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Re: Game of Thrones

"Someone at HBO needs to be sent a plaque with; "If it ain't broke, don't bloody fix it!" on it to hang on their wall."

Agreed! Though I did enjoy some of the fan-created versions that were posted on YouTube.


Game of Thrones

The only thing I'm watching on TV right now is Game of Thrones. I've been obsessed with the books for years, and now I'm revelling in the TV series.

Still buying CDs?


Instant Gratification

I've got used to getting stuff I want NOW!

Apart from the chart twaddle in the supermarket, there isn't a decent shop within 30 miles of me and I can't be bothered either wasting some of my precious weekend travelling just to buy a CD, or having to wait nearly a week for it to come through the post. I've got used to clicking and it's there.

Could vegetarians eat a 'test tube' burger?


Re: There's more than one type of veggie

So no Soylent Green in our future then?

3D is the future of cinema?



A giant corporation like Sony loves a new fad like 3D because it gives them plenty of opportunities to gouge people of their cash. They can make money charging extra to see the movie. They can sell a rake of shiny new '3D enabled' TVs. They probably make something off the glasses too. A great chance to cash in if they can persuade the public it's this year's must-have gadget.

There's a reason 3D has never taken off in the past, and I won't be the least bit surprised when, after the novelty has worn off in a year or two, it sinks like a stone yet again.

I mean, The Great Gatsby in 3D? WTF?