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Trump blinks again in trade war bluff-fest with China: Huawei gets another 90-day stay of US import execution

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Re: Non-optional consequences

"not good for the politicians who allowed or encouraged the overseas move"

Not that I defend the useless class of creature that is the politician, but in this case I will. Politicians have nothing to do with companies moving where they make things. Companies are free to do as they wish and the Huawei 'scandal' is just leverage against China. You don't see the orange menace threatening Apple over where they make all their phones do you. Telling.

iPHONE 5c FACTORY SHUTDOWN: Foxconn 'halts' mobe rebrand op

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Not surprised. If you are going to spend over a grand on a handset, why wimp out on the last 150 bucks.

Tesla earns first profit, Model S wins '99% perfect' rating

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Re: lost almost all respect for consumer reports

You sound like an auto shill sent to derail a thread.

The thing has a range of 265 miles. Who cares if it loses 12 miles a night. You could leave your garage with a full load, go a hundred miles, stay there the weekend then come home. Hardly crippling.

Charging a device that runs on electricity isn't the burden you are cracking it up to be. We charge our smart phones all the time, at night, in out cars etc.

As to buying credits, that doesn't improve the tech. You know why I love the first gen Prius and the people that bought them? Because them buying that ugly piece of shit car meant that Toyota improved it. Now every taxi in my city is a Prius because they are flat out a better car for city driving.

Props to Elon, and props to the early adopters who will justify the 3rd, 4th etc generations of this car.

GCHQ attempts to downplay amazing plaintext password blunder

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Re: The sound you hear

You guys have missed the obvious.

They ARE storing salted encrypted passwords.

But they have broken public key cryptography and not told us, dun dun dun!!!!

They accidentally decrypted your password to send back to you.

LOHAN slips into tight rubber outfit

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What about the mag connectors off an old wrecked macbook...

Handles the current, comes off with an entirely predictable and repeatable force rather than breaking wires etc

Big Dell shareholder says LBO is 'woefully inadequate'

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The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

I'm writing this on a pc, in an office that uses hundreds of the things. Home PC sales may tank, except amongst gamers but those that predict the end of PC's in the workplace are deluded.

Yes mobile is growing, but mobile is how we play or seek distraction, it isn't how we do work.

MYOB users didn't want no steenking cloud

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Users can't manipulate data in the cloud

Article is slightly misleading, there is no web interface. You must install the full fat client on all machines you want to work with the data on.

Does it work on a phone? Nope.

Does it work on an iPad? Nope.

Does it work on an android tablet? Nope

Does it work on anything other than a high spec x86 based system? Nope.

Can the user access it through a browser? Nope.

This is the same desktop app, on a better backend, with a built in cloud backup facility. They are right to say little has changed, because aside from moving to sql / C# - little HAS changed.

Oh, except the bugs, yeah, last years release has already had eight service packs. Yeah, you read that right. 8.


Question for MYOB: If two users are altering a file and the internet connection goes down, which forces AR to fail over into local mode, whose changes get pushed to the cloud when your net comes back up. Because if MYOB has solved that issue, two users changing records offline then syncing that into one coherent file, then I will eat my left shoe.

Syncing is hard, online/offline is the worst of both worlds.

NZ blogger names source for data leak tipoff

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IT Angle

Re: Associating him with a terrorist group

Bingo, those who approach government to solve these sorts of issues end up going nowhere as successive layers of bureaucrats play pass the parcel of blame.

At least this is out, in public and the story gets told by those who know the most about how bad it is, rather than those who want to minimise the damage to their well paid bottoms.

NZ government network leaking data like a sieve

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Re: Again, is it only me?


You think NZ has a monopoly on inept government contractors?


The only reason this came to light was because they connected a kiosk to it. What is crazier is that all users inside their network could see everything about everyone, including the setup scripts for the VM's used. Probably have for a long time.

The whole network was basically one giant shared drive.

Kiwi three strikes law closes on first victims

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Careful with the wording Mr Reg

It is after being ACCUSED of downloading three times. Until the third notice you have no comeback against the accusations - if your accuser makes a mistake twice it is not till the third time that you will even know who they are.

That is why this law was so unpopular, because for two thirds of the process you are blind to where the accusations come from.