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Do+ you+ use+ Google+? Seemingly+ you+ DO+


Re: How dare they

Not this again. IT ISN'T FREE. There's a cost, it just isn't monetary. And the bullshit moves they've been making to trick people into joining are straight out of the malware cookbook imo.

US spy court says internet firms can't report surveillance requests


Re: In which case ...

I get tired of pointing this out. It's one thing to be spied on by our own governments, we elected them and in theory we have some kind of control - what control do we have over a foreign government? And specifically, one that passes commercial information to US competitors?


Goodbye US cloud industry - and good riddance, sort your crap government out and then we can talk. My company is cancelling plans to roll out cloud MS products and I can see that pattern repeated in many, many other companies and government organisations.

Moving from permie to mercenary? Avoid a fine - listen to Ben Franklin


Tax slavery?

Who is going to pay for the schools, hospitals, roads, etc etc?

Trust a contractor to have a sociopathic view of taxation. I am a contractor btw, but I pay my taxes happily because it's a moral obligation. Enough with the Ayn Rand guff already.

Pair of complete tits sorry for pervy app


Re: That's nature

This is moronic. Fact is, tech needs to clean it's act up. And gaming too. Women want in, and they aren't going to be be fobbed off, abused and intimidated away just because a lot of men in this field are emotionally stunted, man-children.

I think it's fantastic that this little girl is interested in programming, and I think it's appalling this pair of tits lowered the tone.

Grow up.


Re: You should only apologize for behaviour you can control

Oh not that old cliche again. Men can't control their sex drive, it's up to women to dress modestly. Yawn.

NSA slides reveal: iPhone users are all ZOMBIES


Re: No surprise there.

No more moronic responses about "hysteria" and "tin foil hattery". That was acceptable BEFORE Snowden's admissions. When you spit that out, you are the only one who looks out of touch with reality, sonny.


Re: Android

What absolute tosh. Social sins - so in other words, the usual "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear".

What about corporate espionage carried out by the NSA for American companies? Do EU business people have anything to fear about that? What about the fact they know damn well that terrorists evade these measures easily, indicating this is about SOCIAL CONTROL, not terrorism?

Can't you see that the world is hotting up with protests, repressive measures such as increasing militarisation of the police? Western governments learnt from the arab spring only too well. The increasing surveillance of the public is totally in line with what governments and others can see approaching a mile away, even if you are indolently complacent.

Social sins, my arse.

The 'experts' who never see BBM will never understand RIM


Where is the USP that can't be easily repeated on any platform?

Poor analysis. Even my teenage son would rather have an iPhone and he lives in BBM. Ever heard of whatsapp or any other of the millions of free chat programs? Jesus. Believe me teenagers don't care what the plaform is, as long as their friends have it, and it's free. That's not really what I'd call a huge technological advantage for RIM.

Google+ dying on its arse – shock new poll


Re: Wasn't it meant to attract people with things to say?

Disagree with this. Hanging out on Plus is like going to a party filled full of chesty white male tech bloggers talking at you. It's the LEAST engaging experience I've had on the net, easily. In contrast on Facebook I know poltical activists, journalists, union reps, artists and many other people that I have a real relationship with.

Good riddance to it. I don't like being coerced into using services that are substandard.

Happy 30th Birthday, Sinclair ZX Spectrum


ZX Spectrum love.

Thought now is as good time as any to plug a very long blog post I wrote about the ZX Spectrum which covers many of the games and developers I loved as a child - Mike Singleton, Matthew Smith, Mel Croucher and companies like Ultimate Play The Game (now Rare) - lots of videos, game maps and links to interesting interviews from some of the major players back then.