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Samsung quits desktop PC biz, will stick to all-in-ones and portables

Mr. Nobby

Samsung sold desktops?

Well that I didn't know.

Not that I'd notice, I build my own anyway, ready made desktops are for fools and businesses.

'Smart ring' revealed by upstart Chinese mobe-maker

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Re: Notice the design of the ring

I'll have you know that I clean my ring at least twice a year.

We aren't all disgusting you know.

Microsoft touts business features of Windows 8.1

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Re: StartIsBack

Shh! You'e ruining the anti-Windows wank-fest.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of

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Re: Put the start menu properly back

Yeah, that makes sense...

Boo hoo, my UI changed, better jump ship to an OS with an even more alien UI.

Happy 23rd birthday, Windows 3.0

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Somebody is still using it.

I worked in a factory in 2004 that was still using Windows for Workgroups and Novell Netware throughout the entire business. There was a single XP machine for accessing the internet.

What kind of pirate are you: Justified, transgressor or just honest?

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I don't know about the rest of you

But I pirate stuff because I'm cheap and it's easy.

Less spent on DVDs is more spent on beer.

Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back

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Once again...

Microsoft are forced to shoehorn old features into new versions because some people are so frightened of change.

Windows 8 doesn't need a start button. Boot to desktop will shave a microsecond off my wait though.

'1337 hacker' scrawls all over careless coders' SourceForge sites

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Re: Leet or not...

I think it's more equivalent to a couple of chavs walking through your open back gate and sticking a post-it to your door advising you to invest in a lock.

'To employers, Jobs would just seem like a jerk in bad clothing'

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Porn sites sort of do that though... a handful of them have started releasing their own apps, possibly because of the lack of Flash in newer devices.

Want to wank on the go? Get an Android phone, then get our app!

Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1

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Re: MS take on version numbering?

More importantly... who cares?

1 in 7 WinXP-using biz bods DON'T KNOW Microsoft is pulling the plug

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Recommending Windows 8 over Windows 7 is just common sense.

Windows 8 is faster and has more nifty features, there's just no point in getting Windows 7 if you have the choice.

Here's the $4.99 utility that might just have saved Windows 8

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I don't get what the problem is...

I boot into Windows 8, check my mail (the only Metro app I use) then it's off to the desktop for me.

I only see the start screen when I want to launch an app that isn't pinned to my taskbar.

Reg readers brew up the ultimate cuppa

Mr. Nobby

Milk first?

People like that should be hanged.

Nemo cancels Microsoft's Surface Pro launch

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4 inches of snow, lol ...an hour... oh. Shit.

11-YEAR-OLD code wizard hacks Greedy RuneScape geeks

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In the classic sense, yes. The kid hacked out some crappy code for a quick and dirty solution to a problem he was having regarding other people's accounts and his lack of access to their phat loot.

Student claims code flaw spotting got him expelled from college

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Re: I would imagine...

No... by that logic you should be allowed to attempt to rob a bank before deciding whether or not to do business there.

Shops aren't storing your sensitive information. You could attempt to steal customers credit card info from a shop prior to deciding on whether to shop there though, or just use cash.

Biz users, hard-up punters: Nobody loves Windows 8

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You guys are nuts

Windows 8 is great, I preferred the old UI but the new one works fine if you stop crying long enough to try it.

Don't shoot the Windows Live Messenger, cry IM users

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I didn't have any issues

Switching to Skype was painless as hell. I prefer MSN though, Skype is too... chunky, and there don't seem to be OS alternatives to its client.

Hey Lenovo, want to kill Apple? Look to Samsung hitman for tips

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They do make low-end crap, I usually buy Lenovo laptops for home use and never the high-end models since that would be overkill for my needs.

Despite the price-tag the laptops are always rock solid.

Aw grandad, I asked for an iPad and you got me an iPod

Mr. Nobby

I hate Apple and everything they do as much as the next guy but selling a new iPad on to some other sucker could net you the money for a Nexus 10 and a load of beer.

A bitter spill to swallow, or 'how to smeg up your keyboard'

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Re: Anyone else..?

Take all the keys out, wash them in the kitchen sink, give the keyboard body a good scrub too (remove the electronics first) and you can dry it with a towel and a hair dryer, no need to let it sizzle for 2 days.

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Re: Simple solution

You should get one of those Microsoft Intellimouse mice, I've had mine for years, it's gone yellow now even though it was white, I've spilled beer in it, knocked it off the desk, slammed it in frustration, dropped it in a cup of tea, and I'm pretty sure that one of my rats tried to have sex with it once. Still works.

The only downside is that the resolution is fairly low so it makes only a mediocre gaming mouse.

Microsoft Surface ad targets preppy, Glee-watching youngsters

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Re: Quite Exciting

I normally use linux on my laptop but if the Surface Pro is in my price range when it comes to upgrading... well goodbye linux laptop.

Pirate Bay site sinks, Swedish police raid its ISP

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That would explain why I had to slum it at ISOHunt yesterday.

New I-hate-my-neighbour stickers to protect Brits' packages

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I like this new sticker thing

I hope they stick to it. My neighbour on the left is very trustworthy but also very elderly, I'd hate for him to be bothered by my missed parcels. My neighbour on the right is hardly ever in so there's no point trying to deliver my stuff there.

Of course, the real answer for most people is to get your stuff delivered to you at work.

Dad sues Apple for pushing cash-draining 'free' games at kids

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As much as I love to bash Apple they can't really be blamed here.

What kind of idiot parent buys a ~£500 phone for a child and then links it to their bank account...

Microsoft to bake Windows 8 in three flavours

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Re: Still not getting it, are you Microsoft?

So install a VNC variant like you would if you had a linux based media box.