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Chinese vendor apologizes for claiming Microsoft open source code was its own product


Oh, Surprise.

Ripping off IP from the rest of the world, where reward inspires incentive, inspires creativity and invention and innovation, is Standard Daily Practice throughout the CCP dictated country. It's been the same old shyte since 1998, well documented, proven to continue every single day.

What's extraordinary here is apology. Apparently, the Chinese (ironically like Microsoft circa 1994 stealing Apple Quicktime code) are not into international lawsuits.

There are some incredible technos in China. I have some of the gear! But such is communism that it takes considerable breaking of the rules to allow citizens to benefit from their creativity. And even then, the CCP have to play at IRON GRIP and deservedly make purchasers of Chinese products and services paranoid.

Give it up CCP and let China ACTUALLY thrive without your blundering, destructive BS.


So the FBI 'persistently' abused its snoop powers. What's to worry about?


US foreign surveillance: Constitutional. US citizen surveillance within the USA: Unconstitutional.

This is my now decade old tag created specifically in response to the US Federal Government surveilling US citizens within the USA WITHOUT a warrant:


It's a mild sarcastic response considering the CRIMINAL behavior of parts of the US Federal Government involved in this still ongoing behavior.

My practical response, as has become common, is to lock down the security of my Internet accessing devices to the maximum possible extent.

1) I fully expect my internet service provider (ISP) is lawfully (albeit deceitfully) collecting all my Internet behavior, then providing it without warrant to the government. Therefore, I never use my ISP's DNS server. I use fully encrypted and anonymized third party DNS servers.

2) I only connect to encrypted HTTPS web servers. To hell with HTTP servers of old.

3) I use a 'reverse firewall' to stop dead any calls out from my devices to the Internet what don't have my personal approval.

4) I connect to the Internet ONLY by way of an excellent quality VPN service, resulting in fully encrypted Internet communication at all times that don't give away my Internet Protocol (IP) address, resulting in anonymization.

5) I use two different anti-malware applications to counter surveil all software coming into my Internet devices.

6) I use every security browser extension I can lay my cursor on.

7) I block all Internet of Things (IoT) from accessing my local area network (LAN). IoT remains a profoundly dangerous technology if allowed to access the Internet. Shameful!

8) I keep all my Internet devices up-to-date with the latest security fixes, from operating system to firmware.

9) I never let anyone else have in person access to my Internet devices. No lending.

10) I follow the #1 Rule of Computing! I backup EVERYTHING, to both local and off site destinations. This is the single best tool to recover from any malware attack, most specifically RANSOMWARE. Anyone not following the #1 Rule is, in my book, a computer illiterate who has no business using one. Ransomware victims who cannot freely recover by way of securely stored backups should never have been using computers to begin with. That said, however, there's no such thing as perfection. Human foolishness is a constant.

We've got plenty of AI now but who asked for it? El Reg's vultures chime in


AI is a Tool. It creates nothing.

Setting aside the ongoing bizarro exaggeration that is AI marketing hype...

What confuses people is misunderstanding what this AI stuff actually is. So here are a couple important points:

1) What we currently call "AI" is only advanced Expert System (ES) software. ES has been around for several decades. It takes in questions, queries its database, then offers an answer. What's advanced about it is the use of speech, both input and output, as well as learning. It knows how to gather more data to put into its database. Some AI also allows for scripting whereby an input can trigger a series of events, either resulting in data output, triggering an event outside of the AI system, such as turning on a networked lightbulb.

2) AI is nothing more than a tool. Tools create nothing and never will. Artisans use tools to make something. Never reference, give credit to or blame an AI. Instead, point to both the person who used the AI in the act of creation, as well as the people who coded that AI software. As such, there is not and never will be AI 'art'. According to every dictionary ever written, only we humans and possibly some other living creature make art. Tools don't make art. Paintbrushes don't make art. Artists use a paintbrush to make art. Ai doesn't make art.

China leads the world in tech research, could win the future, says think tank


Re: "China leads the world in tech research"

China: Criminal Nation has been documented to have been stealing US government data since 1998, the year they were provided US Most Favored Nation status, the year China began sponsoring the Red Hacker Alliance.

It is Chinese law that all companies wishing to have products manufactured in the country turn over all of their IP, intellectual property, to the Chinese government.

So, from these two standard Chinese practices alone, it's obvious exactly how China has generated it's "research". As such it is ridiculous to consider China any kind of actual tech research generating innovators. When you see down votes regarding this point, know that they were created in pursuit of hiding these ongoing facts.

If you believe in faeries, it's easy to believe anything said by the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, so-called. As a whole, the CCP is just another insecure organization hiding behind manic narcissism. Let's hope this sad phase of Chinese history passes soon.

Note that the fact I've posted this comment will earn me a wrathful response from the sad and feckless CCP, typically in the form of harassing phone calls in Mandarin from NYC. Not kidding.

Dole production plants crippled by ransomware, stores run short


Daily off-site Encrypted Backups Inaccessible Online

This is one of the very old and entirely critical aspects of any and all viable backup strategies.

And apparently, we're still in the Dark Age of Computing because so few organizations actually do it.

RESULT: Successful Ransomware attacks, crippling organizations, inspiring techno-cynicism such as this:

Wetware error is forever.

Microsoft's AI Bing also factually wrong, fabricated text during launch demo


Artificial George Santos

It seems fitting that the current state of AI be as sociopathic as the new poster child for corrupt politics.

Or is it sociopathic? It would have to have actual artificial intelligence to be able to blame it for deceit.

Instead, those to blame are who wrote this not-ready-for-prime-time marketing hype nonsense.

The state of AI has successfully met the low expectations of my personal tech cynicism.

Chinese surveillance balloon over US causes fearful gasbagging

Big Brother

EMP +/or Interference

Much as the US federal government drags its feet catching up with contemporary technology, I cannot imagine the US military has not either nailed the balloon's electronics with an EMP or they've instituted EM interference to prevent the thing from sending coherent data to China: Criminal Nation.

Don't doubt that the CCP is the most dangerous and deceitful government entity currently existing. Reminder: They've been documented to have been hacking the USA since 1998, the year the Clinton administration provided them with Most Favored Nation status. Thankfully, MFN status was effectively withdrawn as of 2022.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Tough luck that transitioning away from China has drawbacks. We should never have fallen for the CCP's parasitic behavior in the first place. Deal with it Walmart, Apple, Microsoft, ad nauseam.

China’s Most-Favored-Nation Status Is Ending, What Are the Implications?

NSA asks Congress to let it get on with that warrantless data harvesting, again

Big Brother

Please let us continue to VIOLATE the US CONSTITUTION! Pretty please?

And take note, this crooked arm of the US government ALREADY has access to EVERYTHING any citizens does on the INTERNET by way of Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 34 [2017], (Look it up!)...unless citizens use a legitimate VPN (virtual private network) to protect their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PRIVACY!!! Seriously. Look it up.

Helpful hints:

S.J.Res.34 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)

H.J.Res.86 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)

China aims to grow local infosec industry by 30 percent a year, to $22 billion by 2025

Big Brother

Have Confidence In China's Infosec...


...And China: Criminal Nation will reward you with infosec invasion beyond imagination.

IOW: Suckers will bleed.

Cisco warns it won't fix critical flaw in small business routers despite known exploit


How Inspiring!

Owners of these routers are of course inspired to buy anything else from Cisco. /sarcasm

MacOS9.app: A tour de force of emulation and integration


Don't expect perfection

I've played with Infinite Mac (Mac OS 8) several times via Brave (a Chromium derivative) running on macOS 12.6.1 on an M1 MacBook Air. I've found it easily locks up while navigating with the Finder. A folder will open and sit there, blank. The entire system has locked up, requiring a restart. This a consistent, repeatable event. Hopefully, it will improve.


Stick with SheepShaver (currently at 2.5) to run Mac OS 8. It's not perfect either, but it's far more reliable and you get to keep the changes you've made.

If Apple's environmental rhetoric is meaningful, Macs and iPads should converge


Kill the niches, save the world? Huh?

"Why should I carry both an iPad Pro and a MacBook Air, when it's nothing more than a wasteful duplication of hardware resources?"

That is a personal choice. Choose not to do that. I have a MacBook Air M1. I do not want and would not use any iPad. The closest device I have is my iPhone 7, which is a workhorse within its niche of purposes, few of which would be practical on my MBA M1.

Therefore, I don't understand what you're talking about. Your point is pointless to me.

"The security issues of a single machine running two OSes are real – but they could be managed. The resource issues, however, will continue to plague us until we operate within an understanding that general-purpose computing devices aren't simply landfill-in-waiting. Nor are they meant to be tied to any particular set of tasks at the whim of the manufacturer."

Obviously, the M1 and M2 Macs could run iOS or iPadOS or watchOS. If that fits one's needs, then do it. But the compromise would have to be isolating each OS such that the wide open source of apps and services on any Mac could not breach the not-Mac sandboxes. This is well done already, if desired, using Parallels to run Windows or any other compatible OS. So if that's what you need, it can be done.

Do I personally need this? No.

You call Apple's fulfillment of niche products "the whim of the manufacturer"? Why? I have no comprehension of what you're talking about, once again. The distinct niches of each of these products are painstakingly chosen as well as successful.

As such, this statement makes no sense from my perspective:

"...Many have openly wondered why the iPad has not had an option to run macOS."

No. That would be incredibly hard and nonsensical specifically because of the niche of each of the to products. You work with both and think it's possible to run full MacOS on an iPad within that hardware and graphical user interface realm of simplicity? Nope. That would be a nightmare on several levels. The Mac is the far more able device, allowing for vastly more uses than any iPad or iPhone or Apple Watch. The Mac does not, and must not, have a touch screen. The reason why is the "Gorilla Arm" effect, proven many decades ago, whereby no one wants to have to reach up to play about the screen with their hands specifically because of the muscle, tendon and ligament agony that rapidly results. Apple is, despite many blunders, at least wise enough to stay out of the foolish realm. Therefore, moving iPadOS, etc. to a Mac is not practical unless the interface of that touch oriented OS can be easily and comfortably move to the touch pad, which I personally find to be far preferable to the relatively ancient mouse interface. I never use a mouse at this point.

And so forth. I could rant on about further points in the opinion article. But it all comes down to what YOU, that being any particular user, want or need to do with your computing device. Limiting the variety of devices makes no sense at all when considering the diversity of uses of such devices. Take into account diversity and the focus upon usability for each function among the entirety of users. That's what Apple is doing.

AND Apple is minimizing what ends up in a landfill at the end of life. If Apple is really doing that and continues to do that, then that is the best for all concerned. Worrying about your need to use both an iPad and a MacBook Air? That's a YOU situation for YOU to deal with. Consider dropping one and only using the other. I'd suggest the far more powerful MacBook Air. But by no means would I limit you to only the MacBook Air, or the cruddy niche compromise that combining the two would create.

Apple autonomous car engineer pleads guilty to stealing trade secrets

Big Brother

Let justice be served. But isn't this typical of China's robbery of the world's IP?

China: Criminal Nation has been documented to have been hacking the world for its intellectual property, among other things, since 1998 when they helped form the Red Hacker Alliance. Hacking has since been integrated into China's military. The Chinese Communist Party quite obviously demands that any company doing business in China hand over their intellectual property! They also require influence within every major Chinese company and university.

Is Apple right to take the potential robbery of their IP seriously? Of course. Every company in the USA, if not the world, should be just as wary.

[Withheld: Essay regarding the criminal incentive of communist nations]

Yes, it's true: Hard drive failures creep up as disks age


Oh! That's How Backblaze Lost My Data!

I'm so glad they figured it out after all these years.

But sadly, that doesn't improve my confidence in their cloud services.

China's Xiaomi teases tech to control smart homes with brain waves


Re: What's the breakthrough?

"So they've "invented" a crude EEG (1924). Making it adjust your room thermostat is a rather different challenge. I wonder whether they'll manage it."

...Sure, if Xiaomi can find new research and IP to rip off.

Claims of AI sentience branded 'pure clickbait'


Monkey See, Monkey Do...

...Just like good old ELIZA of olde.

I recall from the 1990s convincing ELIZA to remember the name of its developer and to plot his murder.

What's needed is a Turing Test variant for humans, used to discover if Turing testers are capable of detecting real people conversations from coded fakes. Apparently, that's important.

Apple tells suppliers to use 'Taiwan, China' or 'Chinese Taipei' to appease Beijing


Cook's China: Criminal Nation Enablement Rewards

China's cheap labor exploitation made you and the stockholders loads of dough!

And it's, as predicted, destroying your human rights credibility!

Oh and you know full well that China's has been stealing your IP, seeing how by law you've had to hand it over to them in order to exploit their slave wage labor.

So, has enabling Cbina: Criminal Nation been worth compromising Apple's ethics?

You were warned... by me, among many, decades ago.

Enjoy what you've reaped!


Remember the humanoid Tesla robot? It's ready for September reveal, says Musk


Let me guess...

... It has a cable connecting it to a real human hidden behind the curtain providing the 'robot' with motion and speech.

Oh it uses Bluetooth! That would be an improvement.

Why do I still hear the sound of a shovel digging? Is it 6 feet deep yet? No?

China seems to have figured out how to make 7nm chips despite US sanctions


Pointless Question:

Q: Does China: Criminal Nation, rip off technology?

A: Every day!

A very short list: What China hasn't ripped off.

Such is the nature of 'communism' that creativity, invention and innovation incentives are killed and stealing from the non-'communist' nations is required. The end game of course is that the creative nations get sick of being ripped off, resulting in world stagnation. That's bad.

Microsoft Defender goes cross-platform for the masses


Further anti-malware I suggest, use and admire

Background blahblah: I've been studying, working with and writing about Mac security since 2005. In that time, I've been able to work with a few anti-malware apps I admire:

Intego VirusBarrier: Since it changed hands to new management, it has only improved. These days I have it running in real time. Set it to "Scan with low priority" and forget it. It never drags on my computer speed. I've always had a good rapport with their support.

Malwarebytes: The free version is great for manual scanning. The browser add-on can be over-enthusiastic in its defensiveness, but is easily overridden when desired.

ClamXAV: It's been greatly enhanced since its free days and works well with Macs. Its developer is terrific.

I'll point out that these anti-malware apps have repeatedly proven to be problematic with Macs:

Norton Lifelock - Now a spinoff of remarkably infamous Symantec. It's recent addition of Ethereum crypto mining software from which Norton takes a 15% cut has not enhanced the software's reputation.

Avira/Avast/Jumpshot - They became infamous for tracking their users and selling the data. They were recently acquired by Norton Lifelock.

MacKeeper used to be on the nightmare list. But so far, their new owners, Clario Tech, have made an honest effort to remove its infamy and make it worthwhile.



Right now, at this moment, I'm attempting to help a very dear friend who foolishly installed this crapware from Microsoft onto his new M1 MacBook Pro. His MBP is BRICKED! And he's a Mac expert who runs a Mac user group.

I can only assume that Microsoft is out of its mind, again. It served up dangerous code, unworthy of even being alpha code, but instead worse than the worst malware anyone can imagine.

If I receive any useful information about this horrific situation, I'll post further.


SpaceX reportedly fires staffers behind open letter criticising Elon Musk


Re: "we will strictly uphold our no A-hole policy"

"...Or he believe the right applies to those with a billion or more?"

Yes, the latter. Don't expect Mr. Musk to make much sense these days. I chalk it up to a devastating midlife crisis. (IMHO of course). I wish his businesses well. But I also advise avoiding anything and everything Musk. He is unhinged, as I put it.

Brave roasts DuckDuckGo over Bing privacy exception


Get a cookie control app in any case

Thank you Brendan Eich @Brave for calling out DuckDuckGo! They severely screwed up. That's a shame.

I've been supporting DuckDuckGo from very early on. I knew a significant amount (not all!) of their search results were gleaned from Microsoft's Bing. Note that I ALSO know that Bing itself gleans a significant amount (not all!) of their search results from Google!

But I know the cookie biz well enough to put control of cookies into MY HANDS and no one else's. On macOS I use, support and even beta test the Cookie app from SweetPea Productions. It has consistently worked brilliantly. (Thank you Raymond). No cookie runs free on my computers.

So, shameful as it is that DuckDuckGo made fools of themselves, I Don't Care. I've had idiotic chat warz with even Internet experts. (Hello, Adam). DuckDuckGo works great, if not better than Google in most cases. What are the alternatives?



That's about it, other than the sad wannabes and antiques.

I do regularly run Google in pursuit of its obvious expertise above all other search engines. But I kill its cookies as well as its dialing home via a 'reverse firewall' (Little Snitch app), without regret. I stick with DuckDuckGo because they've successfully and consistently improved themselves over time and I appreciate what bit of anonymity they do provide.

Sadly, what a black eye DDG has given themselves. Stop Hitting Yourself! Stop Hitting Yourself! . . .

I was fired for blowing the whistle on cult's status in Google unit, says contractor


No, these fanatics @Alphabet / Google are NOT the Quakers

As a member of the Religious Society of Friends, I must point out that our organization has nothing-at-all to do with the fanatics calling themselves "The Fellowship of Friends."

Enough said. No comparative diatribe required.


Microsoft forgot to renew the certificate for its Windows Insider subdomain


"Didn't they let the main domain registration expire once and somebody renewed it for them?"


Passport.com Payer Auctioning off $500 MS Check


No more fossil fuel or nukes? In the future we will generate power with magic dust


Why Nuke Plants Are A FAIL

1) The best nuclear plant designs, some of which are decades old, are never even considered because: They cost more money than the unsafe, guaranteed-to-fail designs. IOW: $$$$$$$

2) The best solutions for dealing with nuclear plant waste, some of which are also decades old, are never even considered because: They cost more money than shoving the problem off on someone else, specifically the future generations of mankind. IOW: $$$$$$$

There ARE guaranteed safe nuclear plant designs and safe, realistic solutions to nuclear waste. Not a single proponent of building new nuclear plants gives a rat's that they exist. They only want to build the cheap crap that are guaranteed unsafe and ignore nuclear waste. Examine every plant design proposed by nuclear plant proponents! Examine every nuclear waste solution, if any, by nuclear plant proponents!

Until humans get realistic about solving (1) Nuclear plant safety, and (2) Nuclear waste, Nuke Plants Are A FAIL.

IOW: It's not design and solutions that are the problem. It's stupid, selfish, money grubbing, psychopathy-leaning idiots that are THE PROBLEM. Until human FAILings are solved, nukes will never be safe and will never have a waste solution.

Prove me wrong. Please!

And no, quoting the tired old rhetoric won't pass muster. Read what I wrote again and address that, and only that. I won't respond to the usual talking point BS.

Majority of Axon's AI ethics board resigns over CEO's taser drones

Big Brother

Big Drone Is Watching You

So don't be naughty, or ZAAPPPP!

As a part-time cynic, I know perfectly well that CONTROL of the citizenry is one of the goals of governments with bad attitude. The result is CRMMs, which in this case stand for Citizen Remote Manipulation Machines.

Tasers on drones in schools isn't just an unrealistic idea. One gunshot or swing of a baseball bat and the things are out of commission. They're also a toehold into yet another method of controlling the citizenry in ANY scenario. Example: The government's significantly faulty surveillance camera software identified a bad guy walking down the street. Unleash the CRMMs! Zap, zap, zap, your Dad got nailed and is off to jail. Blunder accomplished. Or how about they participate in a Trump-quality mob clearing procedure? Gotta get that Bible to hold up at the church across the street? Zap the hell out of those pesky citizens who are engaged in using their right to free speech and assembly. Clear the herd.

We humans as a whole find disagreement among ourselves to be disagreeable. Using cowardly and remote tools to end disagreements, temporarily or permanently, is entirely within our behavioral history and capabilities.

Tweaks to IPv4 could free up 'hundreds of millions of addresses'


If only...

...The IPV6 standard had simply incorporated all the IPV4 numbers. It would have been dead simple. But no. It had to be a PITA with no backwards compatibility. Welcome to techno hell.

It may not be too late to fix it! Ask me how if you can't figure it out for yourself. It's NOT hard.


Taser maker offers electric-shock drones to stop school shootings

Big Brother

Welcome to another nightmare future

Big Drone will get you if you don't follow orders.

This is yet another avenue of citizen manipulation and surveillance.

We already have CRMMs, Coward Remote Murder Machines. Of course our overlords will use less lethal devices to keep the peasants in order. :-P

And have fun pretending these CRMMs, Citizen Remote Manipulation Machines, will ever stop a mass shooting. That's ridiculous. One bullet or swipe of a baseball bat and the drone is useless.

How about we stop championing crazy: Left, Right or Center.

New York to get first right-to-repair law for electronics


Look forward to more clunky devices, but...

For those of us with the knack for repair, this is great.

The pressure for decades has been for devices and components that are as compact and light as possible. That's going to have to be compromised.

Experts: AI inventors' designs should be protected in law



And here are my thoughts of why NO:

1) AI has no rights. AI is a tool. That is all. AI will never be anything more than a tool for humans. Sci-fi is merely speculation, not fact, is fiction.

2) The authors of the AI have rights. They are not tools, they are humans. They can patent everything new their AI invents. Everything.

3) Add to that a REQUIREMENT that everything their AI invents is the RESPONSIBILITY of its authors. Everything.

4) Why this is important: Tools are just tools, are used by humans to help humans accomplish things. IF that accomplishment is murder, or other nefarious deeds, it is the AUTHORS who are responsible and must be held ACCOUNTABLE for those deeds.

5) CRMMs (Coward Remote Murder Machines): Being a part-time cynic and a fan of history I know full well that we humans will continue to perfect CRMMs for use as methods of murder. That most obviously includes war. Saying "The AI did it!" is outright insanity. The authors of the AI did it as well as those who programmed the AI in pursuit of murder. It is HUMANS who must be held accountable for the acts of their TOOLS.

That sums it up from my current perspective. Don't hand over rights of any kind to tools, not ever. The humans get all the responsibility. That must remain clear and standard, no exceptions, no 'AI patents' nonsense. Humans, just humans, are responsible for everything they invent and everything their inventions do. Everything.

If you disagree, you're ushering in an outright era of enabling human insanity hiding behind the acts of its tools. How does that make any sense to anyone but the IRRESPONSIBLE, which we humans must never be. Being RESPONSIBLE is the core point of civilization. If you want to become irresponsible, go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not collect fame or fortune. Do not enjoy the rest of your irresponsible life.

US cops kick back against facial recognition bans


When Will AI Facial Recognition Have Statistically Significant Results?

I'm unaware of a single facial recognition technology that can pass a statistical significance test. None of them provide even remotely adequate results. Please correct me if this has changed!

Then there's the subject of artificial intelligence HYPE! versus reality. But I'll spare us that sad conversation.

Elon Musk's Twitter mega-takeover likely imminent

Thumb Down

√ Twitter: Dumped.

Not sorry, manic egoist billionaire blowhard.

The mayhem begins:

EU warns Elon Musk over Twitter moderation plans

Apple's grip on iOS browser engines disallowed under latest draft EU rules


Browser Warz

Background: Years back, I became so fed up with Apple's ruination of their macOS Safari browser that I permanently dumped it. I don't use it.

But why can't ALL browsers and their browser engines FOLLOW WEB STANDARDS?!

Why are we users being FORCED to suffer from BROWSER WARZ? I hate using a web browser and finding that it absolutely cannot resolve all the code on the page. It's idiotic in this day and age. Idiotic. ALL the browser providers are guilty. Every one of them.


or get off the Internet!

Google: Stop foisting flakey, sub-beta formats onto the web!

Apple: Catch up with what finished, working, secure and reliable formats Google kindly provides on the web!


...Ad Nauseam...


What is a NOT a native iOS app on iOS?

"Many believe this barrier serves to steer developers toward native iOS app development, which Apple controls."

...As opposed to WHAT on the iOS platform?

What is a NOT a native iOS app on iOS?

I think this sentence requires revision.

Apple patched critical flaws in macOS Monterey but not in Big Sur nor Catalina


Another Era Of Apple Software Security Shaming

Apple blundering its software security isn't new. Of course, in the past they'd been the target of trolls and cyber propagandists who envied Apple software security. But that security began to fall away during the transition to Intel Macs in 2006. Out of that era was born a diverse group of hackers who shamed Apple into taking software security more seriously. Slowly, this resulted into embedded macOS embedded malware security and the iOS 'Walled Garden'. Today, there is a robust selection of third party companies devoted to analyzing Apple security as well as providers of macOS security tools, from firewalls to outgoing Internet connection control to malware detection, isolation and removal.

However, since circa 2016, Apple has gradually taken their eyes off the software ball and allowed for blunders that are obvious and annoying to users, while neglecting feedback from both users and developers calling for positive change. Apple's declining attention to software security is more of the same. Apparently, It's time for another era of Apple software security shaming.

Have At You!


Elon Musk buys 9.2% of Twitter, sends share price to the Moon


Blame the likes of me for calling out hypocrites

"We think we know what we're doin'

That don't mean a thing

It's all in the past now

Money changes everything

They shake your hand and they smile

And they buy you a drink

They say, we'll be your friends

We'll stick with you till the end

Ah, but everybody's only looking out for themselves

And you say, well, who can you trust

I'll tell you, it's just nobody else's money

Money changes everything"

- Tom Gray


Apple has missed the video revolution


Point Of Disagreement:

"The tools gamers use to share their mad skills never get refined on MacOS because there's so little demand."

- - In part only. The fact is that many or most of these tools are proprietary to Microsoft. Consider DirectX as a prime example. The loss of Intel x86 virtualization on M1 Macs is a problem in this respect.

I'm also not sure how useful it is to compare gaming to video broadcast. But certainly there is a lot of overlap.

In any case, Apple began neglecting video as of 2006 when it went to fully 64-bit hardware. I have no idea why. It showed in the decline of QuickTime. Apple has fumbled and bumbled around with 3D since that time, not taking up support for all the available standards. We used to have good tools for video streaming. But they were never professional quality and often qualified as clunky.

As usual, as a professional it is required to use the tools that best fit their intended use. Also, as usual, Windows has annoying deficits of its own, far more than enough to keep me thanking my Macs. But if the tool fits, use it! And tell Apple. Yell at Apple. Annoy Apple. I'm sick of the ever proliferating Apple blunders over the last nearly six years now, most specifically regarding the Mac platform. Making Apple hurt is typically the best way to make them pay attention. I do my best to participate in that endeavor and suggest all others annoyed by their failings do so as well.

Web devs rally to challenge Apple App Store browser rules


Ignoring the insincere nonsense that is the Epic Game's antitrust lawsuit...

Apple has indeed wrecked the ship when it comes to WebKit and Safari. Sadly, this is more of the same Apple bungling since 2016.

No Way do I want the walled garden of iOS to be breached! Anyone who bothers to watch knows what a catastrophe Android is regarding security, with infamous malware breaches affecting thousands or millions hitting the security news every-single-week without exception. It's that bad. iOS has a stunning security record in comparison. You're wrong if you disagree, So don't ruin it, good intentions or not!

However! Giving Apple several swift and hard kicks to the groin area regarding WebKit is REQUIRED at this time. Add a steal toe to your boots! This Apple stupidity has got to stop ASAP before the wall around the garden comes down, if only out of frustration with the crap Apple is pulling.

Let's get to it!

*Security is the goal.*

Do Not Let it Out Of Your Sight Or MInd!

Got that?

Techniques to fool AI with hidden triggers are outpacing defenses – study



...will be hackable.

The state of both coding and 'Artificial Intelligence' is so poor that we can count on AI being hackable. So much for it being scary.

What's scary is what we humans DO with AI, such as furthering our ambitions to kill one another with CRMMs, Coward Remote Murder Machines. :-(

World's top chipmaking equipment maker claims Chinese rival may infringe IP


Re: This Is How It Works, In Brief...

... So it's hopeless. The world is going to end up in stagnation with China having criminally wrecked the show.

I suggest you get busy proving yourself wrong. I stand by my post, especially my suggested solution. Come up with a better one yourself.

And a big "Hi!" to all the Chinese trolls who voted me down. (^_^)/ We know each other well. Stop hurting yourselves! Self-destruction is not a way of life. It's a way of death, obviously.


This Is How It Works, In Brief...

1) 'Communism' kills the creative incentive. If everything mine is your's, why bother.

2) Therefore, 'communism' immediately collapses into criminality, the crime incentive, the criminal nation.

3) The communist state therefore uses espionage, these days commonly using hacking (cracking) to obtain creative IP (intellectual property). China: Criminal Nation has been documented to have been doing this since 1998, after the US Clinton administration provided them with Most Favored Nation status. This resulted in The Red Hacker Alliance group, which in later years was integrated directly into the Chinese government. In 2007, the USA at last admitted this was going on after it had been determined that every government Windows PC exposed to the Internet had been found to contain Chinese bot infections. Businesses around the world found themselves to have been hacked as well and their IP exposed to the Internet stolen.

4) The communist state then trains citizens with higher education in order for them to be able to understand and put to use stolen IP.

5) The communist state creates and/or controls business within its country in order to integrate stolen IP and put it to work benefitting the state. With a few notable exceptions, this is the foundation of Chinese founded manufacturing. It uses relatively inexpensive labor and production to promote its derivative products over those invented elsewhere.

6) With time, sufficient IP having been stolen from them and copycat technology being cheaper from the communist state, the creative incentive around the world diminishes. We're at this point right now, thus the incentive to ban communist stolen IP producers and attempts to sue businesses using and selling copycat IP.

7) Worldwide creativity collapses and becomes stagnant. This is the inevitable outcome of communist espionage if it is allowed to continue. This stagnation is of course good for no one.

8) Meanwhile, the communist state builds up its military and financial structure, evangelically spreading its influence around the world, creating contention and war. Welcome to the future.

Immediate solution: STOP GIVING CHINA and other communist states MONEY.

[And no, the above is not a defense of parasitic, abusive and exploitative forms of capitalism. So skip that diversionary tactic please.]

Machine learning the hard way: IBM Watson's fatal misdiagnosis


Expert System Failure

Watson never qualified as actual Artificial Intelligence (AI). It qualified as an Expert System with speech-to-text and text-to-speech, IBM style, grafted on. Research into Expert Systems has been going on since the 1950s. They never were properly considered to be AI. Only marketing considered it to be otherwise. Watson over-promised and under-delivered. Within its niche, its was a brilliant accomplishment. But to hand it over to MDs as a diagnosis and treatment partner was unrealistic, imaginary, the victim of hype. Most "AI" of our current day is hype.

Before real AI makes a real mark and provides a real benefit to we humans, we have to dump the spin and begin to be realistic about what actual "AI" can do. It can't actually think beyond taking orders, interpreting orders, scanning a database, interpreting the data, then handing over the best result it could find within its interpretive limitations. Those limitations are vast and are going to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Consider the fact that we humans are ourselves vastly limited. We take in perceptions that are consistently faulty and incomplete. We conjure our own interpretations of the faulty data and push them through filters that vary according to our personality, experience and other Inner World influences. As I put it, we never know everything about anything. Take a look at the huge cost of malpractice insurance and you'll get an idea.

We can create machines that can compensate for human perceptual failings and calculations. But considering the limits on our own 'intelligence', it's nonsense to expect any AI to do any better than we can at coming up with correct answers to problems. What AI is good for is the providing of another perspective that can be immensely useful in addition to our own interpretations, output and outcomes.

AI is only a tool, as all computing is only a tool. If the tool doesn't fit the job requirements, drop it and find a better one. AI won't prove better than communicating with a fellow human who has different, if not better knowledge and advice than you do. Thinking is the best way to travel. Pretending a machine tool can do more than it's realistically designed to do is not thinking.

China reveals draft laws that heavily restrict deepfakes

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The CCP Gets Something Right, For A Change

I have little more than contempt for the behavior of China's Communist Party (CCP). But, setting aside their grasping hegemony propaganda: Hobbling and denouncing deepfakes is an excellent idea, good for one and all across the human world. Marketing doesn't need further tools to abuse and confuse bad biznizz victims.

Hands up who ISN'T piling in to help Epic Games appeal Apple App Store ruling

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If Epic was sincere, as opposed to simply being a whiny, bad attitude, conniving and contriving company, I'd have sympathy. But considering that the entire lawsuit was based on nothing-at-all, no sympathy shall be forthcoming.

“The Court finds that with respect to Epic Games’ motion as to its games, including Fortnite, Epic Games has not yet demonstrated irreparable harm. The current predicament appears of its own making,” Rogers wrote, arguing that Epic “strategically chose to breach its agreements with Apple” and thus disturb the status quo.


Dummies like Epic are willfully self-destructive while acting as parasites. They have zero interest in actual customer rights, just personal profit at the expense of their customers. Justice from their ludicrous lawsuit is the loss of access to their market.

Apple: Please maintain your walled garden and continue to allow user app security to prosper.

US-China chip cold war? It's only helping the Middle Kingdom, silicon makers warn


√ Incorrect

Please know what you're talking about. Chinese surveillance implants into their hardware has been proven. It obviously works via the Internet. Please don't be DUH. China: Criminal Nation. Expect the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) influence in everything Chinese. It's not paranoia. It's proven fact. So be wise and don't give China: Criminal Nation your business, your money. it's that simple and important.


Don't Give China:Criminal Nation Money!

Feeding China: Criminal Nation is a form of national suicide. Stop it already. They've been documented to have been hacking the world since 1998. That includes spying, surveillance, stealing identities, stealing intellectual property, influencing governments and companies.... It's the entire litany of national crimes against the world.

So stop giving China money. Obviously. Stop the usual Short-Term Thinking, Long-Term Disaster. That disaster is here and now! Notice it! Stop it!

The climate is turning against owning our own compute hardware. Cloud is good for you and your customers


Two concerns: Function and Security

If your company bothers to use and keep up with current security methods, then keep your data to yourself! Don't trust it to anyone else. That of course means, among other strategies, that you adequately encrypt all your data and keep an ongoing up-to-date copy offline, away from your facility and the possibility of ransomware attacks. Good luck finding companies that even know what I'm talking about.

If real security at your company is either wishful thinking or utterly hopeless, you might as well let someone else take responsibility, thus rent-a-terminal and data stored off somewhere else. Theoretically, this keeps away the ransomware because the terminals are limited to only their function. No personal stuff allowed, no infection of the distant servers allowed.

IOW: YES and NO. It's all a matter of circumstance. Do the usual: (1) ID your problems (2) Brainstorm the best solutions (3) implement (4) Verify quality of success (a step the lazy ignore) (5) Repeat the process on a continual basis. (And again, the lazy forget about continual evaluation, to their detriment).