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VoIP is coming to the iPod Touch

Paris Hilton

Microphone for Touch 2

The new mic/earphones promised at the iPod Touch V2 launch may not be available yet but a standard iPhone headset works perfectly well using a Touch 2 with Fring.

Icon? Just because...

Welder in DIY penis enhancement nut mishap



>Somebody, anybody...

>By pete

>Give this writer a raise!

"bout of tumescence" surely...

It's official: The Home Office is listening

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Sir What?

So does Sir Neville-Kingdom hang out with Sir Branson? Or is he perhaps old enough to remember the war-time leader Sir Churchill?

CherryPal out sweetens Apple with 2W, ultra-cheap PC

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@ Craig Ringer

"Hmm, I think we need a TLA soup icon."


Bluetooth finally reaches ten (years, not users)

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@ AC "like a twat with a glowing blue ear"

"While we British all seem perfectly well able to recognise the fact that the fake borg / cyberman look does one no favours."

Try watching the people at a motorway services and see just how discriminating Brits are.

Never mind though - these people will soon be out of the gene pool. After all BT works on the same frequency as microwave ovens.

"But it's very low power", I hear them say?

"But it still follows the inverse-square law", reply I.


(because she's seen here fitting her earpiece - and anyway the damage is already done)

Why you should care that Jimmy Wales ignores reality

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Which sort of -ism?

@"Wikipedia practices a sort of information marxism"

By Anonymous Coward

Posted Thursday 6th March 2008 16:49 GMT

A sort of, but with a crucial difference - marxism never needed to revise or falsify history, because that is what justifed its existence! Google (not wiki) about and you will find an Ism that doesn't need to be qualified by "a sort of".

Would that be Onanism?

The icon? Guess...

Paranoid partners to get GPS snooper

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What a great idea - the perfect birthday gift for stalkers and bunny boilers everywhere.

Sergey Brin: 'Microhoo! makes me nervous'


@Andy Poulton

I think you'll find that's Pedants' Dictionary...

Last.fm unveils 'free global jukebox'



You might want to change the proposed launch date on the openmuzic site - doesn't look very professional as it stands...

NBC unveils self-destructing, ad-addled anti-iTunes service



I'm sitting here in a hotel in Mozambique listening to BBC Radio 4 via their website right now, not problem there.

In many years of travel the only restrictions I have found when listening to the BBC "overseas" is when they are broadcasting something for which the rights are sold by territory, e.g. sporting contests, where the BBC is forbidden by contract to allow listeners outside the UK to participate.

Oh yes, and the UK TV licence fee doesn't pay for the BBC World Service either - that's paid for by the Foreign Office - in other words out of your and my taxes.

Creative rocks on with Zen Stone... Plus


Very nice looking but beware of display life

OLED displays are undoubtedly the thing of the future, but the current state of the art means that display life is still an issue.

Manufacturers typically quote 10k hours lifespan for blue OLED displays (compared with well over 100 k hours for green and red versions).

While this isn't a problem for intermittent use, don't expect your player to stand up to heavy playing for more than 2-3 years before the display starts to dim.


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