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The seven deadly sins of the 2010s: No, not pride, sloth, etc. The seven UI 'dark patterns' that trick you into buying stuff


Re: Two such patterns missed completely

A component supplier is between a rock and a hard place with online cataloges

It's a massive task to have the correct image for every component, there are often multiple suppliers for the same product, and it's often the case that they look slightly different

They will be onboarding tens of thousands of products a month

Headsup for those managing Windows 10 boxen: Microsoft has tweaked patching rules


Thanks for this. We are hitting the same issue

Will go and try it

MS need to think this through

To update a machine that's online and talking to MS, you need to block all AV and firewalls.

Uncle Sam charges Julian Assange with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion


Let's even things up

If the US feel it is fine to demand prosecution for foreign nationals who break thier laws at a distance...

Maybe it's fine for American companies to pay proper taxes in the countries they operate in when they work at a distance too

Microsoft reckons the accursed Windows 10 October 2018 Update is finally fit for business


It just wont instal

If it wont install.it wont be adopted

If you need an it team to make it install, it's a failure

Want to hack a hole-in-the-wall cash machine for free dosh? It's as easy as Windows XP


Same story different year

The real eye opener is that this is not new news

It's the same for lots of critical systems... hospital scanners etc etc

Heart Internet stops beating, starts Monday with big portion of FAIL


Your thoughts make sense, but not for an SMB

The costs and implications for on-premise hosting are in a different league to what most SMB's can cope with.

Heart Internet predominantly deal with the dreamer / startup / sole trader / SMB sector

As SMB's we do what we specialise in, and we expect our vendors to keep up to their end of the bargain too. We are paying someone else to do this because we are not server tech's, or security experts we don't have a leased line. We don't ask them to have a race to the bottom or cost cut.

I have experienced this at all levels... Sole trader, SMB, large enterprise & Government... what really strikes me is that the bottom line is that there really isn't a middle ground. You can pay for extortionate servers that are G-cloud approved, that are managed by muppets, and at the other end you can pay a small price for a lousy service from a regular host, and they are still managed by muppets. The alternative is that your in-house team deals with it, and they get caught out with the nuance because realistically they are not expert enough when things get tricky


Moving ISP is something you plan to do

It's easy to sit on the sideline and hypothecate about this...

But in our case (small business), we are working day and night on customers work (its peak wedding season). Dealing with web hosts was not on our radar for this quarter. We planned to swap ISP in our winter trough. We have fortunately already started to prepare for this, and at least our emails are now managed elsewhere

For bigger companies, there are layers of governance, business cases and due diligence to trawl through that takes months and months to do

PRIMITIVE TOOLS found near MICROSOFT headquarters


Well there is a thing

You mean there was a living breathing population in the states before the relaivley recent wave of modern imigrants... you wouldn't have known

Samsung: Our TVs? Spying on you? Ha Ha! Just a joke of course



Apply same ligic to phone. .. fxxx

Fertiliser doom warning! Pesky humans set to wipe selves out AGAIN



Might.. maybe.. could possibly

Cut the conjecture. Give us real science

Anonymous vows to avenge Charlie Hebdo massacre by blitzing jihadist sites


Re: Islamic extremists threatened by 72 virgins

The virgins tend to be the ugly ones...

Ladies and trolls: Should we make cyberbullying a crime? – Ireland


Re: While no form of bullying is pleasant...

"Well regardless of its cultural importance (or not) - if you go into a garden and a dog bites you , you don't keep going back into the same garden even if some of your friends play there because the dog doesn't mind them."

But they do, (I don't get it either). An element of this is that the bully/victim relationship is not 1:1 it is 1: many which then drags the victim back in front of the bully


Re: The online world is, in effect, now a public place

it is also an international one, which is hard to police and enforce in... It is also filled with people from multiple cultural opinions as to what is OK and not OK


Re: While no form of bullying is pleasant...

I agree.. The sad reality is that Social Media "Is a must have" part of any western child's (and most adults) lives nowadays, as is a smartphone and all the knock-on therein.

As a 40 something, it is quite easy to deride this, as I grew up without these things.. Unfortunately, unless there is a seismic cultural shift, these platforms 24/7/anywhere communication are here to stay


Age is an issue, and just how do you measure this?

The biggest issue here is the age of the offender. A large percentage of the bullies and recipients are minors.

However, yes, it ought to be a crime, and if this trickles down and alters the way parents supervise children, that would be a good thing too.

The next issue is tangibility... When does a joke become serious?, how many times is "pestering"? What an average person may brush off as negligible may be harmful to a vulnerable person etc. etc.

Facebook privacy policy change leaves Dutch stomping feet


This does need sorting out

We have a lot of this to come

Facebook - a Ireland based company?

We see a lot of international businesses, cherry picking where they are based, pay tax, and deciding which jurisdiction they want to use as a law base... and bit by bit this is starting to unravel

Example: Rightly so, the East, and Middle East, who have a different set of moral and social rules are starting to want to enforce their view of the world onto internet behaviour

Example Rightly so, the UK population are monumentally pissed at the Googles and Starbucks of this world who shift monies about to avoid taxes paid in the UK

There has been a huge shift in the way we trade, and the way we communicate, and legislation has lagged a long way behind. Meanwhile, the UN seems toothless in all aspects of anything

Mirror, mirror: Seagate shows off 1TB data shiny at HDD beauty contest



instead of dwelling on a race to the bottom and dishing out pretties, just make devices that work, have longevity, and let you swap replacement drives easily into. Data is not just a "2 year thing"

VPN users reckon Netflix is blocking them


Re: Is Netflix contemplating suicide?

"In the end, you are correct - the problem is not really services like Netflix but the producers of the content and their greed."

You are correct. Same extends to regional coding of DVD's etc..

What happened to "I have a price for a product, that's the price"

The international vs Internet thing is pretty simple to fix... if Netflix is (for example) a USA organisation, they ought to sell their services in USD. That mitigates against currency issues, making the model easier. this makes the taxation issues simpler.. (but that is another whole can of worms)

El Reg tests portable breathalyzers: Getting drunk so you don't have to



Well.. If they could stop you from bidding and and texting, whilst intoxicated.... that would be a bonus

European data law: UK.gov TRASHES 'unambiguous consent' plans


I wondered that too...

These credit check agencies.. seem to fall way outside of what id OK in terms of data protection

Sony FINGERS DDoS attackers for ruining PlayStation's Xmas


Owning the media

Spins some vinyl.. Yup that still works... even records that are over 50 year old!

New fear: ISIS killers use 'digital AK-47' malware to hunt victims



Seems the rejection of modernity is a pick and choose option in their philosophy

UK banks ill-prepared for return of the rabid POODLE


Excellent work

This is truly excellent work. I expect a lot more from the banks. I expect the banks to be at the bleeding edge of security, not in the wake, behind everyone else.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


like it

I like it. Really needs to be responsive, and loose the advert above the red header

Denmark BANNED from viewing UK furniture website in copyright spat


Understand the internet

Sounds like they really have a comprehension of the internet


The future looks bright: Prepare to be dazzled by HDR telly tech


Re: What The F...?!

Thumbs up for a great scientific approach. you get where I am coming from, my bad for focusing on photography


Re: What The F...?!

Well here is the thing

What is the dynamic range in stops of the thing you are viewing it on?

Look up: eye, screen, paper, camera.

The only useful reason for a sensor to have a higher dynamic range is to allow the photographer to manipulate how the information is compressed back down again in post processing


To be utterly honest

Your average large LED TV, currently on the market, is good enough for any family application. Unless you are specifically using the screen for something requiring a higher dynamic range or frame-rate, there is little point in upgrading.

If you want truly awesome 3d sound and vision, go for a walk in the forest as the dawn emerges.

The static dynamic range of your eye is about 100:1. Because we have a pupil that can open and closes we can effectively extend this range. The indication here is that in a fixed lit environment (cinema, living-room etc.). You really don't need a massive rapidly changing levels of light on the screen - as the user , like in the real world does not have time to adapt to it (you do reach for the sun-visor on a bright day yea?)

Unless you give viewers time to adjust to the environment and the imagary, and also the enviroment is right (dark room, black walls) the viewer wil not be able to percieve the extended range properly


Looking at a simple measure (apical angular resolution ) // resolving power of fovea (eye), on a 60inch TV, a healthy eye will be just be able to perceive difference between 2 pixels

720p: 20.9 feet

1080p - 7.8 feet

4k - 3.8 feet

Beware Brit cops bearing battering rams. Four nabbed over Trojan claims


Small beer in the grand scheme of things

“This operation demonstrates once again that all of UK law enforcement is working to respond effectively to cyber crime, and together we will continue to collaboratively target those who use technology to misuse other people’s devices, steal their money, or unlawfully access confidential information," said Archibald. ®

Lets say it how it is...

The UK economy lost (estimated) 6.8 billion to cyber crime over the last year.

We have cyber bulling that remains un-dealt with too.

We have terrorists organising themselves on social media.

We have the big players dodging taxes.

We have companies playing fast and loose with data, with breaches all over the place.

Hence, In the grand scheme of things, this isn't news.

Windows Phone will snatch biz No 2 spot from Android – analyst



Sorry, closing down for an update

Assange™ slumps back on Ecuador's sofa after detention appeal binned


The Equadorians look bad

its a legal cock up, making the Ecuadorians look bad. I don't see why they haven't thrown him out.

Superficially, it looks like he acted like a loose canon for a while, with no respect fro anyone, broke laws in several places, and now is playing the system. He needs to man up, and face justice


Re: Since we're paying £7000 a day for some police officers to lurk around the embassy

Let's hope he doesn't call them a bunch of plebs when he walks out

Who is out there waiting to spy on you or steal your data?


Live our own lives

“In the near future, when every man and woman may have 2,000 fixed IP addresses allocated to them, imagine a car manufacturer which has just released a fully cyber-connected car. Every imaginable part has a fixed address and is controlled by a free operating system,” says Amar Singh, CEO and founder of the GiveADay initiative.

“After selling 20 million cars, a major vulnerability, similar to Shellshock, is discovered in the operating system that the car manufacturer has used. This catastrophic vulnerability can cause the engine to die or switch off and bypasses all controls."

It strikes me that we need to start living our own lives again. Why does a car or your toilet need to be connected? Do we really need our phones to tell us how to live our lives?

Be free, go for a walk in the woods and leave your tech goodies at home and smell the air. Appreciate that nature is awesome, not the fact a SD card is now just a tiny bit quicker.

As individuals, It is easy to mitigate against most of the risks... Just be a human.

BEST EVER broadband? Oh no you DIDN'T, Sky – ad watchdog


business model based on acquisition, not retention

The issue is, they just want to sign you up,and roll you along. Loyalty isn't rewarded anymore


BT moaning about accuracy


Webcam hacker pervs in MASS HOME INVASION


Default passords

Simple - don't have one factory shipped... Require the user to set one before the device will work

Be real, Apple: In-app goodie grab games AREN'T FREE – EU


Credit card upfront

What would be more honest, and stop 99.99% of the kiddies getting caught, is to say:

"This game is free to download, but we require to verify your credit details card upfront for in-app purchases."

However, when an in-app purchase is then made, a credit card is required again at the point of purchasing.

This would let mum's and dad's know what's what in advance of installing the game, and then let them agree to each in-app purchase, (f they were foolish enough to install it).

Our system handles £130bn and it's BUST. Want the job of fixing it? Apply to UK.gov


Re: Ok enlighten me.

Turd dodging, lack of fines for IT screw ups, must have a good bullshit filter...


They can pay me £600 a day

It will still be a screw up... but at least it will be explained clearly

"It's a turd, I rolled it in glitter, isn't it lovely! Have a happy election, let's start again next term."


Tied up in knots

"The job advert also said the contractor will "initially be focused on the project to re-mediate the Enhanced Transition Service Enhancements (ETSE) solution which has been out of support/security accreditation since 2013.""

Stick big hard words in there, but actually say nothing then.

"re-mediate the Enhanced Transition Service Enhancements (ETSE) solution" = Fix the bungled supposed upgrade

WTF - Enhanced and Enhancements in the same axronym! They really do need to get over themselves and start thinking about get the job done

GOTCHA: Google caught STRIPPING SSL from BT Wi-Fi users' searches


Like opening your mail

I expect my ISP to just handle my traffic, not read it, nor report back to company whose service I am using.

If my aunt sends me a letter, it is of no concern to the postal service, what my address is, or what my aunt's address is, nor the contents of the letter. They are simply expected to deliver it



Let's "Unspin this"

"As part of a performance update to Azure Storage, an issue was discovered that resulted in reduced capacity across services utilizing Azure Storage, including Virtual Machines, Visual Studio Online, Websites, Search and other Microsoft services," Zander told the Northern Hemisphere.

"During the roll out we discovered an issue that resulted in storage blob front ends going into an infinite loop, which had gone undetected during fighting (testing).

"As part of a performance update" = the rest of the comment I am going to give you is utter bullshit

"An issue was discovered that resulted in reduced capacity across services utilizing Azure Storage" = No shit, the users discovered this faster than the tech's, It's easy to "discover an issue" when your phone-line is being burnt down about it.

"During the roll out we discovered an issue that resulted in storage blob front ends going into an infinite loop" = Data does not go into an infinite loop, the commands dealing with it can, if they are ill-conceived. i.e. : I detect a change, send me the new file thus I detect a change send me the new file

"which had gone undetected during fighting (testing)." = It wasn't tested (at all) properly

Ofcom snatches 700MHz off digital telly, hands it to mobile data providers


Twisted and skewed

And more content will be on Sky via cable... Go figure..

It's a good job the peeps in London get a decent phone signal and cable then.. now for the rest of us with country broadband and no signal, there is Freeview.

What's more, most ariel filters that have currently been fitted and are being sold right now, reject anything over 800mhz. So essentially we will all need new filters too!

Microsoft's Azure goes TITSUP PLANET-WIDE AGAIN in cloud FAIL


Re: And instead you reccomend

I see that, but my question was more pointy...

One day last year, we had more traffic to a site than we did over the previous month. Cloud servers let us add more servers behind a loadbalancer, autoscale etc.

If we paid to have that level of server capacity 24/7 365 we would make a loss. By adopting a hybrid approach,when it gets busy we can scale up and sell (instead of crash) and then scale back down again as traffic drops.

Back in the day when a "dedicated server" was all you could get, you had a choice - pay for lot's of redundancy, or come to a grinding halt when the when server gets too busy. At least now there is a sensible middle ground.

Not all applications are the same, and for corporate email, which is fairly steady Exchange Server on a fixed size box makes sense. It was the global "all cloud is bad" point I was challenging.



you are right, It really doesn't make sense. It ought to be resilient in it's nature. It feels like they have spread the chocolate very thinly on the cake


And instead you reccomend

Being devils advocate here... What else do you recommend?

For example you are setting up a reasonable size website that needs to be scalable to suit the business need, not break the bank and yet and can grow and contract resources to suit the demand?

YOU are the threat: True confessions of real-life sysadmins


There is a conundrum here

The issue is that employers who employ System Admins often don't know best practice or worst practice. They often don't know the first thing about networking.

So what happens - the keys are handed over to the admin, and then the admin generally is the one setting (or driving the set-up of any rules / policies)

In a large team, this is usually mitigated, as said admin is working with a team of peers, and has a supervisor who knows what's what

In anything other than a large team, the admin has a huge amount of responsibility that generally is not policed. it is that sort of admin that poses the most risk

Attack of the drones: ‘Nefarious’ private use rising, says top Blighty copper


Re: That's Because...

Too true...

UK urged to stop bigging up startups, feed 'growing' firms


Re: Agree

I was thinking that..

I was also thinking that some of the most talented programmers / IT bod's in the country allready live in a commutable distance of there too

HPC bods boogie to 68 new Top500 hits at New Orleans show


Impressive stuff

Seriously impressive work. This stuff makes things like weather forecasts actually accurate, and the crunching in big science possible. Well done

Hint. Don't install Windows on one, it will for sure come to a grinding halt in 6 months, and want to restart when it decides it want to.