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Don't make Aug 21 a blind date: Beware crap solar eclipse specs


3.5" floppy disks used to work a treat

It is a shame this tech is obsolete because all you had to do was slide back the cover of the good old 3.5" floppy and look through the platter. I watched the transit of Venus many years ago, a USB stick just doesn't provide the same functionality.

Report: EMC walks away with dedupe appliance market


Bigger isn't always better

It's pretty easy to get the most market share if you go round buying up the competition but it makes for a very confusing product portfolio. There are EMC devices competing with each other in the same space and unfortunately they are not that interoperable so if you buy the wrong product and need to upgrade it can be very difficult to move between EMC products should the one you have not have enough grunt so you need to move to the next one up. Hopefully their products will be aligned soon and these problems will go away.

Mobile fee dodgers will get away with enough cash to bail out Greece


Do we really care?

To be honest its the mobile phone firms that are suffering and they went into this with eyes wide open, knowing the risks (from the good old analogue mobile days) of not running GSM encryption, SIM cloning et al. If they can't sort out their billing then more fools them. They are the ones that gambled and lost. As long as they don't bump up my bill to compensate for this then why should I care if they have been too greedy and are now paying the price?

Android spanking iOS in world's BIGGEST mobile market


Does Apple reall care about market share?

Apple's position shows they are not after volume, they are after high net worth customers, they don't want to get into a price war because it erodes their profit margin so they will always sell items that cost more than they should. The simplicity of the product makes them popular (my 70 year old mum has an iPhone) with those that can afford them. Android handset manufactureres are in a price war with each other, all scrabbling for pennies whilst Apple sweeps up the big profits. At the end of the day what would you rather 70% market share with minimal profit or 30% market share with massive profit, I'd take the 30% any day and be rich thank you very much!