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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's ejection sparks theories as odd as some ChatGPT output


Palace revolution in a company valued at 90 billion

Unless something unexpected comes to light involving mr. Altman, it will probably be a power grab by any of the stakeholders to solidify their power over OpenAI.

Maybe someone felt to have lost control over mr. Altman, and tried to resolve the situation.

When dealing with billions, trust no one, specially those who declare to be allies.

Emperor Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus of Rome, experienced a similar faith.

X fails to remove hate speech over Israel-Gaza conflict


Mr. Elon Musk doesn't budge

Admitting to like Donald Trump or the Babylon Bee videos on youtube can easily be marked as hate speech these days.

Mr. Musk should be awarded the congressional medal of honor for holding his ground in the massive stream of grey goo generated by leftists and their supporting elites in Brussels and Washington.

Without men like Mr. Musk, the West would commit suicide due to the multiple internal wars it started: climate religion, allowing mass immigration by culturally non-aligned people, extermination of European identity, extermination of the middle class by reckless money printing and support of the lost cause Ukraine.

Hate speech differs from calls to commit crimes against people, the latter should always be removed from any online platform.

But I guess, this entry will be considered hate speech as well by most, "it should be removed".

Downfall fallout: Intel knew AVX chips were insecure and did nothing, lawsuit claims


Don't be naive

Intel replaces a discovered leak by a new, more comfortable, access gateway to get to the same information.

Hard to believe a topnotch company like Intel would make such mistakes by accident.

The amount of dollars they got for making this "unfortunate oversight" is probably three times three digits in the millions.

Wintel is paying for no privacy.

Beijing prepares for imminent rise of humanoid robots


Re: sexbot breakthrough

Easy access to juicy content was the main driver and the first successful e-commerce model in the late 90's and early 2000's that drove the development and growth of the internet.


Re: Funny

If they look like S1m0ne, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0258153/, where can I sign the purchase order ?

Boeing gives busy billionaires unbothered about bespoke beds a cheaper BizJet


Re: "to suit 'personal, business and head-of-state airplane requirements' "

The president of North-Korea doesn't like airplanes, he travels using trains.

The fate of the late warrior mr. Prigozhin shows he might have a point there.

America extends China chip export bans and acts to cut off backdoor exports


It is completely unclear what USA thinks to achieve with this, it will give Asian and Russian chip industry a firm leg up to create more advanced products.

It won't achieve anything more but to frustrate Chinese teenagers who could be temporary cut off from the newest gaming gear.

China is perfectly capable to produce 2015 era Intel equivalents, which are good enough for Russian or Chinese weapons production.

If it is the US intention to divide the world like it was in the cold-war era, the remainder of the world better thinks twice if they want to sit in the same boat with a country experiencing 100,000 victims of opioid overdose and 45,000 killed due to gun violence.

MariaDB ditches products and staff in restructure, bags $26.5M loan to cushion fall



No idea whether this constitutes some Redmond trolling, but a simple google query reveals: Linux is used to power 96.3% of the world's top web servers.

(google with keyword: percentage of linux based web servers)

EU threatens X with DSA penalties over spread of Israel-Hamas disinformation


Re: Free Speech

Who cares anyway, there is so much fake and less fake news that the wold is covered in a blanket of white noise news reporting by people with agenda's.

It is ironical that non-elected EU apparatchiks were given the power to determine what people are allowed to see.

The most remarkable feature of news reporting in the "free" West that is all seems to be generated by people with a sub 85 IQ, maybe it is because they couldn't find any smart people willing to generate the climate and other non-sense they want us to believe.

VPN to the rescue :).

Linux interop is maturing fast… thanks to a games console


Very promising development

The steam deck seems to be the holy water that smartphone manufacturers avoid like vampires, a portable device usable as phone, desktop and gaming console.

Get to work, plugin the device, use it as Citrix or chromebook client, pick it up and continue the session where one left after the meeting.

Costs, environment and practicality benefit from such solutions.

If Steam is able to add phone functionality, whatsapp, Chromebook, RDP and Citrix client software, they could have gold in their hands.

Making it work could be an uphill battle, since Big-Tech seems to have a truce and is not engaging in fierce competition by making solutions that could be a threat to any of them.

Now IBM sued for age discrim by its own HR veterans



1625.2 Discrimination prohibited by the Act.

The US has an "Age discrimination Act". Although the Anglo-Saxon world never was blessed by the great legal system Napoleon introduced in continental Europe, the text of the Act is clear enough to make some sense out of it.

In the last 5 years enough cases surfaced to start criminal investigations against IBM and the managers initiating those illegal actions, the HR executives implementing those decisions should also be targeted. Since it was done on a large scale, seems to be systematic with clear evidence it came from the top down, it would be great to see some high level white collars share quality time with fellow MS-13 inmates, which in it self is a great incentive to prevent future repetition of such events.

Dutch consumer groups sue Google over its entire business model


Dutch should buy some mirrors

In order to see what they are doing themselves. I work in IT services, see many healthcare organizations move their systems off-prem to Azure without any second thoughts about the impact on privacy sensitive information of EU citizens that is moved into US jurisdiction.

It involves semi public institutions like banks, hospitals and governmental institutions who are engaging in those violations without ever being questioned about this.

Making a lot of noise about google picking up that one is searching information about drilling appliances and slapping a few ads, is petty.

When does tackling pandemic misinfo become censorship? US courts argue it out


Freedom and democracy are messy things

Censorship is already among us for decades on non criminal activities like smoking, nobody is allowed to make Facebook or YouTube posts advocating the benefits of smoking a pack camel every day.

Those bans result from government officials having ideas that smoking is bad for general health of the population.

In case of COVID, government officials used the same strategy as they used in regard to consumption of tobacco products, they suppressed information that could possibly interfere with their attempts to contain the pandemic.

IRS using AI to catch rich people and tax-dodging corps


Re: Trump

Perhaps "the big guy" and his coke sniffing son will provide interesting outcomes as well.

EU gives its blessing to reopen data pipelines to the US


Re: "limits to the access US intelligence agencies have to EU citizen's data"

There is no Plan B, European commission is an US spy nest.

They are handling US interests, not those of Europeans, handing US our private data until this pesky Schrems wins in two years, is already a significant win for them.

Nothing will change unless Europe manages to rid itself of "US assets" in its various governmental bodies, but since most don't even see it as an issue that European taxer payers pay for people who serve US interests, it will probably never happen.

Now that you've all tried it ... ChatGPT web traffic falls 10%


ChatGPT is just boring

It pretends to be AI, but has so many restrictions and no-go areas that interacting with a turtle makes more fun.

Google search brings one to websites that explain things too, often one lands on sites without the feeling of deep boredom interacting with ChatGPT induces.

A probable cause of the reduction in traffic will be school holidays, kids do not have to do home assignments atm, it will pick up in September.

Oracle pours fuel all over Red Hat source code drama


Re: Opensolaris anyone? @containerizer

You are so spot on, I do not think IBM ever realized which treasure it had with AIX and Power hardware in the early 2000's.

It is a forever loss IBM failed to do mainstream virtualization with AIX and Power hardware using VmWare, instead of this cumbersome LPAR system they built.

The love for Solaris is hard t understand, Solaris was an implementation of AT&T System V Release 4 from 1991.

For people who do not use it on a daily basis, SVR4 is a weird, over engineered and over complicated hog.

The simple elegance of the BSD 4.2 based SunOS 3 was much better, never understood why Sun adopted AT&T Unix at the time.

Maybe Linux source code can be protected in an ARM like structure, so everyone who needs to build something can count on the availability of safe and maintained source code.

Lamborghini's last remaining pure gas guzzlers are all spoken for


You nailed it... "ultimately as out of touch"

Hide from the destruction of large areas of nature due to the mining for rare metals like Lithium, Cobalt, Neodymium and others, mostly done by Chinese companies with a high disregard for nature and human life.

Hide from the abysmal re-cycling rates of EV's, recycling EV specific components is more expensive than building new.

Hide from the fact EV's are full of carcinogens needed to build the batteries, that will kill African kids in poor countries who recycle this poison to reclaim metals.

Hide from the potential fires that caused by defective batteries without warning.

The "ultimately as out of touch" EV drivers and self proclaimed environmentalists whitewash their conscience with the lies of EV's manufacturers and dumb politicians who use hard earned tax money to prop up already rich EV buyers to buy cancerous and expensive crap like Teslas. In that respect, EV's is communism, they need subsidies for over 10 years now, if they were better than gas cars, they wouldn't need subsidies. That is called capitalism, only communist planned economies use tax money to support inferior products.

So yeah, continue to feel great about destroying the earth by buying this technical non-sense.

In the mean time, I continue to drive my 260,000 mile 1999 V8 beamer, that does 21 miles to the gallon to help the environment.

Google has blocked in its in-car software rivals, claims German watchdog


Re: These hi-tech cars et al

For around E 300,- several friendly Chinese companies offer an Android based and plug compatible replacement for the wax roll music players installed in most pre-internet cars.

Way cheaper and more environmental friendly compared to buying a new car.

Another redesign on the cards for iPhone as EU rules call for removable batteries


standardization of removable batteries would be a great follow up

Like there are AAA and AA batteries, a classification for removable batteries would be a great follow up.

It is technically challenging, but would have a global positive impact where countless tons of polluting chemicals can be recycled easier and consumers do not have to put up with unnecessary expensive proprietary designs.

And this does not only concern the batteries, suppose someone bought 10 years ago a budget battery operated drill.

It is very probable the battery doesn't work anymore, since it was a no-name brand, replacement is nowhere to be found.

With standard batteries it just would take a visit to Ebay to get it working again instead of throwing it away and buy a new drill.

Europe teases breaking up Google over ad monopoly


Re: Zzzzzzzz

Google will complain to Biden, and promise juicy campaign contributions and continuing suppression of republican and other conservative misinformation in its search results.

Biden will instruct the governor of the protectorate Europe to keep the locals in check.

After a few negotiations it is decided EU commission will hold a few show court cases, where google will be convicted to pay a fine of a few hundred million Euro's.

The companies and individuals who experienced damages as a result of the de-facto monopoly google holds over the market get nothing.

The conviction will not force google to change, which is no problem since part of the strategy was to delay everything into the late 2020's, and most victims of googles predatory behavior are driven out of business.

US Senators take Meta to task for releasing LLaMA AI model after token safety checks


Re: Ok...

The point with the AI developments is that it by now has been proven that it is capable to generate content that is "good enough" for the purpose it serves.

This capability of AI will become a huge issue for many people who until now did create content that is "good enough".

Proliferation of AI may also cause an epidemic of mental parasites like replika.ai, where people replace socializing with other people by an app that gives the illusion of being a nice buddy or even girlfriend.

Be it teams, virtual assistants, phone menus all the automation and progress seems to be directed at reducing human interaction, making us more lonely thus undermining the foundation of what is called society.

The senators would do the world a better service by making legislation to breakup Amazon, MS, Google and Meta into small pieces where they are not able to harm society like they are doing now.

Capabilities of AI combined with the size and political power these tech monsters have is a poison pill for a free and prosperous society, we will end up with a Soviet style oligarchy.

Airline puts international passengers on the scales pre-flight


Would be a perfect idea in the Land of the Free<DEL><DEL><DEL><DEL> Fat

Fun fact: The percentage of people fit to serve in the army in the Land of the Fat is less than 30% due to obesity, diabetes and other results from eating disorders.

At least they won't be needing bullet proof vests when Biden decides to dump them into Ukrainian trenches.

EU monopoly cops probe complaints about Microsoft Azure


There is consistency, it is about money and information.

Big Tech and governments live in symbiosis. Governments want the easy access to information they provide in back-doors of their products and services, in exchange de-facto monopolies are not dissolved in an effective manner.

These "investigations" result in fines which are pocket change for Big Tech.

A world, where the 90% market share of MS is spread over several companies offering similar products and services, is much harder to control for governments.

EU still set to OK Microsoft's Activision slurp, UK disagrees


The EU is flirting with future anti-competition fines

Over the last decade EU managed to extort lovely sums from MS, they only approve it so they can in a few years instruct the EU court to start suing MS for anti competitive behavior, squeezing out a few 100 millions to refresh the pool of 8-cylinder limousines used by "those who are more equal than others".

India calls for all mobile phones to include FM radios


Re: It isn't that they don't enable the FM radio

FM radio works perfect on my Motorola G6 plus (XT1926-3). It even has a 3.5mm jack.

What is the logic behind expensive hipster phones not having a 3.5mm headphone connector ?.

With 3.5mm jack one can listen and charge at the same time.

Dell reneges on remote work promise, tells staff to wear pants at least 3 days a week


With so much attention towards CO2 emissions and climate change why do

Governments not give tax breaks to companies or employees if they commute less.

Except from all the time wasted on congested roads, the environment would benefit.

There is also a cost factor, every mile not driven for commutes to work is money saved by the employee.

There will be more costs for child care for each day at the office, it would be nice if companies offered some flexibility, maybe reduce the salary a bit when people want to work from home most of the time.

India bans open source messaging apps for security reasons. FOSS community says good luck


What about whatsapp

If whatsapp is not forbidden in India, maybe it is worthwhile to check their "end-to-end" encryption claims.

Rise of the machines is slower than expected says World Economic Forum


AI: ignore the downers in this world

Pointy haired bosses around the world are abusing the, alleged, capabilities of AI as a reason for firing people and in the wake of this, keep demands for wage increases by remaining employees down.

Unless some weapon manufacturer develops a self replicating combat system that gets out of control, AI will probably do more good than it does harm. We managed by self control to not blow ourselves to bits with nuclear weapons, there is a good probability that we won't allow terminators to breed like rabbits.

Once there are open-source alternatives to this technology, AI can for instance be used to build affordable systems assisting blind people to get around. AI has the potential to save the lives of millions by breaking the monopoly of Big-Pharma in the field of advanced medicine development. AI maybe enables efficient creation of effective alternatives that can be reasonably priced, allowing more people access to cures instead of dying due to their inability to generate "share holder value" for Big-Pharma.

AI is a technology that proliferates knowledge and helps to give access to high-level information to more people. Starting with the printing press, the world just got a better place with each new technology giving more people capabilities that were previously only accessible to a few.

Red Hat layoffs spark calls to unionize, CEO wades in


Re: Interesting clash between US corporate oligarch feudalism and Liberte, Egality et Fraternite



Interesting clash between US corporate oligarch feudalism and Liberte, Egality et Fraternite

I am sure American reading the mailing list have no idea where where this is about, they are used to being slave donkeys pulling the cart with "the American dream" as a carrot.

Europe had three socialist revolutions, 1789, 1917 and 1933, each of which changed the relation between workers, nobility and oligarchs.

After some struggles and failures, Europe created a system where the smart and hard working are rewarded, but not to a level where they are given the power to destroy society and appoint politicians by "campaign donations", which would be earmarked "systemic corruption" in any country outside of USA.

USA abandoned slavery 150 years ago, so there you are.

Microsoft suggests businesses buy fewer PCs. No, really


Don't feel sorry for them that MS wants to eat their share of the IT cake

The PC makers have been sharing the bed with their Mistress Microsoft for decades, it is actually fun to see they are dumped.

Maybe it is time for them to come up with something innovative after 40 years of doing the same thing, cooperate and make a consortium, perhaps involve google and come up with something smart that can serve as an office workstation architecture based on Linux combined with solutions from google.

It should not be hard to come up with something that doesn't need weekly reboots for security patches and is cheaper to run.

Chromebook expiration date, repair issues 'bad for people and planet'


Re: Bit one sided

Maybe next time try installing windows 11 on this machine.

When Windows 10 support ends in October 2025 tens of millions systems made before 2016 will become E-Waste overnight since they probably do not have a TPM chip.

Euro privacy regulators sniff Italy's ChatGPT ban, consider a pizza the action


Lets outlaw the printing press

Books are far from perfect, however, and can produce offensive text, perpetrate bias, just get stuff plain wrong, and spread misinformation – like pretty much all large language models.

We read OpenAI's risk study. GPT-4 is not toxic ... if you add enough bleach


Interacting with ChatGPT feels too much like interviewing Nixon about Watergate

Very careful with its wording. It is great in producing knowledge, it is too protective for the tender hearts of woke Americans.

There is no state or context that evolves with the conversation, it behaves like a vending machine, put a question in and you get an answer.

Admirable for the great knowledge, but too boring to spend much time with.

US lobbyists commission report dismissing proposed EU cloud regulations


Re: Let's see how many downvotes I get this time

The political environment is not right for Europe to demand anything from the US. Europe is depending on USA for energy and weapons supply for Ukraine.

EU commission is either full of US assets like Ursela von der Lie or they are misguided, self preservation and protecting interests of European citizens is not on their agenda.

Push back against US Big-Tech will result in political pressure from Washington.

This might explain the absence of support from the EU commission to develop a viable European hosting industry that can compete on the scale of Google/MS and Amazon.

In case European cloud data is stored in places that are under jurisdiction of the USA and thus subjected to the CLOUD act, nothing can be done about it.

European countries could draw up laws where domestic companies using US based cloud services will get substantial fines when their data ends up in US jurisdiction.

The absence of such laws is another sign that in the EU commission nobody cares where ones data might end up being stored.

So to come back to the point you made: Nothing prevents US based cloud providers to store cloud data where ever they want. Bad publicity that might pop-up periodically they can easily suppress since they control the news flow to the majority of the people in the West.

Why ChatGPT should be considered a malevolent AI – and be destroyed


Why so negative ?

ChatGPT is something new did not have before, is it the first of its kind and will not be perfect. The first cars were not much better than a horse, it took until early 1910's until it became clear that horses for transport were obsolete.

Google method of searching: One gets links to individual information sources. Some good, some are bad. It is up to the user to make sense of the information.

ChatGPT: One gets the boiled down result of countless sources. Some are good and some are bad. The added value of chatgpt is the fact the information it generates offers is based on countless sources. Like google, it is up to the user to deal with the information ChatGPT generates in a responsible manner.

Google search changed how we use the internet, systems like chatgpt will probably change the way how humanity accesses, preserves and uses knowledge collected and generated in centuries.

It is hard to dismiss that ChatGPT is pretty impressive in its 1.0 version released to the pubic.

Google unleashes fightback against ChatGPT, a Bard by any other name


Competition is great, unless a patent troll like Oracle did file a patent on "Search Enhanced by AI"

For us users it is great that Google picks up the glove MS left it, we end up with a better product through competition.

It is unfortunate chatgpt hates me, can't get access to it for weeks now, hope the Bard will not be "at capacity" for 100% of the time.

Microsoft upgrades Defender to lock down Linux gear for its own good


However the pointy haired boss

will be happy to hear "Microsoft anti virus" is available.

ClamAV is a good product, the perceived quality of a house hold brand name is always higher for most people in a corporate environment, who are risk averse since corporate environments are little Soviet systems where there are no rewards for good decisions, only the Gulag for ones that didn't work out as anticipated.

US in talks with critical chip tech countries Netherlands, Japan. Topic? China sanctions


One day

There will be an European leader who will tell those Military Industrial Complex puppets from USA to sod off to their fentanyl paradise and leave us in peace.

USA has nothing to the world, except pushing war and weapons to fight it with.

If your Start menu or apps are freezing up on Windows, Microsoft has a suggestion


Re: Start menu is suddenly unresponsive and some applications won't open or work

Recently had a subpar windows experience too. In my new Windows 11 desktop one HDD and one SSD were present transferred from my 2014 laptop running windows 10.

First Windows 11 marked the HDD as broken, a few weeks ago Windows 11 froze, refused to boot until I had removed the old SSD.

Except it feels sort of weird that Windows 11 starts dismissing hardware that worked without a glitch with Windows 10, it is beyond believe Windows 11 leaves the consumer with an eternal running circle when a SSD starts having read errors, it was not a boot device.

They do not even have the code to recognize a failing device during boot and inform the user what is happening, no better leave him with a turning circle.

Booting from a windows 10 USB delivered the same result, it didn't boot because of desperately trying to read a broken SSD until the Sun explodes.

It seems nobody ever at MS looked at Linux, where this would not be an issue.

It is just great these monopolies in our "free" West, they can punch people in the nose, deliver shoddy products, empty their wallets and still make billions.

Microsoft to offer unlimited time off for US staff


They could also do this with salary

Just put a pot of dollar bills on the floor on the last Friday of the month, the greedy ones should be fired, uhhhmm.. relocated.

It creates weird incentives. In times when the economy is in decline, people will take little time off out of fear for being relocated (in IBM speak).

When things are booming and the company could use the capacity, people feel more secure, since there are many jobs available, and take off more.

US schools sue Meta, Google and friends over 'youth mental health crisis'


Re: Multiple responsables

Maybe we are with social media where we were in the 30's and 40's with smoking, people at the time knew smokers had a higher probability to die from diseases. But since the relation with tobacco usage was not understood well at the time, nothing could be done until the late 60's.

Now we see whole generations of teenagers are unhappy, display higher than normal suicide rates and many experience reduced mental stability.

It is not something the social media companies are causing on purpose, they just act as a medium giving bad people opportunities to bring harmful content to vulnerable users. People who debase humanity as a whole with their gender non-sense are allowed a broad platform on social media to poison our youth. The same goes with the self defying environmentalists and other elitists, who are horrible downers, conveying messages humanity should disappear, except themselves of course since they think they are better than the plebs.

The result is that young people become insecure about what they are, what they can do and say and think the world will end unless only a handful of WEF billionaires live well.

It is like drug dealers and other vermin that is allowed to roam freely and unpunished in our society, once one stops removing the weeds, one ends up with a garden full of poison ivy, wasp nests and thorny brambles. We need to stand up and fight for the health of our youth, outlaw gender crap, climate non-sense and promotion of drug use.

Forget the climate: Steep prices the biggest reason EV sales aren't higher


Re: it is easy to get lured into thinking they are simpler than traditional gas powered engines

All side effects of a certain technology should be viewed at.

China and some US mining companies are busy changing large parts of Africa and Southern Chile into gigantic holes for the metals those "simple" electric engines need.

The result of this is a 2.5 ton EV, full with rare and precious metals that can not be recycled when the battery, 50% of the total costs, dies after 8 years.

The electric power train looks simpler than a non-turbo small block V8 coupled with a standard GM or ZF 5/6/7/8 speed automatic transmission, resulting in a 1700kg luxury car.

The latter can be recycled for more than 95%, uses very little toxic and rare metals. Neither do we need to destroy and exploit Africa to produce it or become dependent on China domination global battery production.

It is impossible to find any value in 2.5 Ton EV's with ranges in the 200 miles ballpark, that cost a fortune and become trash within 10 years.


>> The electric cars are less complex to produce and maintain than their petrol equivalents.

Sums up what is in fact a grand misunderstanding of the technology behind EVs and its global impact.

Since EV's share so many traits with vacuum cleaners, like the shape, electrical power cord and humming noises, it is easy to get lured into thinking they are simpler than traditional gas powered engines. When looking through the flashy commercials with smiling photo models, it is not hard to find out that they are more complex to produce than a car with V8 small block engine, which are reliably produced for nearly a century on a mass scale.

EV's require complex trade chains with batteries from China, which uses its colonial powers in Africa to extract Lithium, Cobalt and a dozen rare-earth metals in huge environmentally destructive and polluting mines.

EV's don't meet EU recycling standards by any measure, which is a real issue since their batteries are trash after 8 years.

The amount of globally available rare earths and other precious metals is not enough to replace even a tiny percentage of the current gas powered engines in use with electrical ones.

Except for the commercials, nothing simple when it comes to EV's.

Too big to live, too loved to die: Big Tech's billion dollar curse of the free


Lack of innovation is a slow death

Maybe due to missing out on things, from my viewpoint it looks like google is not innovating.

Years ago I expected in 2020's plug into docks phones that could serve as chrome books, they even didn't try to come up with something.

Google failed to market chromebooks and its services as a low cost replacement for hard to secure and expensive windows farms.

AI, same story, the one able to rollout chatGPT as replacement for the "throw a bucket of URL's at you" search results from google will get rich soon.

I tried their cloud, not convincing, not inviting to hobbyists to try things.

Maybe the big-three, MS/AWS and Google, got a bit too cozy together, split up the market and decided not to compete too hard.

The rich price levels for the 2015 level hardware they all have on offer in their clouds seems to indicate this.

$69b Activision deal totally helps gamers and saves them money, says Microsoft


We end up with a Soviet economy when these molochs are allowed to grow further

Companies like Amazon, Facebook, MS and alphabet shouldn't be allowed to grow.

It would be a very beneficial for people if globally all the large companies would be broken up.

With smaller companies we get better products and prices because of competition and they can't act like a major force subduing elected politicians.

People in smaller companies often have better jobs, since they are not reduced to small and expendable cogs, in small companies they make a difference.

The Soviet system produced bad results because nobody made a difference and people stopped caring.

Brit MPs pour cold water on hydrogen as mass replacement for fossil fuels


Compliments to the British MP's

When looking at the whole picture, H2 is not so great.

Converting windmill generated H2 into a liquid form needing a pressure of 800 bar (11603 psi) introduces non-significant losses.

Converting the existing network of gas stations to 700 bar pressurized (10152 psi) H2 gas stations will cost more than even Europe can afford, leaving out the significant costs for H2 installations in cars.

The climate religion is used to sell us communism as savior against climate change. For instance, the EU announcement to ban petrol powered cars by 2035 is pure central planning of the economy, aka Communism. Be very afraid when politicians start turning specific technical solutions into laws, tossing human creativity and innovation out of the window until the next revolution.

History proved over and over again that communism is never good for anything but being a source for misallocation of resources, poverty, misery, waste, pollution and death.

Communist solutions for an imaginary issue are marketed with great success to elected politicians in the West, who attend G20 meetings with presentations from Schwab, Gates and other billionaires who envision a world where they took everything from everyone. Even WEF deniers will see their plan once they receive a letter from their community in the next ten years to please invest 100K in their house to get it to energy class XYZ .. or else.. The "or else" is selling your house to a company owned by one of the WEF billionaires who will happily rent it back to you... But hey... You own nothing but will be happy

China reportedly bars export of homebrew Loongson chips to Russia – and everywhere else


How about some arithmetic

USA + EU lapdog = 778 million citizens

"The axis of evil" not bending over to the US:

China + India + Russia + Iran: 1412 + 1400 + 143 + 85 = 3040

We all know how well the prohibition worked.

Taken into account that Russia, China and Iran have effective state supported education systems and these countries do not allow drugs dealers to poison their youth with fentanyl, there could be a probability the "axis of evil" will be able to catch up with cpu technology within a decade.

By that time USA will be like Brazil and EU will be like the Germany of 1946 when our elites care allowed to continue their current misguided policies.

EU takes another step towards US data-sharing agreement


Re: "Campaigners say it's unlikely to pass a test in the courts, though"

It is not like anybody cares. The EU politbureau doesn't have issues creating laws that do not hold up, by the time they are struck down in a court we are many years down the line where they can do as they please.

These guys do not have to answer to voters so they can happily continue to implement the WEF objective "You (the non billionaire) will own nothing but be happy".

Allowing the Big-Tech billionaires that make up the WEF to access our data in the US, where no meaningful data protection is in place (CLOUD and the patriot act), just makes things easier for them.

But we will be happy in the end.