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BT boss warns 16-min walk from current HQ to new London base 'just the tip of the iceberg'


Just spent three and a half month getting a BT DSL broadband installed. Existing line on BT infrastructure with TalkTalk, spoke to BT business sales of course yes you are on FO infrastrucutre(no Im not I told them) but he told me I was. Plus a cloud phone. A week later a txt at 6.35 am told me the engineer was coming at 8 when I had an afternoon slot requested. Send staff in to open up, engineer arrives at 4.30 pm after ' a hectic day' looks at the shop, checks the line, cant find the DP goes away. India BT Cancels the F|O broadband and orders FO broad band. This farce went on for over 100 days. 12 hours engineers time on site, 7 engineers all to fix a problem that didnt exist, I aleady had a DSL router and a working phone line before BT turned it off and the broadband was off for 5 days. No netowrk diagram of the building, nor where my connection went to, the street cabinet it was supposed to go to didnt have FO cable and they could not find the intermediate DP. All identified by engineer visit one. No one read the notes followed up or anything. I was billed £500 for a missed engineer appointment when it was BT that missed it. £1200 for leaving BT business for BT Business and the cloud phone delivery was 3 months late. It took an email to the CEO to get this moving and sorted and even then the £1200 bill still got through. I did get 5 routers too posted everytime the cancelled the new FO broadband order.

The interface between BT and Openreach is useless, the BT Indian outsourced helpdesk is worse than useless, the whole thing is a diabolical mess. I should never have picked up the phone and called them

Probe Brit police phone-peeking plans, privacy peeps plead


Re: How do these work?

The good thing about Napoleonic/Roman/EU law is you cant do anything unless specifically permitted ie if you are transporting goods and dont have a note to cover the trip you are in trouble to start with. I prefer common law. Plods are dicks they think they can use EU law in UK. Thats going to change pronto soon

Brit spending watchdog brands GP Primary Support Care a 'complete mess'


Re: and to think...

Where is there any talent to do this in the NHS, or local government, they are all bag carriers and watchers, reporting something when it breaks, no experience n big projects other than as observers and no interest in being involved in case it goes wrong and they're careers upward trajectory is damaged. No risk taking, challenging authority or even common sense judgement. That's the reason the contracts are badly written, there is no talent there either. IT just has to mop up later.

US Treasury: How did ISIS get your trucks? Toyota: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Did they get all the Abams tanks, Humvees etc? All that lovely US kit just left for them by Obarmy.

Boeing 787 software bug can shut down planes' generators IN FLIGHT


Sounds like an old Oracle 8 DB bug

No password or PIN, but I have a fake ID. Sure, take the domain


Go daddy or Network solutions they dont care at all, they will let ANYBODY renew a domain without checking anything. Even if they are nothing to do with the domain owner, have no ID or anything.

NHS England tells MPs: 'The state isn't doing dastardly things with GP medical records'


Who's data

None of these morons in Government or the NHS understand that it is not their data, it is MY medical record, private and personal. Its is about me, for me and future treatments and would be best kept by me. If I lose it it is MY problem. If I opt in it is my choice, it should not be about opting out. No matter how much the data is anonymized, if the patient DOB sex and practice in which the data was obtained, the other half of the data can be obtained from the local government agencies. It can never be anonymous simply by reason of that fact. There is no point in having any central database if records do no not contain age, sex and location when researching any disease or condition. If I dont not want people to have access to this that must be the default.

El Reg drills into Office 365: Email migration


Re: Surprising

Try Notes to Outlook, that is interesting. A French company I worked for didn't even bother converting, they just left the Notes client and switched over to Outlook. I split a small company off at the same time and converted all the accounts from Notes to Outlook, that took several days for about 30 accounts.

Happy 23rd birthday, Windows 3.0


Those were the days

I've still got the disks, and OS/2 as well. I remember the pain of turning away from the screen and turning back to see the nice blue screen whilst only having one file open in wordpad at least 6 times a day.... Them were the days :)

Symantec CEO: I'll AXE up to 4 in 10 execs by July


Norton>Symantec>Shit - Veritas>Symantec>Shit

Not to mention their no existent after sales service, or "that will be fixed in the next version at the end of next year" or not as the case maybe. Backup Exec was a brilliant, Veritas was a great company, for training and after sales, and follow up, just call me if you have any problems was the usual ANSWER FROM ANY OF THEIR TRAINERS. Now if you can't google the answer they won't supply it. No f##kin wonder. Ghost, BE, AV everything they touch turns to rat shit. A schoolkid could do beter interfaces.

Intel prepping Atom bombs to drop on ARM microservers


Re: MicroServers will change the game

1-2 watts is easily possible. I have 8-9 servers running on an i7T using 7-11 watts most of the time. I have cut my power consumption to 150 w for two serers running a farm that used to fill a rack and use about 8000w. Thats is what microservers are about and you are right the more people use them the better.

HMRC: Moving our data to the cloud will make it MORE secure


What savings !

1 mill a year, thats about 30p per tax payer - phenomenal, and thats what they claim if everything goes swimmingly. It will never be more and most likely be more costs. Things like downtime on the last day because of overload that wasn't properly described etc

Windows 8 early-bird users still love Windows 7 more - poll


the new light blue "blue screen"

Is more commmon than anything since XP. Servers, laptops and tablets, the later when waking from sleep, the former with usb and assorted internal and external disk drives. It is nowhere near as stable as 2k8R2 or win 7. I've been using it since the first public beta through to the RTM. The laptops/tablets are always blue screening. Server, ahppy to say is much better in RTM but wil still fall down when a USB key is inserted !!!!!!

Windows 8 'bad' for desktop users - Gartner's one-word review


I've had it running on a tablet for 2 months and it is really good, and I've had it running on my servers for 4 months and it is MS best ever server OS. Why isn't it on my desktop, well its not touch enabled and I need to work, and its not cut out for that job. Where are the majority of MS customers, they are on the desktop. Well Android and Linux and so on really need to get their skates on cos MS has made a substaniail mistake here. I seriously doubt if they will though, they have never managed it in the past..... If the new Office cocks up then it could be game over for MS.

Antarctic ice shelves not melting at all, new field data show


Re: Personally...

So can we please have a list of things that we must do? Not to include taxing people. If you do X (like build a million windmills) what is the effect on the CO2 in the atmosphere. Producing them makes CO2 and the power they produce generates CO2 in the consumption phase. What will the overall effect be? It will slow down the production of CO2 but it wont reduce the amount of atmospheric CO2 by one 0.00000000000001 of a %. As long as we are here on earth it will continue to rise as our population continues to rise and the third world want the same life as we have.

How about you start to look for the things that will improve life and plan for 'change' as I have never seen a plan for change from 'greens' that is positive, ie lets make plans to farm y where we used to farm b. The plan for change only ever involves taxing and foisting windmills on us.

here's something to think about - let everyone generate their own electricity via solar power, as soon as we do the government will invent a tax for that, as they will lose revenue, they encourage it first then tax it when the take up is critical. Nothing is done for the environment, its all about tax.

So if we get real, can we have a proper balanced 'manifesto' that says how we can manage change, not just shouting that we're all gonna die.

Papua New Guinean tongue saved from extinction?


Re: Good News

Wantok, mi longtime no lukim u, mi kai kai buai tomas and forgetim tok ples! U pela lernim good!

Indonesian ID card will deduct fines from bank accounts

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Having lived in Indonesia for 10 years , I know that there will be a lot of "hoovering"