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WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters

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Is this just going to be another easily defeatable "block" use a proxy or Tor like with pirate bay & katph?

Money well spent UK Gov!

Oi, jobless yoofs: Upload a witty video bio if you wanna find work

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No, microphone check


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also they got the spelling wrong

Youth is Yooof

and any words with an S at the end should be changed to a Z. Now wheres my check?

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Is there not already a tumblr with some of the hilarious examples of submitted videos? if not then I might get on that

Also, if they are jobless and probably quite skint. they are expected to have a decent phone and internet connection?

Texas teen jailed for four months over sarcastic Facebook comment

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A good punishment would be a ban on use of any internet connected device for 2 months.

Then will we get the every-moment-of-my-life posted on Facebook types to think before they type, it may de clog the system of some bullshit too, only slightly mind

Run for your (private) lives! Facebook's creepy Graph Search is upon us

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New FB slogan

"Know stuff about people without knowing them"

Works for the NSA too

Crimelords: Stolen credit cards... keep 'em. It's all about banking logins now

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I have always wondered and I hope someone can answer in a non sarcastic way. If I was to purchase some of these stolen details, with a pin for example, Surely at some point my action will be traceable back to me right?

Cashpoint - location and time logged, and possible cctv looking over the cashpoint too

online - location and ip etc plus if I was getting something delivered where would I get it delivered to, so not to be traceable?

Surely if these issues are sorted then that would be less appealing to get the CC data rather than trying to teach millions of people that an email from nigeria, or your Natw3st.ru statement email is not legit?

Bank details - PAH! Phishers want your Facebook password

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surely this is a hold-to-ransom type of affair rather than "I just want to look at your messages and pictures etc"

If you stole a FB account details, then emailed the user saying I want X amount before a certain day, otherwise I will:

message your mother saying you are addicted to crack and a secret gay

message your ex claiming to have aids

message a friend admitting you watch big brother

post a status proclaiming your love of nickelback and a photoshopped image of account holder with the lead singer

plus other various dodgy images, gore and racist things you could post to wreck the lives of the people who devote their whole life to FB

I do remember a 4chan escapade where they had a bunch of details for FB accounts, watching the madness unfold was rather funny

Premier League seeks court order to ban footie-streaming Swedish site

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Re: club survival

yea to be honest the sky money is probably pocket change for most clubs, they definetly wouldnt cease to exist if they pulled out.

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IT Angle

I used streaming sites, I refused to pay the ridiculous amount that sky sports cost, plus I didnt want to watch any of the other shit like cricket or golf so wasnt value for money atall.

The major problem here is that whenever they do these stupid little blocks, people just put up proxies which work just aswell. What I am noticing more is that these proxies are getting more and more filled with ads which is not only annoying but people are profitting off it too, and we all know piracy funds terrorism so in a way these court orders are funding terrorism.

Bitcoin now accepted in London pub. In Hack-ney, of course

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surely its obvious the US banksters were not going to like bitcoin

If more and more people use it, then surely it will be harder to stop and some clever minds will be able to outsmart the gov and we wouldnt have to use the piece of shit banks

AXE-WAVING BIKER GANG SMASHES into swanky Apple UK store

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couple of years late

These guys are a couple of years late? i mean I remember there being a batch of apple store robberies a couple years ago, then most would be robbers found out that all device serials are traceable and get blocked

or are these guys just super thick? although as mentioned they will basically get a clip round the ear from the UK courts and that will probably encourage them to do something similar again.

Number of cops abusing Police National Computer access on the rise

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Dont trust anyone

Question Everything

REVEALED: The gizmo leaker Snowden used to smuggle out NSA files

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I would rather be forced to read the documents on that CD, than have a lady gaga CD

MySpace zaps millions of teens' tearful rants, causes wave of angst

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Bieber is a small canadian girl

Timberlake is relatively successful musician & actor, that has funded a terrible social network

Timberland is a clothing brand and also a US hip hop producer

Magpie Apple plunders the competition for cosmetics, as egos run wild

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Re: Blackberry 10

cos blackberry is proper shit

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I think its quite sad how upset and emotional fully grown adults get over defending their chosen mobile phone provider.

Its a phone at the end of the day, maybe if you worked for the company then you are abit more right to take offence. But no, put your phone down and do something procutive

Chrome and Firefox are planet-wreckers, IE cuddles dolphins

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Is this the only positive thing IE has to brag about?

Sneaky new Android Trojan is WORST yet discovered

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IT Angle

This comment has just scanned your system for viruses and malware

Results - 42 virsues and 53430 instances of malware. Not to mention your browsing habits are awful and possibly illegal.

Please report to the local government office or buy our Super Virus and Malware descannerizingutron software comes a free Malware free copy of Angry Birds! it only spams your email and scans your retinas every 30 seconds*

*Unpatched webcam required. Please leave computer on 24/7.

Secured by the National bank of Uganda and Cousin Benson

Drupal hacked, resets passwords after millions of accounts exposed

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news like this is getting really annoying!!!

Microsoft tops list of software piracy nailed in UK by FAST

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Re: You mean...

You cant use office 364 on Christmas day, its illegal

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You mean...

People actually give money for microsoft products?!

Oi, butterfingers! Drop your mobe in a pint? Hope it's not an iPhone

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On the lower drops she drops them side by side, you can see one phone lands partially on top of the other one. So one blower is getting lighter damage.

This test is scientifically inaccurate, where were the disclaimers? Im off to the Offcom office to complain about burst my bubble

The bunker at the end of the world - in Essex

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Loving the communications history segments on here. This bunker and the BT tower articles were very interesting.

There is the remains of an early warning defence system in Maidstone in Kent, which is a fun visit. see http://www.subbrit.org.uk/rsg/sites/c/coldblow_ace_high/index.html

Also for more info on derelict buildings view www.28dayslater.co.uk in particular the military section

BT Tower is just a relic? Wrong: It relays 18,000hrs of telly daily

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The first page I thought the register had gone all urbex

Yahoo! adds 1TB of free storage to Flickr in site revamp

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Surely this just opens up real easy theft of images now, especially now they will be of a decent resolution and that whole orphan works act

I guess most people wont care as they will recieve a comment such as "great HDR, doesnt hurt my eyes atall"

from Can0npr0 in Outer Mongolia

Microsoft conceals job ad in Bing homepage

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Re: lol

dunno about your personal life but I dont like IE adverts because

a - it appeals to the type of average backwards Jeremy Kyle watching humanoid that uses facebook, and will believe that IE is actually more secure and faster than the other leading browsers out there

b - they choose some terrible trendy shit dubstep song that appeals to persons referenced in point a, and the advert is on way too much.

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The only time I use IE "developer" tools, is when im fixing sites in the piece of shit that IE is

Also IE adverts can fuck off too.

British LulzSec hackers hear jail doors slam shut for years

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Surely the main thing here is that these "kids" could do these sort of things, which shows the weakness in hi-tech security companies that you would normally not have to think twice about the quality of security?

On the other hand, making £2,500 a month on a botnet is pretty impressive, imagine that much money at 21!

I know they have to be punished, but at the same time they have obviously got a good functioning brain that could lead to a decent career, however because the companies who have been made fools of are embarrassed, that career will never happen

Feds stamp on cash pipeline to Mt Gox, Bitcoin's Wall Street

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IT Angle

Re: A non-merkin writes....

bitcoin funds terrorism - just like pirating films does. Also if you dont love your bank provider you are probably a terrorist too.

Watchdog: Y'know what Bitcoin really needs? A REGULATOR!

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IT Angle

I just want to exchange money with people without having to pay fees to the legal criminals like fat bankers for dealing with MY money

they have already proved they cant do their job properly with the recession. So leave the new and scary thing you dont understand alone please and just be happy you have you coke, hookers and massive bonuses and piss off

UK.Gov passes Instagram Act: All your pics belong to everyone now

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Re: Greed wins

agree exactly, but what can we small guys do about it apart from moan and sign a measly e-petition.

The government, doing the opposite of what people want as usual. Legal Criminals

Cat ladies turned brand-squatters poke fun at religious right

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The world would be alot more of a peaceful place if it was filled with cat holics rather than catholics

Master Beats: Why doesn't audio quality matter these days?

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I do like to laugh at the suits wearing beats by dre head phones thinking they are down with the kids.

Those cans aint going to make your Nickelback sound any better pal!

Bitcoins: A GIANT BUBBLE? Maybe, but currency could still be worthwhile

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exactly! can exactly ban cash now can we, otherwise bankers wouldnt have much to do would they

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IT Angle

I am looking into bitcoin as I find it really interesting. I just see that surely soon enough governments are going to misunderstand it and dry to ban it, especially in Britain. It will be the old "it funds terrorism and paedos" story to the public, but we all know it is because banks cant make fees from it.

Wouldn't it be great if there we no banks in existence and money was traded easily, instantly and without charges.

Facebook prepares to dominate Android

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Re: You almost had me...

Did the newborn baby give consent for the pictures to be online?

I dont not envy the children that have been born in the last few years, there lives are documented online and they will grow up knowing there are pictures of them on the internet.

Since when did having children, buying a new car etc etc become a show off item, rather than something that is special and personal and a rather private matter

So, Twitter. 200m twits. How will you make your first billion? Oh, ads.

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hmmm I actually promote little companies and site that I think are worthwhile on twitter. However It does piss me off when you see some twatty bank at the top trying to buy your friendship and pretending they are normal people. I doubt many people have actually used the promoted tweets, but if corporate companies wanna keep spunking money on that, then fair play to twitter


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Also the mails headline would be somehting like


Microsoft LOVES YOU: Free Wi-Fi on the British railways for a month

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Why do they call if 365?

Cos only 365 people will ever use it

its the average age of a user

Its the amount of times you have to restart during installation

Its the number of days per year you dont want to use it

Its the time in minutes it takes to boot up

Its the line that a fatal error has occurred on

Senior Ugli

or better yet, use the wifi to download a torrent of Office

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IT Angle

This post was brought to you by Office 365. Did we mention about Office 365? its a new microsoft product that is just as terrible as the usual office programs. Office 365, thats Office 365 folks! rememeber Office 365!

New-age tech marketing secrets REVEALED

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My question was funnier

Senior Ugli

Was spiceworld 2012 a conference on the spice girls or for fans of spices?

Yahoo! makes Brit teen app maker VERY RICH with Summly buy

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Summlys interface was nice, however it seemed like a repackaged Flipboard. I found flipboard has better support and search, and ended up deleting it.

Shame its at yahoo, as someone previously mentioned it will get lost in loads of junk. I dont use anything by yahoo, and dont know anyone that does.

Paying a TV tax makes you happy - BBC

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ITV1 is absolutely terrible. If ever a channel can be blamed with making people dumber, then thanks to its terribly made piece of shit promoting reality programs, ITV wins.

However, when the champions league/europa is on. It is just about watchable

Drunk driving: No more dangerous than talking on handsfree mobe

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IT Angle

Im just waiting for a mate


Congratulations, copyright infringers: You are the five per cent

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Re: Hollywood

This is a great point. Surely if everyone agreed in the industry to pay actors lower, then they could sell their product for cheaper, and more people would buy.

Like you mentioned, acting isnt exactly a science, these people are not as clever as brain surgeons or rocket scientists so why get paid ridiculous amounts of money.

Personally i wouldnt give a shit if I saw one of these actors. All they do is pretend to be someone else

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Big Brother

one thing I do not moan about in the UK is that we are pretty behind on prosecuting pirates - compared to america anyway.

Apart from their faffing about wanting to block certain torrent sites, having the government intelligence of an 80 old man whos only just got the internet helps in places.

I feel I get shafted in alot of other places, so some stuff for free feels fair. Bankers lead by example of not giving a shit about other people and their jobs....

You may moan that's bollocks, but I don't buy music by big labels anyway. There's a bunch of small independent labels rising up who thanks to social media and sharing online are starting to compete with the big boys minus the suits and ivory back scratchers

I have bought quite a few CDs in the last 2 years direct form the artists. usually a signed copy with some free bits too.

Intel, Apple forging chip-baking deal?

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This deal can only happen as long as will.i.am signs a contract promising not to be associated with any idevices