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Woman makes app that lets people rate and review you, Yelp-style. Now SHE'S upset people are 'reviewing' her



Life imitating art disturbingly closely - one of the great Community episodes where the college implodes into a caste based society based on Beenz through a beta tested app.

Fives have lives.

Fours have chores.

Threes have fleas.

Twos have blues and Ones don't get a rhyme, because they're garbage.

Hordes spaff cash on Chip titchyputer to rival Pi (maybe)


Re: The "Pocket Chip" is the interresting part

For a micro device, there's always openpandora.org - designed for emulation, but probably does almost everything else (linuxy) that you need.

(Quite a) bit more expensive though.

US 911 service needs emergency upgrade and some basic security against scumbags


Re: Press 1 for English, 2 if you are in a fatal accident...

"You have dialled the Springfield police emergency hotline! If you know the name of the felony being committed, press one! To choose from a list of felonies, press two! If you are being murdered, or are calling from a rotary phone, please stay on the line!"

-Bart presses random buttons-

"You have selected 'Regicide'! If you know the name of the king or queen being murdered, press one!"

Cheer up, Nokia fans. It can start making mobes again in 18 months


Nokia always had several in-house projects competing at any time - when WP became their main OS, all the other projects were shelved and many of the people let go. By the sound of it, many redunancy packages allowed a lot of the ex-employees to have continued work on lots of these projects and taken the knowledge gained from Nokia with them. Basically, if Nokia were to rehire them (assuming there are some who don't wish a slow and painful death on Nokia) they could pick and choose the interesting new projects along with the people. The added bonus being they didn't need to pay for all the intervening R&D.

Microsoft: Surface a failure? No, it made us STRONGER


"But I'm an optimistic guy. Anywhere we have low market share, I see an upside down chair opportunity."

- Maybe what he actually meant?

Everyone's waving their 5-inchers: BlackBerry outs new supersized Z30


battery life

My Z10 currently gets zapped if I leave the browser open or some apps in the background, the 2880mah battery sounds suitably beefy and wish the Z10 had more juice/slightly more optimised software (battery life seems to vary wildly between good and bad depending on which software version is installed)

Crack open those wallets: Microsoft is raising software prices AGAIN


Re: Really?

Surely that's the point - soon, you won't be able to buy anything from Microsoft, only rent it at ever increasing prices?

Zynga's CEO tried to buy game slinger in 2010... while Xbox chief - report


burning boat

I like the analogy made on the ctrl-alt-del webcomic:


Warning, contains some language.

MYSTERY Nokia image-mangling mobe spotted in public


Nokia's internal politics always played different teams against each other. So imagine cutting each team loose with a chunk of money (they gave nice severance packages to the ex employees by the sound of it) then Nokia aren't paying for the OS R&D, possibly hardware in places too. Give all these a single entity to hate/motivate them (Elop) then buy back what works afterwards as a 'Plan B' without the R&D overheads?

Also, Symbian as a dead OS still getting updates makes it an almost current option? Though would need adapting to current hardware.

Nice ideas but highly unlikely.

Microsoft brings back Windows watch after Apple seeks 'flexible' bod


I have one of these gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, I never learned to program it unfortunately.

It has some very useful features though and a wireless connection (not standard bluetooth, but useable with heart rate monitors, light switches etc) and with decent battery too.


Search engines we have known ... before Google crushed them


I remember lycos because of the media player associated with it - there were some interesting plugins; the visualisation down the rabbit hole being my favourite.

Also, I still type babelfish.altavista.com and get redirected to yahoo's translator because I never saw another memorable translator URL

Ten digital radios to suit all budgets


The hideousness of them all

When will they stop making DAB radios so damned ugly? Some of the Roberts ones are nice but I don't own much other glossy vaneered furiture

Microsoft: It's not Metro, it's Windows 8


So, Windows Phone 7 & 7.5 have always and always will run Windows 8 style apps?

Microsoft dumps Metro from Windows 8


Colourful - check. Square corners - check. Suitable for use by children - check.


Windows Lego Edition

added bonus; all the earlier 'Bricked' comments are still applicable

GPS spoofing countermeasures: Your smartphone already has them


They can find you via your router's MAC address - don't know how often it's updated though.


Swiss, German physicists split the electron


an electron starts bouncing up and down, next electron says:

don't get too excited or you'll end up in a state

MS Office coming for Symbian


Re: Various unrelated points...

There was one a while ago, not sure if its still available/any good, but there was one...