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Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want

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Allowing a user the 'option' to choose between the classic start menu or the new start screen was too much for m$.

Can't wait for the moron hipster retards in suits to do the same thing to thier console business...oh wait...

Kinky? You're mentally healthier than 'vanilla' bonkers


Re: RE: Yawn.

Yep, not at all fun when it becomes real rather than an immature game...



I think Terry Waite, after being released, was quoted as saying 'I used to enjoy bondage and preached, that it was a special experience between consenting adults. Then I was kindapped and discovered my fantasies were all immature bullshit and learnt to stfu'.

This of course may all be completely false or in otherwords, a 'study'.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of


Never fails..

Nice to watch another major company destroy its leading product by employing morons.

Traceroute reveals Star Wars Episode IV 'crawl' text


Obi Wan...

"The command line. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as random or clumsy as a GUI, an elegant weapon for a more civilized age."...

Official: America now a nation of broadband whingers


Whinge: The facial expression you make when you realise you were sold a box of shit.

FOlA judges: Secret 28 who made the BBC Green will not be named


Re: So....

Those responsible for the theory of gravity and its continued research are are in the public domain.

The people who persuaded the BBC to abandon impartiality over climate change are not, this is the issue.

40,000 sign petition to oust Rep. Paul 'pit of hell' Broun


Re: Proving yet again that the inmates are running the asylum

And the slow motion train crash called the USA moves on a frame...

Brighton marathon munchers banned from all-you-can-eat diner


Re: if (maxFood !== AllYouCanEat) {throw new LyingBastardException()}

True, it's far easier to blame the user when you cannot manage a network for crap when you advertise that you can.


Re: if (maxFood !== AllYouCanEat) {throw new LyingBastardException()}

Yep, it's basically a lie, very much like the so called 'Unlimited' broadband offered by many providers who then cap your speed for using it 'too much', obviously a different use of the word 'unlimited' that many are not familiar with.

New benefits website at risk of hackers, no Plan B - ministers


Re: No plan B? Seriously?

"I'm tired of people taking money from taxpayers and whining all the time about how hard they supposedly have it."

Are you refering to bankers? Tax evaders? Major corporations that use tax loopholes, than when an attempt to shut them down is considered they 'whine' about it being good for business?

"You don't have to lift a finger for it so you don't have any right to say how it should be paid or even if it should be paid."

So who does in fact have a say in how it should be paid? Or even how much? I do not recall any member of the working public being sent a memo or request as to whether funds should be used to say invade Iraq or host the Olympics? Of course they didn't because it's not YOUR money after you pay your tax, don't delude yourself into thinking it is, you have very little choice on how it is spent. I'm also sure that there are many who work hard for very little and vice versa so again, who has these rights you speak of?

Please, no 'you can choose who to vote for' response, only an imbecile thinks the system is that basic.

Remember as well that those on benefits, mainly those for whom it is not a worthwhile state to be in, will have to spend that money they get. They don't put it in a box and collect it, they don't see that housing benefit for long, electricity isn't cheap nor that 20% VAT that goes back to the state when used on food or other goods.

Of couse maybe if they are made worse off with with Universal credits and monthly payments and can't afford to pay thier rent or utility bill on time they can simply ask for a bailout...

Sony blames record $5.7bn loss on everything but Sony


Re: "poor consumer appetite for shiny gear"

Geohots access to the PS3 required more than simply the OtherOS such as bus glitching. The setup required for this was complex and was in no way stable for any form of piracy. Sony were responsible for removing the OtherOS option due to being badly informed over the impact of the exploit.

People are mad at Sony due to thier incompetence at the handling of this issue. There was no reason to remove the OtherOS option. Users did not really have to jailbreak the PS3 thanks to the OtherOS option.

The piracy now taking place on the PS3 and PSP platforms is the result of being able to duplicate signatures. This is due to Sony using the same random number in all ECDSA signatures. It was thier incompetence in using a well established and secure method of encryption that is allowing people to benefit from piracy.

Sony refused to accept thier incompetence and continues to be so. Not allowing customers to use standard memory cards in the PSVITA is one such example.

This all continues to be incredibly hilarious...

Virgin Media cuts Pirate Bay access for millions of punters


Just funny..


It is a service issue. The response from the hysterical crying 'theft' is laughable at best. The assumption that every downloader would have purchased the product at a premium is dillusional. Every download ironically exposes the so called 'pirate' to your media, you have to wonder how many may have thought he new 'Game of Thrones' series would be another lame attempt at TV fantasy only to download a copy, watch it through and then start demanding who they have to pay to see the next episode.

People want to buy media, they want to pay for it in its best possible form and in high quality but they want reliable and prompt service, people are jumping at the chance, credit card in hand to pay for goods and the industry is not giving them the service they need. People want choice and the industry can give that to them. Micro transactions in games have created massive profits, mobile games are surpassing the high end in sales and demand. Give people the chance and they will throw money at you but block them and they will seek alternatives and the less savoury areas of the internet are able to provide that.

Utilising bizzare campaigns with 'You wouldn't steal a handbag' only patronises your customers, treat them like idiots and they will walk, treat them with respect and they will buy mud from you. Ridiculous statistics refering to inflated job losses or profits only make the issue worse and censorship is a further failure especially when it is trivial to circumvent, not only does it make the media industry look belligerent but also incompetent and obtuse.

The truth about Apple's mind-boggling low tax rate


Re: Double standards

Because it must be so hard existing on the £19billion leftover. ..

Always amusing seeing a response that can't differentiate between the amount of tax paid and the proportion of what you earned is taken as tax..