH WAVE of tech will wash away Apple, Intel

Barry Dingle

Does their ubiquity make us stronger or more feeble

I tend towards the former, unless the power is out.

3D printer spits out CYBORG EAR... but where will you PUT it?

Barry Dingle

Can you hear me now?

Besides looking delicious and not at all freakish, anything that can help with my ears' "propensity to become torn off or damaged" is welcome indeed. I'm all the time losing one when rolling around during sleep. Sometimes, I'll even find one caught by the shower drain after a vigorous scrub.

Apple loses again in Chinese App Store copyright case

Barry Dingle

What good is a walled garden

if people can chuck anything up and over? Lost in transaction.

Movie review: Oblivion

Barry Dingle

Damn, two sentences ending in a preposition?

"Victoria can’t wait for the next two weeks to be over as they’ll be off the planet and on the Tet space station where sci-fi Skype buddy boss Sally controls operations from. And then on from there to Saturn's moon Titan, where Earth's population evacuated to."

I felt generous on the first one, but the second one I didn't know what to do with.

Seoul plans anti-GPS jamming system to thwart NORKS

Barry Dingle

Re: Norks - Serious or not

I think they are just pissing in the same water they are standing in.

Interestingly, if they wanted aid, and weren't being apish simpletons, any number of countries would be likely to help them into the modern era.

But no, no one here has any valid knowledge, because we aren't upper-echelon NK military types.

The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME

Barry Dingle

Re: Bah

And the ad just happens to feature a young Helen Mirren at the keyboard. That IS sexy.

Chinese search king Baidu testing Google Glass competitor

Barry Dingle

Imitating dumb with dumber

The sooner we can get brilliantly stupid folk walking into traffic while watching reruns, the better.

Elon Musk's 'Grasshopper' hover rocket scores another test success

Barry Dingle

Re: Strange URL

The anti-ageing properties will come somewhat later, when the current readers are deceased and Space X has achieved something fractionally closer to the speed of light for its spacecraft. The "Australia" bit is just a sly reference to America's way of thinking of Texas as a dumping ground for convicts and dimwits.

Oklahoma woman cuffed with loaded .22 in pork holster

Barry Dingle

"gun located in suspect vagina"

I'm sure it's on purpose they didn't phrase it "suspect's vagina".

Kill that Java plugin now! New 0-day exploit running wild online

Barry Dingle

Re: I violently agree with what;s been said.

JavaScript != Java

Microsoft braces for Surface RT feedback storm

Barry Dingle


you have to plug it into a Wii U through the usb port to power it. And it's good for swatting people using other tablets (rt = real touchy).

Apple wins second round of Samsung patent slugfest

Barry Dingle

50 more posts

and clarity will be ours.

Google offers tool to bridge Android and iOS app dev

Barry Dingle

Re: Won't last long?

Which end?

One more try: Metro apps are now 'Windows Store' apps

Barry Dingle

Re: at least for this week.

Legacy Windows Store apps (no longer supported).

iPhone to account for half of US economy by 2030 - projection

Barry Dingle

I for one

welcome our new half-eaten fruity overlord.

Apple to launch streaming online radio service?

Barry Dingle

Re: death of app's

Unnecessary apostrophe, so like the remainder of the post.

China Mobile to roll-out 16GB MEGA-cloud platform

Barry Dingle

Does it come with fries?

"Mcloud" sounds like the name for a McDonalds wifi network.

Sharp to cull 5,000 as losses exceed £1 BILLION

Barry Dingle

Pass the buck

Guaranteed none of the people supposedly in charge are among the culling.

Analyst says Surface could hurt Ultrabook, Windows 8 tablets

Barry Dingle

Re: well

Lemme poot it different, as in googlesoft bad, so Microballmer is right and they need this, so they will have others do it them selves and show how good to their people. That stuff is gonna sell itself and make their stuff seem newer and get big chunk of mmarket. stock gonna rise.

'Maybe we'll just call them 'Surface-like devices'

Barry Dingle

How about "Blip"

Briefly Living Industrial Project

Libya's new rulers fire up Gaddafi's surveillance tech

Barry Dingle

Re: American Goverment

Let me know which unintrusive land of shiny rainbows and constant blowjobs you live in, I will suffer steerage-class transit to come join you.

Why I love Microsoft’s vapourware tablet

Barry Dingle

Re: What's the opposite of "synergy"?

May I propose: "clusterfaced".

China fingered as lappie disappears from Taiwanese boat

Barry Dingle

Best Place to Store Top Secret Info

On a laptop. On a boat. Probably as a pdf.

US military gives NASA two better-than-Hubble telescopes

Barry Dingle

Re: 3 words...

I think not

Noise can improve quantum computing, says ANU scientist

Barry Dingle

Instestinal Metaphortitiude

Put things in the top to force things out the bottom. Qubits.