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JEDI alliance: Jellyfish overlords won't rule Earth after all

Paul Simmonds

Come back Steve McQueen....

.....all is forgiven.

It's obvious that what's actually happened is the crate the US airforce dropped in the Arctic in the 1950's has de-frosted due to global warming.

ZTE calls foul over senators' 'xenophobic' letter

Paul Simmonds
Big Brother

Winston Smith writes......

"...we should therefore regard the American government with suspicion!"

You mean you don't?!?!? Winston Churchill never did.

Wireless Gigabit set to become next-gen Wi-Fi?

Paul Simmonds

A cynical comms engineer writes..........

I'm presuming that the developers are envisaging this as a platform for the streaming of HDTV to "laptops" rather than using this for point-to-point working.

With the somewhat sliding scale of frequency versus required power I am tempted to say this won't work well without either being exceptionally limited in range or prone to frying the user.

To paraphrase a comedy show of the 1970's "Never mind the quality, feel the bandwidth." We are in danger of running out of spectrum again.

Google Apps punts kill-Microsoft-Exchange-now tool

Paul Simmonds
Thumb Up

If nothing else...

...a little serious competition might get Redmond to clean up it's act and note the fact that they don't run the planet just yet.

Google fails to grab Nexus name

Paul Simmonds

Attack ships on fire.......

........off the Shoulder of Orion.

Actually, there might be a legal loop hole here that Google could possibly use - call the phone it the C-Beam - as the quote is supposedly an ad-lib by Rutger Hauer and not in the script as written.

Exchange 2010 dumps single instance storage

Paul Simmonds
Gates Horns

Frying pans and fires? no just fried braincells.

So to cure a speed problem that can be lived with, they re-introduce a far worse administrative space problem!


When are they going to start curing the problems rather than just curing the symptoms?

Researcher busts into Twitter via SSL reneg hole

Paul Simmonds

Surprised! (not!)

David, this may be because a lot of these things are run by script kiddies.

One world twitters, One Turk twiddles, One site becomes twaddle!

AT&T savages Google Voice

Paul Simmonds

Net neutrality....hmmm......

Pots, kettles, black, and all full of sour grapes.

ATnT's nose is out of joint because the big GV isn't letting their users dial via ATnT and GV are not being completely fair to their users and giving them a choice.

As usual these days no-one is the innocent party.

Conficker borks London council

Paul Simmonds

Anti-virus? No thanks - that costs money!

Or am I being totally cynical?

EMC co-founder kills himself

Paul Simmonds

Hijacked again.

Would the people who hijacked this obit please apologise to Chris who put this together and to Dick's family. This is not the place to discuss the rights or wrongs of how he ended his life and to hijack it to discuss politics or such matters as assisted suicide is wrong by every conceivable measure.

To Dick's family and previous associates, my condolences. I drink to the man's life.

US brain-computer interface gets live human trials

Paul Simmonds

Here we go again!

As long as it doesn't run embedded Windows. Considering this is intended for the severely disabled, I hardly think getting the BSOD just when you need your wheelchair to stop going down a set of stairs would not be very welcome!

Maybe if someone could just standardise the world on one flavour of i/face for Linux........

Businesses will postpone Windows 7 rollouts

Paul Simmonds

Re: Vista vs 3.1

Sorry to use you as an example case - I do "intellectually" include anything else prior to XP.

"................What has Vista over 3.1

Errr the internet, USB, Serial ATA, A/V, photo, plug and play, wireless. in fact pretty much all hardware and software advances since 1994........."

Yes, fine, but what if you don't need any of this? As a previous correspondent(s) noted it's "horses for courses" Why use an operating system that is in itself more complex than the software/task you need to fulfil, or won't in fact run it?

I have always had this nagging doubt about Redmond and what/who is in control up there. Is it just incredibly sloppy workmanship on the part of the developers, excessively bad communications between the different groups of developer or is it that all the developers are kept in a sweaty basement and are constantly subjugated by the sales division?

The last possibility could actually be true and that all the decent developers long since built themselves a tunnel and have escaped.

It seems that when MS comes out with a new OS, it has new functions and specifications - some of which will never be used - and most of these are because it's considering just it's own stable of applications and no-one else's: and that despite the plethora of SDKs it puts out for people to use.

Maybe I'm just a little jaded having been in this game since Qdos.

Twitter overrun by weekend of powerful worm attacks

Paul Simmonds

Remind me... what's it for?

Twitter: for the birds or just bird-brained?

Microsoft dumped after India PM's emails go AWOL

Paul Simmonds

Let's be fair here....

I would never be considered as a fan of "our friends in Redmond", but you have to admit that anyone using Outlook Express for any form official email system has to be very naive and any problems have to be considered as partly self-inflicted.

I think that in India at least Outlook Express will now carry a government health warning!

Gatwick reduced to anarchy by 'computer glitch'

Paul Simmonds

The Victorians did it! (as usual)

If it were not for a gentleman by the name of William WIllet (a Victorian entrepreneur) we wouldn't have DST. Being an "early bird" he used to go riding at the crack of dawn and viewed all the cottages of the workers with the blinds still drawn. In the usual style of this sort of person, he thought it was a bit of a waste of daylight not to be up and using it.

He got a young Winston Churchill to put it through Parliament, which may have failed had it not been for the coming of WW 1.

BT aims to make UK a Wi-Fi kibbutz

Paul Simmonds

War chalking again...

Like it's going to take longer than a week for someone to hack the system yet!

Woman cleans keyboard... in dishwasher

Paul Simmonds

Old News

I've never used a dishwasher, but the large Belfast sink in our old film processing lab could take entire Wyse 85 terminal - it needed to when someone had dropped a container of sweet'n'sour chicken (hong-kong style) over it and it's keyboard.

BTW some flavours of sweet'n'sour are worse than Coke for wrecking electronic kit!


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