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Google's Brin admits he under-estimated Chinese censorship


Re: Behold China

My dear friend, I'm a Chinese. I thanks for your concern about the political model of my country which would benefit my fellow people(citizens yet to be), I appreciate.

However, I do not 100% agree with your thinking. China is not communist, like several but not many other countries still along the road invented by German thinker, it's feudal. it's not kind of democracy. Nazi German may is. But most socialist regime are not, mindset of most its governor remains in feudalism status. It's not that developed qualified to be recognized as Communist of Socialist. None of any country in this world qualified, in Marx's theory.

Back to China, it's not an issue about what kind of democracy, and democracy is not a patented invention which can learn or adopted from one nation to other, all are natural of human being, you have will to think, you need right to make a sound, to express your attitude, and you need do something in accordance to your attitude. Democracy is not an invention.

I'm a Chinese, I hate those asylum-favored betrayers selling the idea about divided power, bi-party parliamentary. If you believe in God, trust me, existing model of US or UK or any kind of democracy do make sense in China. Why? Because people need to wakeup, need to learn about self-dignity, need to have common sense about life & value. People don't learn, democracy fails. What will happen if I give you a vote ticket, while you throw it in garbage can???

What if an event like this time, Mr.Bo's case, so many people don't even care to make an opinion??? What if the governor is shamelessly performing such a disgusting propaganda show while many other's (paid or pressed)following and chanting?

You ever heard of 50 cents party? That's the problem, not communist, none of human history ever attained that level, no one knows if it could be attained.

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Mainland China doesn't has a thing called Media

I understand there's not a thing in Mainland China qualified to be called as Media.

The efficiency for the authority to extinguish public concern about any dirty news or unrest connecting with itself, is impressive.

It's well covered its shameless deeds over the country and its people. It's like a infective disease spread all over the world. it's believed that now, the United States and France all brought out law for Internet control. It's a struggle between elites and plain citizens.

Who fears the rumor is equal to say that he's too weak or far from truth, simple enough. Otherwise, people, the majority are insane/childish most of times, in elite governor's eyes.


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