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New Mac mini: Business in the front, party at the back

Bobbicus Anthropithicus

For my needs, the new i7 and USB3 look like a great upgrades. Clearly Apple never targeted the MacMini at gamers so if you need high performance graphics you'll want something else, but others that like OSX with more modular hardware than afforded by an iMac should be excited.

Google Drive Issues on Mac

Bobbicus Anthropithicus

Re: get a proper computer

Obviously a Linux user, doubtless an older release of Fedora scavenged from discarded CD's.

Bobbicus Anthropithicus

Re: Google Drive Issues on Mac

Oh my. Google Drive works fine for me on Mac and Windows 7, and I'm actually grateful that Google is providing the service. Worse yet, although I've used Mac's since 1984 so must have contributed to the black turtleneck fund I don't recall ever standing in line to submit a Steve tax. And I much prefer beer to Xanax.

Should I seek professional help?


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