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Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal



Yet another thing to contemplate now. I've had a policy of never giving a penny to Murdoch unless I absolutely can't help it. The last time was probably about 15years ago when I gave up cable TV.

Bah. I expect I shall get carpetbombed with "offers" for the forseeable like the bad old days of AOL CDs and floppy disks.... <sigh>.

Anyone got anything positive to say about MurdochBB vs O2? Beyond "O2 sucked and I went to Sky and it was awesome" I mean :)

Comic Book Men


Re: Comic Book Men

I was sort of interested in it but I saw it had fairly dismal reviews. Is it worth watching then?

Sci Fi recomendations?


Just to add another couple..

Many sterling reccomendations already listed above; I'd particularly pick up Neal Stephenson starting right from Snow Crash, he's palpably grown as an author over his career. The last few have just been mind-blowing - Cryptonomicon + System of the World trilogy and the stand-alone Anathem. It's fiction you put down feeling that you've actually learnt something!

From the Golden Age, I'd also take a look at EE 'Doc' Smith - The Lensman series and Family D'Alembert series. The Grand-daddy of space-opera.

David Gerrold's War Against the Chtorr series. "Not quite finished yet". Dense investigation of Eco-Alien Invasion. IMO Falling Skies would have been a lot better-off going this route rather than the way it currently is. Although it would have needed to be HBO then...

Echo David Brin's Uplift War two trilogies. Moving, insightful and hopeful. Startide Rising is the best of the first 3 and I'm sure is everyone's favourite ;)

Well - there's about 10K pages to get your teeth into... :)


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