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Oh S**T, here comes a robot to take my job


Robot apocalypse? - I think not

Randall Munroe (of XKCD) applied some thought to the potential problem of a robot apocalype:


Slightly more believable than the You-tube expert IMO.

Review: Renault Zoe electric car


Re: Contactless Charging?

...and something to prevent overcharging when attempting to use the M4 westbound on a friday :)


Re: Re: Fail

"That logic forgets that someone has to buy the car new originally, otherwise you will find that the supply of used cars dries up."

Er. No.

There's currently a glut of used cars, which force the prices down to the point that perfectly serviceable and useful vehicles are worth more as scrap or spares.

Making less new cars can only be a good thing IMO, regardless of how 'green' they are.

Syrian hacktivists hijack BBC Weather feed


Re: But, But

"Do they think people can't use the Internet?"

Its seems a growing proportion can't - if it ain't on facebook or twitter it doesn't exist.

Delay climate mitigation, escalate the costs: study


How about we just stop burning shit and bash atoms together.

Not 'cos some eco-weenie has a broken computer that tells us we're all going to die, but because it's the right thing to to do, simply by considering the risks and benefits alone.

Making MACH 1: Can we build a cranial computer today?


Re: Memory is the second thing to go

" The change of pace doesn't look like slowing down, unless it's swamped by spam..."

Sorry, but you can't go measuring progress as a linear, one horse race: In about half a century years we've gone from the Wright brothers to moon landings. But in the following half century, what new frontiers has aviation technology broken through? The race is more of an unknown number of horses, some appearing and disappearing at random, all heading at varying speed, (sometimes backwards) in various directions.

The challenge is not in predicting when we'll have our own flying cars, but if they'll just be bypassed by some other technology that removes the need altogether.

Brits are so outraged by Amazon, they voted it TOP for shopping


Re: Brits are so outraged by Amazon,

Brits (or the red-top reader, at least) are being told they should be.

Most the folk I know don't give a monkeys. Those that think about it some more just get narked about the stupid tax laws that allow such behavior.

Brr, feeling cold? Galaxy is home to plenty of WARMER Earth twins


Holiday destination?

So in future years when FTL travel has been invented, we can jet off to these balmy worlds for our holidays?

Wouldn't 2.5 time the amount of radioactive elements in the ground make this a possibly hazardous vacation location?

Home Sec: Let us have Snoop Charter or PEOPLE WILL DIE


More tools to fight crime?

I understand the Home secretary has yet to detail how these enforcement agencies are using the laws and tools they already have in this fight.

If they can't hit a proverbial barn door with a proverbial shotgun, wouldn't it be better to invest in shooting lessons, rather than a howitzer?

Register readers mostly too ashamed to cop to hideous hoard horrors


The problem with garages..

Is what to do with them when they're full.

I have a single garage (and 2 garden sheds) filled with several Volkswagens, in component form, in cardboard boxes - tenuous IT angle, but there is a custom ECU in there somewhere that I built. After several wet summers and less than effective damp-proofing, the boxes are reverting to pulp, and their contents slowly re-arranging themselves.

To combat this I 'acquired' about 60metres of freestanding shelving which, in it's disassembled form filled the remaining free space in the garage. I now have no space to assemble the shelves.

Goatse.cx opens up again - as an email provider


Tried explaining to a younger colleague the whole goatse thing. Gave up in the end and told him to google it.


IT police kicking the door down in 3....2....1....

Classic game 'Elite' returns … on Kickstarter


I really want to like this

I loved, the original on my speccy.

I loved Elite+ on the Archimedes

I even loved the bugtastic Frontier Elite (does this make me odd?)

I also definitely prefer newtonian physics - I think with a bit of computer support it could make an incredibly playable flight and combat engine - it just required a different way of thinking- not too much of a jump for anyone that know a bit about physics.

Like a few others, I don' t think i'd get that hung up on multiplayer- yes it can add a random and interactive element, but the flip side to that is the quantity of idiots on the interwebs these days.

But in all reality, I'm not sure if that particular boat has sailed - computer games are a different world than they were 20+ years ago, I think David will have to come up with something particularly special to make a success here, not just marrying a once original and innovative idea with modern technology.

Rolling robot avatar trumps telecommuting

Thumb Up


Why not combine it with a Roomba for those employees that seem to spend their lives wandering around and never at their desks?

Cellco execs lay into Nokia's Lumia


Operators on the high-street not helping

Went into my local Vodafone store to actually try out the Lumia 800 rather than read reviews. Only the demo one they had was behind a counter and uncharged - this isn't helping when there's a working and charged iPhone on display for everybody and their kids to paw at.