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Air force pounds Philippine MILF lairs


@AC 23:35

Ok, I'll bite.

Where's the MILF angle?

Critical Windows vulnerability under attack, Microsoft warns

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If Windows is the answer

...it was a bloody stupid question.

Net closes on NZ bank error fugitives


That's nothing

Harvey noted that the couple "would most likely (face charges that?) relate to use of a computer because a theft charge would not be applicable"

I didn't realise that using a computer was illegal over here. I'd better go into hiding, I'm due a life lag.

On a related matter re the legality of it all.

The difference between 10,000 and 10,000,000 is just a bunch of zeros. And zero is nothing.

How can they be charged for stealing nothing?

YouTube flooded with porn


Much ado

Without declaring myself on either side of this arguement I give you, courtesy of the Urban Dictionary:

7. Rule 34

If it exists, there is or will be porn of it... also responible for creating pedophiles

Ten year old:*(Google) Rule 34*


Ten year old: OH MY GOD!!!

Labour flames whistleblowers in email smear brouhaha

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@ John Naismith

He made it up? About the degree he got at Berkeley? (or in Berkeley. or somewhere you could see Berkeley from?)

Oh well, I'm sure he didn't lie on purpose.

As to Zanu-lab and the Tories? I quite agree. A plague on both their houses.


Just Two Points

that you missed.

1. Draper, a self-confessed psychotherapist thought it would be "absolutely brilliant" to smear the wife of an MP for appearing "emotionally fragile".

2. If "it is right that Mr McBride and Mr Draper took the decision not to publish this material" and that these were "things Mr McBride thought should go in the bin", it is probable that there was an email stating this exchanged between the two. Funny how this hasn't yet come to light.

Apart from that, a good summary of the weekends hi jinks. Especially your quote "After all, if the government has nothing to hide..."


Wikileaks tells Aus censorship minister to rack off


Some miss the point

The Aussie Censorship minister makes an empty threat regarding the source of the leak.

Lim replies with exactly the same empty threat, in full knowledge that his sources are protected in Sweden. "Back at you".

As the first poster said, "Wikileaks 1 - Censorship 0", the extra point going to Wikileaks for style alone.

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Sauce for a related avian

and, if necessary, ask that the Senator and anyone else involved be extradited to face justice for breaching fundamental rights.

Effing beautiful

Microsoft promises IE web-standards love


Saw the head line

didn't bother RTFAing. Same bullshit, different day

BusinessWeek hails quantum porn engine



According to my trusty Oxford Irish Minidictionary Cuil (without the accent over the u) means either a fly (such as a blue bottle, cuil ghorm or greenfly, cuil ghlas) or an angry appearance (cuil a bheith ort, to be in angry mood).

With the accent it means corner or nook. Hence bheith caite i gcuil choicise, to be cast aside.

Not sure which is more appropriate.

US Navy settles sonar lawsuit


Nuts to the whales and proper grammar


The possessive of "it" does not have an apostrophe. If it did, its apostrophe would be before the s, as it's a singular pronoun.

</ Pedant>

(deep breath)

Sorry about that but it made it hard to read.

However I agree with the sentiment. First, let's kill all the lawyers.

Reg readers say ‘don’t panic’ about the economy


If I understand this correctly

The common theme with these graphs is that they demonstrate what a bell curve looks like.

Around 30% (15% at either end) are either in full panic mode or couldn't give a stuff. The remaining 70% think that sooner or later things might get a bit tough, or they might not.

The only exception seems to be in responses from those who work for American companies in the financial sector who employ more than 5,000 employees, where they tend to skew towards the "We're all going to die!" end of the scale.

Who'd a thunk it.

Enormous HP box spotted from space


Am I the only one

who saw the first pic on page three and though it was going to be about the London Olympics?

Armed anti-paedophile cops swoop on video site uploader


So this would be illegal too?

An advert run by the wowsers on New Zealand telly:


Not for the easily shocked, but broadcast on public television.

Farmers demand 'special' climate deal for flatulent cattle


That can't be right

Water "has the odd property of being less dense in its solid form"?? Surely not. Having listened to the greenies we all know that when the North Pole melts it will raise the sea levels to the point that the Maldives will be under water. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

In much the same way that when the ice melts in their G&Ts, the glass overflows all over the bar.

Makes me wonder why Archimedes ever got out of the bath in the first place.

Man buys new MacBooks, pulls them to bits, takes pics


The big question

of course is: Will it blend?

BMW readies 7-series hybrid


Save cabin space?

Why don't they just put it under the back seat like they did on my 750iL?

(Laughed my head off at the recall gif, Fluffy)

Did the width move for you, darling?


Re:Re: Re:Re: Multi-page articles

While I can see your point about drop off with each extra click, it may be worth checking the numbers again and seeing if they still stack up now that comments are enabled. It may be that the comment feature is motivating more people to read all the way through (if they realise it is a multi-page).

Of course that may not be the case, but I'm sure it'll be worth the exercise even if to check your own views on multi-page stories.

As for the Stalinisation of keeping comments till the last page, if you went along with the AC above my comments and also put the page links at the top, that would seem a fair compromise, Comrade.

And maybe in the grey box, on the grey bar you could use red numbers, just to show that creeping capitalism hasn't gotten out of hand at Vulture Central?


Re:Re: Multi-page articles

and maybe also not put the comments link on every page, just on the last one? Two reasons:

1. It should cut down on the number of RTFA comments.

2. I might not miss the fact that so many of the articles are multi-paged, click to read the comments, get 1/2 way through them before I realise *I* haven't RTFA, go back to to where the train of thought got derailed and try to pick up the thread again, go "Oh sod it!" and go look at something else.

Seems a waste to have the good articles that I've been reading here since last century if 1/2 your readers miss most of them.



Re:Re:Re: Multi-page articles

Also, some dark grey numbers in a slightly less dark grey box on a slightly lighter grey bar isn't exactly Hi-viz.

Is it a case of the carpet matching the drapes?

Pope apologises for Apple's MobileMe sins


For the love of all that's holy!

"The single cause of everything that's bad in the world are people that insult others in the name of humour."

Single cause.

Singular verb.

Is people, not are people.



Jacqui Smith kick-starts yoof ID debate site, site kick stops


Nothing to hide, Nothing to fear

I guess they have nothing to hide.

Funny how they don't have their home addresses on that page, when any schoolboy could go to Companies House (or their website) and get it.


Trousers Brown: Blighty faces 'food security' threat


Required Title

"The only way to get the Edinburgh+Glasgow scale of energy savings and carbon benefits hinted at by the Cabinet Office would be to reduce food demand in the UK by 20 per cent" - Surely not?

How about a small nuke in the centre of each of these cities, and perhaps one or two others,

Though this would, of course, have a side benefit of reducing demand for food as well.

YouTube rant missus hauled into court

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Benny Hill?

Yakkety sax ftw.

Ohio table-shag man gets six months


Re: Life in Prison

...and then they all moved away from me on the bench...

A Guthrie.

We've harvested your green computing views


In defiance of the old hippy

1930s The Yellow Peril

1940s-1970s The Red Menace

1970s New Ice Age

1980s Nuclear Winter

1990s Y2K (ok, there might have been some point to that, but a lot of exaggeration too)

2000's Bird Flu, SARS, Terrorism, Global Climate Change (because we can't agree if it's going to warm up or cool down)

Roll on 2010 so I can find out what the next decade's worry-warts are going to have us all killed in our beds by.


Ok, I've downloaded it, but

What the devil is Figure 7 supposed to show?

"Do you have initiatives in place to reduce power consumption in relation to IT?"

yes/No, but we're looking into it/No, not on the agenda, I can understand, but what the deuce are the three bands across the graph (Regulatory Pressure i.e. legistlation/Cost Savings/Public Relations) got to do with anything?

And is there a text version available instead of a pdf? I'd prefer to search it for the words "proactive" and "moving forward" before I decide whether to waste my time on the rest of it.

The New Order: When reading is a crime


@ John Stirling

No, you're not a radical. Well said.

And that shouldn't be a comment. It should be a whole article, or possibly an domain, or better yet a political manifesto, writ large.

For truth about Europe, read The Reg

Black Helicopters

Now you're getting me worried.

If the Atlantic is getting wider, does that mean the Pacific is getting narrower?

Alarm! Alarm!! The Yanks are coming!! To The Hills!!

Inventor of first practical transistor dead at 91


So, he would have been

one of the Bright Sparks then?

DARPA reveals 2009 hyperplane test schedule


Better Acronym

Shouldn't the Hypersonic Technology Vehicles be Hypersonic Intercontinental Vehicles? Then HARD-COCK could give you HIVs.

And before I go to the cloakroom,


How well I remember it!


Mines the old (made in NZ) Swandri...

Canadian geeks to turn off the tech


Only gentlemen

are required to cease swearing in front of our Moderatrix.


Governator outs Dubya's global-warming 'time bomb'

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@ Bernard Lyons

Hear, Hear! Well said!

With such a keen grasp of the calculated insult you must be British.

If so I'm proud that my forebears came from there.

Prank callers crash Dublin Zoo phone system


Clear food colouring

I still remember being in the restaurant trade about 15 years ago. Sent the new kitchen-hand down to the dry-stores looking for clear food colouring.

20 minutes, no sign of him. So, I send a waitress out to help him.

20 minutes later, still no sign of either of them. The new duty manager goes to assist.

10 minutes later the boss comes in fuming wondering where everyone was and, on being told, is cluey enough to see the piss-take.

Got a hell of a yelling at, though he had a hard time keeping a straight face while he was doing it.

The terror dam of doom that looms over Boise, Idaho

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@ David Neil & Boise A/c

Gasholders and such-like : But what about the golf course? Priorities, Man, Priorities!

Boise: Good to see one of our cousins who can sum up terrorism in the States succinctly and with a sense of humour. Are you sure you're not Canadian?

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday


Well done El Reg!

And, btw Sarah. If you even come to Kiwiland to visit the BOFH, look me up...

No sense of humour? Avoid Bootnotes


@Ishkandar & Sarah Bee.

Woman, without her man, is lost.

BOFH: Lift laughs

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BOFH fillum

I could definately see Stephen Fry (BOFH), Hugh Laurie (PFY) and Rowan Atkinson (Boss). Maybe Tim McInnerny as a bean counter.

Anyone else see where this is going?

Microsoft EULA lands it with $175m Indian tax headache


@ Venkat

I'm sure even heystoopid would agree that they don't shag sheep in India either. Mind you he doesn't object to giving the Kiwis a serve every now and then.

I would agree though that slagging off your own kind isn't as much fun as slagging off others.

"No one can be as calculatedly rude as the British, which amazes Americans, who do not understand studied insult and can only offer abuse as a substitute." Paul Gallico

The Baying of the Hounds


Complete Boll*ocks

"It's a book about the Stasi."

"Which is what?"

Are you serious? A defence lawyer? Then worked for the government? And doesn't know who the Stasi were?

The Yin and Yang of education and knowledge?

Dump IE 6 campaign runs afoul of dump IE 6 campaign


@ thomas k

We all do stuff wrong.

Try F11.

US.gov disappears European-owned Cuba websites


@ anarchic-teapot

I see his two sons, Uday and Qusay, are there too. Didn't see Hitler, A. or Stalin, J. there though, so I supposed they're catching up.

Mind you, as this bloke can't have a web site that advertises Cuba, I'd have thought a cursory mention of CASTRO, Fidel would have been in order.


Required Title

I see our old friend Ozzie is on the list:

BIN LADEN, Osama (a.k.a. BIN LADEN, Usama; a.k.a. BIN LADIN, Osama;

a.k.a. BIN LADIN, Osama bin Muhammad bin Awad; a.k.a. BIN LADIN,

Usama; a.k.a. BIN LADIN, Usama bin Muhammad bin Awad); DOB 30 Jul

57; alt. DOB 1958; POB Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; alt. POB Yemen

(individual) [SDT] [SDGT]

Maybe if they took him off the blocked persons list he might decide to go there on holiday. They could pick him up at the airport. Just seems a bit silly tipping him off that they're looking for him like that.

The long flowing golden one. Thanks.

Champion of competitive CAT-5 untangling is crowned

Dead Vulture


"Then the bundle is placed in a laundry dryer for approximately three seconds."

Or, as the linked rules state,

"The figure-8 structure is placed into a dryer, on high heat setting, for exactly three minutes"

Is one the Amateur and the other the Pro version?

Local copper: Met secret police requested MP bugging

Black Helicopters

Lucky bugger

At least he had a good, British, pronounceable name like Khan. If he'd been Brazilian they'd have just shot him and been done with it.

Ofgem, MoD attack pricey terror-friendly windmills


Re: What about tidal?

That'd probably bollocks up the Royal Navy's submarines.

And yes, the icon is a urine take, much like the post.

Sir Edmund Hillary dies at 88


Haere Ra

Of course he did more than just Everest. He was also the 3rd man to reach the South Pole overland.

"It was not originally intended that Hillary would travel as far as the South Pole, but when he had completed laying supply depots he saw the opportunity to beat the British and continued south, reaching the Pole – where the US Amundsen-Scott Station had recently been established by air – on January 3, 1958. Hillary's party was just the third (preceded by Amundsen in 1911 and Scott in 1912) to reach the Pole overland. Hillary's arrival also marked the first time that land vehicles had ever reached the Pole."

I seem to remember hearing a quote by Fuchs, the leader of the British team that Hillary was supposed to be supporting. "Great, now we've got three expeditions. The Americans, the British and Ed Hillary's private bloody expedition."

@ Mike Sanders. It's actually the $5 note that Ed is on. The most common bank note in NZ and there are a LOT of them with his autograph on them. I doubt he ever refused to sign one if someone asked. The $50 has Sir Apirana Ngata. (Lord Ernest Rutherford on the $100, Kate Sheppard on the $10, Phil the Greek's missus on the $20).

Wishing you an EMF-free Christmas


Re:re: JD

Down to 66% now...

How green is your business, exactly?


Q. 3.4 sys it all.

3.4 What are the challenges in moving forward with an effective environmental strategy in IT? (please tick all that apply)

This is organised by the sort of people who use the words "moving forward" as if they mean something. Well, I say paradigm, synergy and pro-active to the lot of them.

Perhaps they mean "Why is being a greeny tosser so hard when working with computers?"

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling..."

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York


@ Slaine

When the band finished playing

And the bells were ringing out

- Offensive to the deaf.

Not that they'd have known that if you hadn't written all the words down for them.

Is it still offensive if the potentially offended are never exposed to it?