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Dutch teen swipes furniture from virtual hotel

Gavin J. Pearce

Whats next ...

... virtual murder when you delete a habbo?

... virtual euthanisia when you delete your own account?

Florida cops issue shock 'Butthash' warning

Gavin J. Pearce

@David Wilkinson


I'd forgotten all about that!


WTC collapse voted 'most memorable TV moment'

Gavin J. Pearce

Of course ...

Of course the Twin Towers collapse is more memorable than the Berlin Wall, it only happened a few years back!!

Surely memorability is how well you remember something, and the one remembered most will be the more recent events!

Paris Hilton walks to freedom

Gavin J. Pearce

Re: Good behaviour

Haha... haha .... lol - love it.

What I love even more is the people who leave her comments on mySpace.

Like one guy: "make sure you call me when u get home babes" then leaves his number. I don't no. Americans eh.

Hacker breaks into Pentagon email system

Gavin J. Pearce

Re: poor use of the word "hacker" again

I think you'll find from that story that you can not tell what method or attempts were made on the Pentagon system, so therefore you can not tell wheter it was a hacker or a cracker. He could have found an exploit instead of just guessing random user/pass combinations.

I also know that not many hackers would admit to being hackers so openly. Something makes me doubt you. Wonder why. What do others think? ;-)