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Nestlé says it leaked its own test data, not Anonymous


"Nestlé business costumers"

Is this fancy dress for office parties or business wear in general do you think?

Russia acknowledges sanctions could hurt its tech companies


Re: Or....

I think the problem, for Putin at least, is that if they withdraw he is done. I think he is done anyway, it just depends how many people he kills before he is stopped. I think this was timed for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Covid economic pressures and rising fuel/energy prices with the idea that the west would have no stomach to oppose him. It could also be a push to destabilise western economies given the cost of fuel/energy and loss of Russian supplies. I don't understand the way most people make decisions at the best of times so probably completely wrong.

BOFH: Here he comes, all wide-eyed with the boundless optimism of youth. He is me, 30 years ago... what to do?


Re: Cynical is what an optimist calls a realist...

Me: the anti-spill buffer has been incorrectly specified.

Beware, Tesla might take away your car's autopilot if you buy its vehicles from third party dealerships – plus more news


Re: Google Maps

I understand your frustration, how would you like it to detect when you think it should change?

Looks like the party's over, folks: Global PC sales set to shrink as Windows 10 upgrade cycle tails off, says Gartner


Re: Wait for next weeks stats

What we need is a Gartner report on year on year growth of Gartner reports.

BOFH: You brought nothing to the party but a six-pack of regret


Re: Learnings

I wonder if they are confusing it with bisect?

We live so fast I can't even finish this sent...


Re: It's been around long enough to have a name.

Short Hyperactive Interval Theater


BOFH: Trying to go after IT's budget again?


Should work, but to be sure make it a mesh type bin.

'We go back to the Moon to stay': Apollo vets not too chuffed with NASA's new rush to the regolith


I've never down voted a post before.

Always a first time I suppose and worth saving it for this.

Linky revisited: How the evil French smart meter escaped Hell to taunt me


Re: Allez, Marcel!

As the old saying goes, the French are revolting.

BOFH: We must... have... beer! Only... cure... for... electromagnetic fields


I absolutely haven't done anything like this ever, no mention at all of cooking the fish in the office tank at all.

Nominet continues milking .uk registry cash cow with 4 per cent price rise for... what exactly?


Re: Not-for-profit, my arse it is

I'd quite like the .uk version of my domain, unfortunately I don't have the .co.uk, 123 has registered it so I cannot and it is unused. No idea if the owner of the .co.uk version even wants it, the website for that domain is mainly unfinished and hasn't changed for years.

NASA Administrator upends the scorn bucket on Elon Musk's Starship spurtings


Re: Sour Grapes

I'm impressed, your garage designed a car from the ground up for you and fully integrated and tested the latest safety devices? Nothing at all went wrong the design was perfect and all tests passed the first time?

They should be rocket scientists.

Chinese sleazeball's 17-year game of hide-and-seek ends after drone finds him on mountain


Re: I cant understand the mentality...

I suspect he went to Pontins as a child.

Glasgow extends middle finger to southern fairies as London ranks bottom in mobile signal top 10



At work I get 54mbps down 15mbps up, half a mile away at home I get 8mbps down 1.5mbps up, when it connects, eventually. It used to be faster than my 'broadband' at home, but over the last year or so it has become increasingly worse. It is definitely a different mast because it didn't work at home until eighteen months after it did at work, I suspect they put something in to shut up everyone complaining, but uptake it overwhelming the provision. I'm inside the M25 in a built up area so not exactly the sticks either. Actually it isn't the throughput that is a problem so much as the 10 to 20 second wait for the data to start appearing, I thought it might be the phone, but I've swapped it recently and nothing changed.

Point? Statistics are great, but not that much use when they aren't at all consistent.

Bored and looking for something to do with your fingers? Why not try speed-cubing at a central London pop-up?


Re: Growth in the 8-12 yo segment

I was never fast, over ten minutes, but I worked out the solution myself. Being me once I'd solved it I lost interest, still the same, I find solutions and prefer to leave production line stuff to other people.

Switch about to get real: Openreach bod on the challenge of shuttering UK's copper phone lines


Re: SIP ATAs, Redcare lines, and legacy equipment

They stopped selling PSTN based Redcare a while ago and are trying to move customers on to IP.


Re: SIP ATAs, Redcare lines, and legacy equipment

Get something like this-



Re: Bye Bye Fax


The amusing thing is that there are people running eFax/fax-to-email sending faxes to other people doing the same thing.

GDP-arrrrrrgggghhh! A no-deal Brexit: So what are you going to do with all that lovely data?


Re: Red herring

At the moment I'm not sure that this is all an arch plan to make us end up staying in.


No-deal will be banned

There is no deal which will be acceptable to the EU and both sides of parliament

Therefore there is no way to leave.

It's official – Google AI gives you cancer ...diagnosis in real time: Neural net can spot breast, prostate tumors


Re: Speaking as an elderly man...

Happy 80th birthday?

NASA trumpets Orion completion as India heads to the Moon


Re: India is going to the moon with my tax.

It may be self-interested altruism, but if the people that need the help end up even better off because we* get something out of it too then why not?

Call it ethical investment if you like rather than aid or subsidies or perhaps karma.

*If anything it is this end that needs examining, are we paying tax to make bigger profits for companies that then avoid paying much tax.

Too hot to handle? Raspberry Pi 4 fans left wondering if kit should come with a heatsink


80% hotter?

I know it is a quote, but what does that mean exactly? 80% higher power consumption or the running temperature relative to room temperature?

Edit: I followed the link, seems like it is the latter.

Money laundering and crypto-coin legislation could hurt open-source ecosystem – activists


Re: Is this

Indeed I did vote to leave, no doubt you checked my previous posts because I don't hide behind AC. Are you ashamed to be a remainer? I don't see why you should be, you have a right to your own opinion and vote, but then being a leaver I would say that.

In case your knee jerk, remainer brain failed to notice my comment above was about the absurdity of labelling someone relative to your own position rather than theirs. Personally I think May tried to please everyone and ended up pleasing no one. Her deal was to remain under the bureaucracy of the EU, but leave the political control system. For me this would be the worst possible outcome as it was the EUs ever expanding encroachment into areas it didn't need to be in just to justify the existence of all of its staff that I voted against. Look up the principle of subsidiarity which is supposedly at the core of the EU, but seems not to be the reality.

I enjoy irony btw.


Re: Is this

"If May was a remainer, we wouldn't be in this mess."

Is this one of those things where the right think the BBC is left biased and the left think it is right biased?

Given she brokered a deal that was unacceptable to everyone I think she is something else entirely.


Re: Ahh, old timers

A science fiction writer by the name of Jack Vance came up with a currency unit as follows-

SLU or Standard Labour-value Unit

The value of an hour of unskilled labour under standard conditions.

Reach out for the healing hands... of guru Dabbs


Re: IT reputation

It depends if the kit belongs to me or someone else, my kit knows me too well to give up and start working again so easily.


How strange

I just checked in a mirror and I don't appear to look like you, but somehow I feel I should.

Before we lose our minds over sentient AI, what about self-driving cars that can't detect kids crossing the road?


I was thinking that if you wanted to train an AI to find ways to make people better off rather than maximise profits then you could.

Then I thought about it bit more.

The AI would be looking for optimal ways to persuade people to change their habits and lifestyles to make them healthier and more productive.

A little later we have the Matrix.

Buckminsterfullerene sounds like the next UK Prime Minister but trust us, it's in fact the largest molecule yet found in interstellar space


Re: C30 C60 C90 Go!

Took me a second to switch from a Honda reference, in the right era though.


Re: Am I the only one thinking

I'm guessing it is easier to get a date with them?

Tesla's autonomous lane changing software is worse at driving than humans, and more


Re: Data Protection in photos?

On the other hand if you have been burgled and have the culprit's face on CCTV Id guess you would be quite happy if the police could identify and find the person.

Gee, SEC, how did that get out?! 'Leaked' Tesla email claims big boost in Model 3 production


"the most dangerous colour on the road, "black" that no one wants.

Black is the most popular colour in the UK, but white is the most dangerous in the US*

* depending who you believe

Ofcom to Openreach: Thou shalt prise open thy network for firms targeting biz customers


Re: That will go well

Fair enough, no worse than usual then, providing contacting Openreach means any issues will get fixed just as erm quickly.


That will go well

We get nervous enough when we see an Openreach van parked up near the duct access hatches that our connections run through, the idea of letting other companies start mucking around with those connections is worrying.

Town admits 'a poor decision was made' after baseball field set on fire to 'dry' it more quickly


Re: More efficient solution...

Even better add some spices, tomato, chicken and prawns while gently heating with a jet engine and you have enough paella* for the whole town

* Other regional rice based dishes are available e.g. biryani and jambalaya


Missing the obvious method

You simply invent a time machine, travel into the past and cover the pitch/field before it rains.

And leave a note to yourself to explain why the pitch/field was covered so you need to build a time machine and go back to put the cover in place and pass the time machine plans on. Don't leave the result of the game in the note, you wouldn't want to mess with causality after all.

You were warned and you didn't do enough: UK preps Big Internet content laws


"instead of choosing the people we trust"

I tend to choose the person that I hope will cause the least fuckups, trust does not come into it.

Relevant to both the original subject of the article and the thing every discussion seems to turn to at the moment.

This is not, repeat, not an April Fools' Day joke: 5 UK broadband vendors agree to pay YOU daily rate for fscked internet


Re: About Time!

I think you missed his point. ;)

Chap joins elite support team, solves what no one else can. Is he invited back? Is he f**k


Re: not neccessarily very good at brown-nosing...

I once got told that pay rises went to people managing people, not systems used by thousands of people, and techies enjoyed their jobs so did not need to be paid as much.

I refrained from telling him how enjoyable dealing with people like him made my job and left when a suitable opportunity arose.

Raiding party! UK's ICO drops in unannounced on couple of dodgy-dialling dirtbag outfits


Re: Timing

The initial contact, if any, on most of the recent ones I get appears to be voice bot, I'd imagine it is running voice recognition for any kind of positive reply to having had an accident.

Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster


Re: Beanie?

As a lad they were either bobble hats, if with bobble, or ski hats if without bobble. A beanie was an American smooth woven rather than knitted cap, possibly with propeller on top, similar to a baseball cap, but without the peak.


I think that is the problem, most, english speaking, people think "fairly unique" means something.

Cops told live facial recog needs oversight, rigorous trial design, protections against bias



"with some groups more likely to be detained or asked to identify themselves"

They all look the same to me guv.

Probably not what they meant to say, but easy to read it that way so could be taken as quite offensive. If I were the type to take offence on behalf of other people.

Twilight of the sundials: Archaic timepiece dying out and millennials are to blame, reckons boffin


Local sundial

I live quite close to this-


A few of us use it as a meeting point to go out for a bike ride.

Use an 8-char Windows NTLM password? Don't. Every single one can be cracked in under 2.5hrs


Re: And this is why you shouldn't use the same password/username on multiple sites.

Worse still if you select the 'Forgotten password' option it is obvious where the reset is sent.

If your email password has already been cracked you are knackered.

Pandas so useless they just look at delicious kid who fell into enclosure


Musa been confusing for them.

Granddaddy of the DIY repair generation John Haynes has loosened his last nut


Optional instructions

To remove the cambelt drain the coolant system before slackening the water pump bolts and rotating the water pump to release the tension on the belt.


Slackens water pump and turns, three drips of coolant later the bolts are nipped back up and the belt is loose.

Reassembly performed in reverse order.

I did shear one of the cambelt cover bolts, then snapped the lug with the hole for the bolt off while trying to drill bolt remnants and use a stud remover. Cue making a new bracket bolted to another handy lug to replace broken lug.

One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once


Oh oh

I may have looked up van hire recently.


Re: 1984

You mean all of the pensioners that up until the point of drawing a pension were paying into the pension pot so they would have a pension when they retired? Not to mention the ones with a large enough pension to be still paying tax and supporting the education of young people.

Note: I'm not a pensioner and at the rate the pension age is increasing probably won't live long enough to draw a state pension.