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Network sniffers find COVID-19 did not break the internet – though it was behind a massive jump in outages


Re: Despite fewer outages overall

The little yellow cable finders are all parked up.

Brit bank Barclays' Kaspersky Lab diss: It's cyber balkanisation, hiss infosec bods


Re: Get to the point

No, get rid of users!

Dial S for SQLi: Now skiddies can order web attacks via text message


Setting up and leaving it is the worst advice you could ever give, every thing on the internet needs maintenance.

Biometric data stolen from corporate lunch rooms system


Sure, just CTRL + Z

Oh wait, you have no fingers.. sorry.

Car hacking's dynamic duo offers to save others $1m in research


When will they learn? - Never

So long as investors can make a quick buck these manufacturers will always find funding.

When they get hacked they start a new company and the general public will lap up their "new" crap.

Rinse and repeat.

Robo-supercar hype biz Faraday Future has invented something – a new word for 'disrupt'


Re: Will it.....

Technically planes are a form of vehicle, last year an electric plane circumnavigated the world, try that in your yank tank.

Microsoft Desktop Bridge opens, Win32 apps can now cross into Windows Store


Re: Too late for me

Get-AppXPackage | Out-GridView -PassThru | Remove-AppxPackage

French hackers selling hidden .22 calibre pen guns on secret forums


Re: Not an Internet story

22LR is very simple to buy, farmers often use it for rabbits and it is not commonly used in pistols so doesn't raise alarm bells when being purchased.

TeamViewer: So sorry we blamed you after your PC was hacked


If you have Team Viewer installed they have most of that anyway.

Ultra-cool dwarf throws planetary party


Re: Brown dwarf

No, the P.C brigade says that is rasist.

Windows 10 handcuffs Cortana web search to Bing and Edge browser


Re: So where's EU

Or just reside outside the US, no chance of ever seeing Cortana in New Zealand

Microsoft to add a touch of Chrome to Edge


Re: Copying will not gain Microsoft any respect

American =/= Good coder

Dick Smith database, web store sold to Kogan


Or you just confirmed to them that your email address/details are still active.

Kinda like unsubscribing from a spam email.

Would you like fraud with that? Burger chain giant Wendy's 'hacked'


Why not overhaul the system, in NZ I don't believe the PC is allowed to perform the transaction, the card reader does this over encrypted session via lan/dialup, the PC gets a simple COM message about the status of the transaction and can also send the transaction value to the device.

The company should never need your CC number, this should be between you and the bank, if they want to track you then use loyalty cards.

Ban internet anonymity – says US Homeland Security official


We do have "IDs" on the net, it's called an IP, just like a car license plate it can change and others can use it, If you dont know what to do with it then please grab your coat on the way out.

Microsoft's new cross-platform web app framework renamed ASP.NET Core


Intelligent dev's understand that PHP is a programming language and ASP.NET is a web framework, they both have their uses.

Indonesian ID card will deduct fines from bank accounts

Big Brother


I really hope that any portable devices touching the database have whole disk encryption, because its only a matter of time before some retard government puppet leaves a laptop or usb key on a bus/train with 1000's of personal details stored on it.


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