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Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app



ha haa

If you can't take the Samsung, get out of the kitchen


Very nice picture...

don't think much of the bloke or the telly though

Crytek says future is free-to-play

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For example

Battlefield free-2-play is a good example of this. The core game is excellent and a great co-op experience. Yes you can buy addons and whatnot if you like but if you don't you can still have as much fun as the people that do. OK so you have to wait longer to own the serious guns but you can get them by levelling up.

*note: that I have twice purchased items as I am impatient

US, Euro e-car makers back 'standard' AC/DC jack


and inside the car

please can they replace the hideously clunky 'cigar lighter' system for something that doesn't move around, fall out, short etc..

REVEALED: Samsung Galaxy S III is a PHONE

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didn't get it.

What kind of LOSER sits in front of a PC...

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Excellent pithy article that tells it straight.

I have a Sony ebook reader from several years ago which is all an ebook should be.

Vast battery life. Black and white 'epaper' passive screen about the size of a paperback. SDCard storage for hundreds of books.

It doesn't have Wifi, colour, stereo sound, a keyboard and so on. It doesn't need them - it's a book facsimile and that's all it needs to be.

Soup up your home network

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Re: Where's Billion?

Draytek are pricey but I heartily recommend their equipment as a long-time user both at home and in my capacity as an IT engineer.

A Draytek ADSL router was the only router that held on to sync in a marginal SNR sitution where the premises were a long way from the exchange.

Paris Hilton

Radio ham

come on now RegHardware - it's not just radio hams that are sometimes affected by mains ethernet equipment - it's anyone that uses shortwave radio and even DAB (source: BBC).

Imagine if you were prevented from enjoying your favourite hobby by someone else's innocent purchase of equipment? It's a delicate sitatuation and not just 'outrage' by some beardy radio types.... (me included I should add).

(Paris, cos I would DAB her anytime)


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