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FalconStor brings in bankers after ELEVEN crummy quarters



Its a pity.

They had (have) good products but a poor overall strategy. A common shortcoming for a lot of Startups.


NetApp and Cisco waggle shrunken ExpressPod at Hitachi and friends


Re: Cisco might buy NetApp - why?

Simple rule of M&A (vis a vis Cisco/NtAp): you don't have to buy a company if you can get everything you need from them anyway and there is no one else interested in buying them.

Also EMC buying troubled. 300.000 employee HP just to get a server technology is pretty insane.

Hitachi Data Systems dons converged system cloak


HDS takes on EMC, NetApp....

....a bit late?

IBM wrestles controls, pulls midrange array sales out of death dive


Nice graphs

Really nice graphs. Shows were the storage market is today. Interesting, no Oracle at all on the graph.

Integrated storage hardware is DEAD, software firm says


Pure obsession?

Judging by the number of time Nexenta names Pure, they seem to be a bit obsessed with them, at least at a subconscious level. Pure is probably worth checking out then....

Let them eat cache: EMC unleashes ass-kicking flash box


XtremIO sales?

Being a silo, will XtremIO be sold by a separate EMC division (like Isilon) or within their "standard" storage offerring.

Brocade global sales boss exits, leaves soon-to-depart CEO to flog kit



I'll volunteer for the job....who can I send my CV to? :)

Is Object storage really appropriate for 100+ PB stores?


right questions


you're asking the right qurstions here. "Big Data" seems to be the buzzword of the moment ("the Cloud" appears to have found its place and form). Lots of Big Data talk, announcements, ideas, shapes, forms and a number of (potential) solutiond - but few real things to show.

UK is first class for train Wi-Fi in Europe


Germany, Italy

How can Germany be the "nearest competitor" with 911 carriages when Italy has 995?

Falling share price exposes NetApp


Autonomy docet

After HP dcoughed up 10B$ for Autonomy, anything is possible....

Did EMC buy Xtremio to fend off NetApp


Isilon slow?

According to Mr Nowinski, Isilon has "poor performance". Their storage can stream multiple, tv broadcast quality video files, but that's still - slow? I am curious to learn what is"fast" according to the financial community? ;)