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Sort-of Epic win as judge kills Apple ban on apps linking to outside payment systems

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The core of the issue is....

A small company selling 30 copies of an app in the Apple store for $10 each, pays $90 to Apple, and gets to keep $210. This is a very good proposition, since Apple makes the App available world wide for $90.

A big game producer selling 3 million copies of its game from the Apple store for $10 each, pays $ 9,000,000 to Apple.

Probably Apple will have a hard time proving that charging $ 9,000,000 for 3 million downloads of the game is a reasonable charge.

Since Apple is a niche player in the mobile market, with around 10% market share, it is strange Epic bothered at all dealing with this arrogant company.

Firefox 91 introduces cookie clearing, clutter-free printing, Microsoft single sign-on... so where are all the users?

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Re: "browser is still struggling for market share"

Firefox is not strong on mobile devices which hold the largest share in browser usage.

The market share of Chrome is a questionable number, since the Android and Windows versions are different beasts with the same name.

The market share of Firefox on desktop might be way higher, perhaps in the 30% range.

Boffins propose Pretty Good Phone Privacy to end pretty invasive location data harvesting by telcos

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Guess who

Drives around with wifi scanners

Creates accurate maps of wifi access points

Builds the operating system used by around 90% of the smart phones sold worldwide

Can see which wifi points are close to the phone

Can relate wifi information to information on other phones nearby

Knows everything about the user of each phone

Can build behavioral patterns based on phone proximity

In short, the proposed solution only solves half of the equation.

Zorin OS 16 Pro arrives complete with optional 'Windows 11' desktop

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The small market share of Chromebooks in businesses is puzzling

Changing a desktop operating system would probably not result in a notable reduction of costs.

Many companies are moving their servers to Azure, they keep their windows desktops, including all that comes with it:

Things like Exchange, Active Directory, Backups, Security and Citrix are all essential components in any Windows based office environment.

Small businesses with up to 100 people need several sysadmins to keep this afloat.

Would moving to chromebooks, with google docs not save significant costs and reduce risks like ransomware and data leaks ?.

Russian Arm SoC now shipping in Russian PCs running Russian Linux

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Its is a real innovation

Using a setup that doesn't exist in the West.

Since Russia hosts many hackers, they probably know the weaknesses of Windows desktops too well.

Better try something like this than whine about ransomware and a never ending stream of high prio CVE's.

Russia tells UN it wants vast expansion of cybercrime offenses, plus network backdoors, online censorship

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Re: Double Standards

Double standards indeed, it is likely the word "Russia" in the title which kicked off the usual Pavlov reaction that it must be bad. The document contains many useful proposals, if implemented we would live in a better world.

Lets not forget, it are the Western regimes who are the bad guys in this world. The difference with Western rule, and other is that Western countries support crime in other parts of the world.

They annually buy for over 700 billion dollars of drugs, causing immense suffering and many tens of thousands of deaths in South-American countries.

Law enforcement on their own territories is ineffective and lackluster, since we are "free" right ?.

That perceived freedom is paid for by the blood of others, due to the largely toothless means to fight domestic crime and political unwillingness to solve issues in an effective manner.

The measures proposed in this document would enable law-enforcement to fight crime more effective.

Microsoft's Cloud PCs debut – priced between $20 and $158 a month

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What is the selling point for a cloud PC if a very decent chromebook costs $ 500

Chromebook = cloud PC + device for one price :)

Right to repair shouldn't exist – not because it's wrong but because it's so obviously right

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"Right to repair" could be a legal quagmire

It is easy to point out individual examples where a manufacturer builds something in such a manner resulting so it is difficult to repair.

Legally defining what constitutes a violation of "Right to repair" is a challenging.

Maybe a blanket law, asserting "Right to repair" as a consumer right could work.

If a product can reasonably not be repaired, the consumer could sue as if it was a product defect, entitling him to a refund and damages for the time he tried to repair until he ran into issues caused by the manufacturer. Class action lawsuits could cost the apples of this world dearly.

This law could name circumstances which help judges to determine if the right has been violated, like access to schematics and build plans, using constructions limiting access to the insides of the product like glue, proprietary screws and access to spare parts.

Complex products need to be addressed as well, nothing prevents anyone from overhauling a 4L60E gearbox, being successful at it is a different story since fatal mistakes are easily made. Suing GM for this would be quite unreasonable.

Misconfigured Azure Blob at Raven Hengelsport exposed records of 246,000 anglers – and took months to tackle, claim infosec researchers

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Fines for companies in the Banana Republic Hollandia ...

Unthinkable in a country where the Sinaloa cartel rules the streets of its capital and the police is too busy with speed limit checking.

Brain-computer interface researchers warn of a 'bleak' cyberpunk future – unless we tread carefully

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Re: Inner thoughts harvested for commercial exploitation

I am sure google will be giving away these devices for free or as an Android extension.

UK and chums call out Chinese Ministry of State Security for Hafnium Microsoft Exchange Server attacks

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Re: Who's really at fault ?

Spot on, those organizations losing "Intellectual property" have too little of themselves when they choose using the Emmental Cheese from Redmond and expect their information to be safe.

The MS marketing machine is truly brilliant, they get away with anything without ever getting sued for selling subpar products against high prices.

Microsoft adds cloud enablement to 1970s Altair 8800 tech

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Maybe MS should spend their time on real world issues ?

Nice they brought a 1970's thing to run on Azure, I can't deploy a Rocky Linux install in it.

Followed all the guidelines, made local Hyper-V VM, exported a fixed sized 24GB VHD image (!) to Azure Blob just to find out "deployment failed" not a single line of diagnostics why it failed, no console output or anything else that could be helpful to diagnose the issue.

Probably the Rocky Linux image doesn't run the spyware they are installing on Linux systems.

All hands on Steam Deck: Fancy a handheld Linux PC that runs Windows apps, sports a custom AMD Zen APU and a touch screen?

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Re: I am intrigued

It is an intriguing concept. Suppose one day there would be an Android phone maker innovative enough to start making a phone that can be used as a Chromebook in a dock. Technology is no obstacle anymore to make such a device. Companies could save considerable expenses in IT.

SteelSeries Apex Pro plays both sides of the mechanical keyboard fence – and wins

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Good mechanical keyboards are worth it

The reviewed Razer keyboard is for sure a s*xy device. They make some good stuff, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Very happy with their Deathadder elite mouse, which after years of heavy gaming still clicks and moves like a Swiss watch.

For the money, the Corsair K63 keyboard, which doesn't have a numerical keypad, worked out very well for me, same story as with the Razer DeathAdder Elite.

All the LED's keep working, just the keycaps are a bit loose, when vacuum cleaning, one has to take care they don't get sucked up.

The noise it generates could perhaps be acceptable in an office setting.

Microsoft patches PrintNightmare – even on Windows 7 – but the terror isn't over

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Re: It is about time

What is hard to understand is that after 30 years MS doesn't get its act together.

How in the world can something be taken seriously if clicking an email, adds in a website, harmful URL's or PDF's result in encrypted drives and databases, and that we came to a level where it seems normal like a car accident and organizations can insure them selves for damages incurred due to this backward and retarded operating system technology.

It can only be the result of not even trying to fix the Swiss cheese that constitutes what is marketed as Windows Server 20XX for several $ 1000's per piece.

They never even issued something like "Windows Server Enhanced Security". I Bet the servers at Redmond are a treasure trove full of Ford Pinto memo's.. If we don't fix the security, we can buy a yacht of 400 yards next year and install golden water taps in the Learjet.

MS is like a drug dealer, everyone knows it is bad, but addiction to systems which disguise as easy to manage is hard to overcome. One good thing from all the ransomware and other security meltdowns is that it shows that Windows is not easy to manage at a sufficient level.

Cross-discipline boffin dream team issues social media warning: FIX IT NOW!

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It is just white noise

Nothing new, most what we see from social media and the legacy news outlets has the same information value as the screen contents of an old TV without antenna plugged in.

Sometimes a few notes can be heard when the humming zombie army of legacy news media and social media posters passes by:

EV's are good

CO2 bad

Trump bad

China good

Russia bad

Spending billions on medieval windmill technology is going to solve the energy requirements of a 21st century society driving electric cars in the next 10 years.

So maybe they are right, any information might have bad influence on society and the well being of humanity, since most are not smart enough to filter the non-sense and start wasting precious resources.

Microsoft approved a Windows driver booby-trapped with rootkit malware

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So after all the

recent articles in El-Reg about the insecurity of open-source, old libraries and what more that is wrong in the Linux world, Windows driver signing is like sending a binary blob containing machine code to Redmond, MS signs it so the world is secure and nobody steals information ?.

Somehow the possibility to conduct a source code review and Sir Torvalds overseeing things, feels warm and cozy compared to this.

John McAfee dead: Antivirus tycoon killed himself in prison after court OK'd extradition, says lawyer

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Re: Why was he in a Spanish prison?

Sounds nice.. think about the schools and the kids when paying taxes.

In this case it involves a corrupted banana Republic, where a billionaire whose wealth increases from 100 to 120 billion in a year doesn't pay a cent of taxes, and that all under the marketing banner of "freedom".

Threatening someone with 30 years for evading taxes over a few million is out of proportion, he shouldn't have been jailed in Europe for this. It is sad EU countries are thralls of the US, aiding a self important feeling US security community to get their hands on people like Julien Assange and Edward Snowdon. Whose only crime was to reveal the crimes and anti constitutional actions of the US government.

He should have been as smart as Marc Rich from Glencore, live happily ever after in Switzerland, where tax evasion is not recognized as a crime.

'Set it and forget it' attitude to open-source software has become a major security problem, says Veracode

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Re: Cast out the beam from thine own eye

Weird, the author moans about Open-Source insecurity, while all the headline Ransomware attacks are on Windows platforms, is he implying MS uses outdated OSS libraries ?.

Now that China has all but banned cryptocurrencies, GPU prices are falling like Bitcoin

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Re: I am no lover of the Chinese political system

There is a lot to dislike about their stance on electronic currencies.

It is the typical behavior of dictatorial communist regimes, who tell what their citizens can and can not do, those who deviate, wake up in high fenced encampments guarded by arm security guards.

In the end, the strong point of freedom and capitalism is that many get to choose what is good, and not a clique of those who "are more equal than others".

Disliking crypto coins is something else as liking the CCP or what they stand for.

In a decent society people should be allowed to invest in what they seem good and allowed by law, and not get ordered around. That made our society great, and will be the doom of China as soon we stop propping them up with money.

Japan assembles superteam of aircraft component manufacturers to build supersonic passenger plane

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Dreams make great things

The first cars were not better than horse drawn carriages.

The first planes were not better than steam trains or cars.

But now we have great planes and cars.

Without the dreams of the people working to improve those things, we wouldn't have them.

It is great to see there are people trying to improve commercial aviation beyond the capabilities offered by a Boeing 707 released in 1958.

Amazon says it's all social media's fault for letting fake review schemes thrive

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Authenticating users issuing a review using an Authenticator app

Would make generating fake reviews way harder compared to simply injecting some piece of text.

Mark it in your diaries: 14 October 2025 is the end of Windows 10

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Re: 2025? That long?

It is always hard to predict what happens. If google starts requiring that every handset should be suitable for a standard dock so it can be used as desktop, or manages to get an edge with chrome, any predatory behave of MS in regard to their desktop OS might backfire.

The world is changing fast, millenials raised by their smart phone, might have different ideas about the average office desktop they want to use.

The AN0M fake secure chat app may have been too clever for its own good

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AN0N, lots of fuzz about ?....

Catching a few mid tier crooks and some minor drug shipments.

Since the Mexican cartels were not shutdown, it were just a few small fish caught in the net.

The cartels are able to extend their operations into Europe, recently in the Netherlands a few meth-labs were discovered operated by South-Americans,.

Solid communication equipment and the financial infrastructure to support this are required to enable this.

The revenues of the Mexican cartels are estimated to be around 500 million dollars annually.

That leaves them quite a budget to hire the best beautiful minds to develop some app and equipment to communicate securely using public access networks.

Oracle hits UK reseller with lawsuit for allegedly reselling grey market Sun hardware

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Globally the right of ownership should be protected.

It is infringing on ownership rights if OEM manufactures can prevent buyers to resell their stuff globally.

Sold is sold, a transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer, including all the legal rights as defined by the law.

How would it be if GM starts suing someone for selling a Chevy Camaro to Europe ?.

The sickening ownership restrictions Big-Tech tries to impose on buyers of their products, be it new or second hand, should be outlawed and not differ from the laws applying to physical goods.

TCP alternative QUIC reaches IETF's Standards Track after eight years of evolution

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Re: Ready salted packets

Being a sliding window protocol, TCP is extremely reliable, contrary to UDP which is sort of "fire and forget", leaving it to the application to implement reliability if it needs it.

Big Tech has a big problem with Florida passing a law that protects politicians from web moderation

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suppose one gets this messages when logging into Big_Tech site X

Dear User,

Since your name is Aaron Rosenbaum your account is suspended.

Based on our Terms of Use we are entitled to do so at will.

With kind regards,

Heinrich H., web moderator.


What is the difference with:

Since we (our CEO) didn't like you (name/race/color/religion /being displeasing to our CEO) your account is suspended.

According to the nice democratic senator, this is supposed to be compliant with the constitution of the USA.

Facial recog firm Clearview hit with complaints in France, Austria, Italy, Greece and the UK

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Clearview provides search services to law enforcement agencies

That "data protection" movement is filing lawsuits against a company which provides services to law enforcement agencies who want to find a suspect using an image which was taken during the time that suspect was present in a situation when a crime was committed.

Even worse, they ask that Europeans are removed from the database, in case an European gets caught in a security camera shot, information helping to identify those suspects shouldn't be available to law enforcement.

This is nothing more but the usual leftist crap rampant in European politics, let the criminals go free under the banner of "data protection".

Just the working middle class needs to be squeezed dry for taxes in order to pay the salaries and social benefits of all those leftist leeches.

Apple's macOS is sub-par for security, Apple exec Craig Federighi tells Epic trial

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It is the 30%

EPIC doesn't care about walled gardens, the 30% apple tax is painful.

The model to tax sellers for each item sold is nice for people who make and sell in small numbers, since they do not have any upfront costs.

If a big supplier sells 50 million times its app for $ 1,-, they have to pay Apple over 16 million.

Apple has some valid points in arguing that a walled garden fits within their view of providing customers an excellent quality experience.

Charging large sellers millions for use of their walled can however not be justified, since it doesn't bear any relation with the costs Apple incurs to enable the store or to distribute f those apps.

It seems reasonable that Apple would be forced to introduce different models for use of its app shop if it wants to continue to operate this in a monopolistic fashion.

Nvidia nerfs RTX 3080, 3070, 3060 Ti GPUs to shoo away Ethereum miners

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There is a moral aspect to it

Except as enabler for illicit transactions in the darkweb and payment method for crypto blackmailers, crypto currencies have no real world use.

They don't feed anyone, neither they cure the sick.

Fulfilling the demand for crypto currencies, supporting an ever extending market of illegal drugs and other stuff, is causing that modern gaming gear became unaffordable for decent hardworking people.

It is good NVIDIA is trying to limit this, they are of course aware that in a capitalist world, it is only a matter of time before someone comes up with an idea to provide good graphics performance which can not be used as tool for drug money makers.

This week in AI: Man arrested after cops say he rode in backseat of Autopilot Tesla

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Re: This likely won't end well for him

Driving behind the wheel using autopilot is one thing, doing it while sitting on the backseat is deliberate endangering others with lethal harm.

This guy should get the same sentence as someone discharging a firearm in a shopping mall while not hitting anyone.

China hauls in 13 web giants for ‘supervision interviews’

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Re: Authoritarian = insecure

Calling Xi weak is a far cry from reality, he at least has the courage to take on the billionaires from becoming so powerful that they have the means to disrupt society. If president Xi is weak, what are Western politicians who wiling crawl in the mud to pickup a handful of dollars mr. Zuckerberg or mr. Schmidt toss at them, to fence off taxation and privacy laws being upheld, while they laugh their *ss off watching the scene ?. The few who want to change this status quo are painted as "socialist" or worse.

What is the difference between a society ruled by the polit bureau of the CCP or a few dozen billionaires whose mega companies know all about us, influence elections, determine which news we get to see and bought up the elites.

When looking close, the West does better giving people the perception they are "free", but we are not more "free" than people living under CCP rule when it comes to it.

GCHQ boss warns China can rewrite 'the global operating system' in its own authoritarian image

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Re: China without Xi, Russian without Putin

History doesn't backup claims about Russia being an aggressive country, they never engaged in offensive wars, and why should they, they have land enough.

Even the wars against Finland were about border disputes, since Finland used to be a part of imperial Russia.

Truman and Churchill gave the Russians East-Europe as part of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, that was no aggression on their side either. They defend what is theirs, and if your name happens to be Ukraine, it is bad luck, you have been part of the Russian empire for many centuries.

Russia is totally in its right to fight off NATO encroachment, it is their country. USA wouldn't be happy either when Chinese PLA starts building bases in Mexico and Canada.

The only reason Russia would use their army against Europe is the lack of a viable resistance in the EU, most EU countries do not have armies or functional equipment enabling them to fight a longer war with a strong adversary like Russia.

Spotlight on Apple, Google app stores: What happened to Tile, Spotify, Match – and that proposed law in Arizona

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Fighting Big Tech is like fighting illegal drugs

It may seem a bit off, there are a few striking similarities between those businesses.

Both incur multi trillion dollar revenues each year.

Both have extensive influence over politicians and users.

Both offer products which are harmful and wanted by large amounts of users at the same time.

Both offer products whose undesirable characteristics are ignored by most of its users.

Both industries produce things which are harmful to society.

Both require extensive changes in laws and law-enforcement procedures to fight and suppress them effectively.

Both pay off politicians and officials by either bribes, campaign contributions, favorable media coverage or search results.

A difference is that BIG Tech does not engage in criminal retaliation against people who stand up against them, so more people feel free to initiate actions to resolve the issues their presence creates. However this is offset by the power over the media they have, enabling them to tarnish whom ever they want.

The Great Chinese Firewall is perhaps a blessing, if US Big Tech had obtained a serious foothold in China, the world would be completely enslaved by them.

Given the largely unsuccessful struggle against proliferation of illegal drugs use in the last 50 years, there seems little hope if significant steps can be made against them.

But can it run Avid? The Reg hands shiny new M1 MacBook to video production pro, who beats it with Blender, Handbrake, and ... Hypercard?

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Apple did a great job with the M1

Thanks for the good review.

After decades of being the sole CPU choice for private computing, x86 gets competition on its performance.

Maybe one day Apple will decide to sell those CPU's for other manufacturers to build systems, opening the market for Arm as a viable alternative for those who can't afford Apple hardware.

How do we stamp out the ransomware business model? Ban insurance payouts for one, says ex-GCHQ director

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Stop using MS Windows is also an option

Still scratching my head how in the world it is possible someone manages to design, produce and make truckloads of money of an Operating System that allows its kernel, device drivers and boot code to be changed by a webpage, email or a pdf.

Maybe it is provocative to many, but after all, it is 2021 not 1995.

Technology today should allow for better operating systems, maybe with slight discomfort to the user, comparable to put on seat belts in a car.

MS is a very capable and rich company, they really should do better and not get away so easily with products that are unsafe dead traps like pre 70's cars were.

Sitting idle while global chips fry: US car industry asks Biden to earmark cash for automotive semiconductors

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Re: Ban chips in cars

FYI: the worlds most produced engine is the Chevy's small-block OHV V8, started out in 1955 and still produced in volumes in excess of 5000 per day.

No, no, let's hear this out, says judge waving away Apple's attempt to kill MacBook Pro Flexgate lawsuit

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Can we have this letigation in Europe too ?

Instead of the EU commission gobbling up all the money with fines, and consumers get nothing.

Over a decade on, and millions in legal fees, Supreme Court rules for Google over Oracle in Java API legal war

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Re: Wah Wah Wah! Oracle! They don't like the ruling!

SUN's were pure magic when they came in the late 80's. Remember doing graduation work on SUN 2/50 and 3/50 with MC68010 and MC68020 cpu's running 4.1BSD. First time I worked on real graphics workstations. What a difference was this compared to Unix V7 on a pdp-11 and BSD 4.2 on a VAX 11/750.

SUN contributed so much to the Unix world, things like NFS and RPC were invented by SUN, others like IBM just used these things and never gave anything in return.

Maybe SUN made two mistakes, hanging on to the anemic SPARC architecture which didn't have enough scale to enable it to compete with others and the adoption of Solaris, which was actually AT&T Unix System V Release 4.0. This was a overly complex OS which makes systemd seem like the best invention ever. I also found it weird Motorola didn't invest in keeping its 68000 CPU's relevant, they were the only kid on the block in the late 80's.

Always thought SUN management gave Oracle permission to use Java: https://www.cnet.com/news/former-sun-ceo-says-googles-android-didnt-need-license-for-java-apis/

It's been a long time coming but AWS has at last enabled an interactive serial console for de-borking VMs

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It is the greatest fear nowadays in cloud heaven

To create an issue requiring a console, what is simple to solve in VmWare is a major pain in the cloud.

Simple things like consoles are things that MS and Amazon don't manage to provide in spite of being worth 100's of billions.

But at least cloud is cheap ?.

It is advisable to create an emergency user with straight forward password authentication and sudo rights.

Did I mention Azure taking one back to the late 90's where Windows drives can not be enlarged ?

Hey Azure even offers default Linux templates without Logical volumes so it doesn't look better than their windows server instances, which are still a century away from offering logical volume management.

After all, it is only 30 years ago since AIX was the first to offer logical volume management in the late 80's.

Red Hat pulls Free Software Foundation funding over Richard Stallman's return

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Re: A sad week for open source, I guess.

You are spot on, but don't worry about it.

USA is once again in one of its crazy phases, it will stop when either the FED runs out of paper for printing dollar bills to "fund" stimulus plans or when MS-13 takes over the white house.

We will see what happens first.

Report: Microsoft is thinking about splashing $10bn on Discord to slot it next to Skype, Mixer...

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It would be great if MS can inform employers

When their employees are into discord. Linking up accounts is a no brainer for them.

No privacy from the Big-tech equivalent of Saurons eye seems to be our unavoidable destiny in this great capitalist world of mice where every good idea gets squashed and exploited by a gang of four elephants.

On the plus side, we of course will then also receive better personalized ads for the latest games.

Richard Stallman says he has returned to the Free Software Foundation board of directors and won't be resigning again

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Too bad people who have a real positive impact on Humanity don't get Nobel Prizes

Thanks to free software we live in a world where innovation is not choked by licenses and difficult or costly access to technology.

Mr. Stallman, Torvalds, Kernigan and Ritchie deserve to be honored and awarded for their contributions to a world where access to technology, needed for implementing innovative ideas, became easy.

It is the same with Ralph Nader, the discussion he initiated saved countless millions of lives over the decades.

Cherry on top: Dell shoves MX keyboard into its Alienware m15 R4 ultrabook

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Re: Because thin is all the rage these days

That is really spot on, this idiotic trend to make things thin leaves end users with machines which are constantly on the verge of overheating and incur unnecessary high repair bills because things are harder to fix when it is all cramped together.

A good gaming laptop should have a case of two inches high, leaving enough space for decent connectors, heat dissipation, easy replaceable battery and keyboard.

But unfortunately, these ideas is the equivalent of rowing against the stream of moronic designs in the laptop world, all designed so these things get tossed in the trash after 3-4 years.

Chinese government yanks Alibaba’s browser from Chinese app stores

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Maybe we should be jealous of the Chinese approach towards Big Tech

Since we, in the not so free West, are staring like helpless rabbits in the eyes of vicious data and privacy predators like Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, MS and others for years now, because it is "not possible" to do anything to curb their God like powers.

Å nei! Norway's Stortinget struck by Microsoft Exchange malware

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Nobody gets fired when...

their Microsoft server software is hacked.

M$ just shrugs its shoulders while all those M$ wieners choose M$, leaving the information of millions up for the grabs.

Pointy haired boss: "lets move to Azure, then we are safe"

Google, Facebook, Amazon et al look on nervously as Biden bumps anti-Big Tech warriors into key posts

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Re: Godspeed

You are probably right. Not only the vast amounts of money and lobby power Big-Tech amassed is a hurdle, the absence of effective laws fighting the type of monopoly power that makes tech companies Big-Tech doesn't help.

It will take many years of fighting the legal equivalent of WW1 trench warfare to get anywhere.

On top of that, the people leading the counter offensive on Big-Tech need to have a clean life style, since Big-Tech knows everything about everyone and things easily "leak" when it fits them.

Perhaps starting with laws which forbid companies to trade information about its users to other companies is a start, so google can't buy phone records from your provider. Introducing laws prohibiting Big-Tech to take a controlling share in other companies will prevent they can squash upcoming competition to maintain their monopoly. There should be laws which prohibit collection and use of freely accessible information like wifi points, the latter for instance gives google access to your location and the people around you, even when you switch off wifi and location services, the wifi of your neighbors will always tell google where and with whom you are.

Dutch government: Did we say 10 'high data protection risks' in Google Workspace block adoption? Make that 8

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US patriot act still applies to all information hosted by US companies

As far I know, all US based companies are obliged to hand over any data to the US government when asked.

Strictly considered, cloud services offered by US based companies are thus not GDPR compliant.

The whole report seems a great example of successful lobbying by MS, MS has a market share over 90% in the Dutch government IT, healthcare institutions and communal IT.

Never seen such a report involving Azure, which is enthusiastically used by many hospitals and other health institutions.

Maybe COVID might change this a bit, since MS has less opportunities to invite decision makers to technical conferences in Hawaii and other fine places.

Flagship Chinese chipmaker collapses before it makes a single chip or opens a factory

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Re: More to this than meets the eye

No idea why people repeat CCP propaganda about China being brilliant and will overcome sanctions. It is highly doubtful if their education is such that it generates enough creative and free thinking engineers who are able to drive real innovations instead of resorting to stealing and copycatting that they are doing for decades now. China didn't come up with anything new except cheap production driven by Western machine tooling and the advantages of scale from a 1.3 Billion domestic market. It is right of any government to fence off this parasitic regime, which is a shadow of those in 30's Germany and Russia, and refuse to be bullied by them.

Until the Chinese people become smart enough to rid them selves of the CCP repression and start treating the rest of the world as equals, we should be happy to import a bit less garbage, pay a bit more for things and enjoy the benefits of more people having jobs in our countries.

Biden nixes Trump immigrant visa ban as clock runs down on H-1B suspension

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Re: Just a bit of tidying up

It is not tidying up, it is a settlement of the dept Biden has with Big-Tech.

They did all to get him elected, the least he can do is give them cheap foreigners who can easily be squeezed out without having to bother with US employees and their rights on fair labor conditions.

Like any good democrat, he is serving his masters, which includes the arms industry since he started bombing some sandpit last week.



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