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Is Google fudging search rankings to benefit pages that embed YouTube vids? Or is this just another ‘bug’?


Re: "How I long for the old days when content was king..."

(Original title became too long with Re: and the quotation)

I, for one, has no issue with the web requiring JavaScript. But it needs to be safe, and the generated HTML should always be available and understandable to screen readers (both are mostly up to the developer)

Dumping old clients is a feature to me, though.

Ready to slip into your suitca... or not: Logitech wheels out new 'travel-sized' version of MX Master 3


So... The universal works with a Mac (I know. My boss uses the old Anywhere for his Mac), but they made a special version ripped out the USB functionality.

Why isn't it cheaper? You lose functionality (granted, that you might not use) and gain nothing. Why buy a limited-functionality version for the same money? Or am I missing something?

GitHub to replace master with main across its services


You seem to be the sensitive one here.

Bose shouts down claims that it borked noise cancellation firmware to sell more headphones


Anyone that has experience with in-ears, also expensive ones, would not blink before buying quality third party foam tips. They are a gazillion times better than anything that comes with the earphones (except many are now shipping Comply tips with their earphones). So buying third party cushions and expecting an improvement is not that far fetched.

Of course, tips are different since they can fit a large variety of earphones, while cushions has to be made specifically for the earphones, so it's hard to get anything quality from anyone but the original manufacturer.

Artful prankster creates Google Maps traffic jams by walking a cartful of old phones around Berlin


Re: Knew it.

You knew what was common knowledge ever since Google started tracking traffic? Well done!

If you never thought you'd hear a Microsoftie tell you to stop using Internet Explorer, lap it up: 'I beg you, let it retire to great bitbucket in the sky'


Errr... Internet Explorer is very much still in support, and there is no Window for retirement, according to the he very page you referenced. Internet Explorer _10_ will run out of support at det end of January.

The only thing that happened in 2016 was that only the latest version of Internet Explorer for each supported OS would still be supported.

It's a curse that they can't seem to kill.

Chrome suddenly using Bing after installing Office 365 Pro Plus... Yeah, that might have been us, mumbles Microsoft


Re: Phew!

And how is Chrome related to this, besides that being the current target? Firefox will come later, and so will probably any browser with a marketshare over 1%

'I am done with open source': Developer of Rust Actix web framework quits, appoints new maintainer


- Deleting valid issue reports

- Threatening to delete the project

- Claiming that no-one can take over

- General bitching about others

Yeah, totally sounds like it is everyone else that is the problem here.

Serverless neither magically faster nor cheaper, dev laments


Re: And people trust goo ...

It really depends. If you don't have that much traffic (e.g. a specialized solution), API Gateway is often cheaper than an always-on Load Balancer.

Are you a Nim-by? C-ish language, gentler than Go, friendlier than Rust, reaches version 1.0


"c-like" is pretty far from what Nim is. C-like, for example, would mean proper braces instead of that Python-like indentation hell.

He's coming for your floppy: Linus Torvalds is killing off support for legacy disk drive tech


It was not the Datasette itself that was the problem. It was the tapes you got from friends, with the head adjusted differently. So if you had a gazillion tapes from a lot of people, you had to change the head position almost every time you put in a different tape.


The Datasette of the C64 was much more sensitive than for music. If it was a bit out of whack, your programs weren't loading, especially if you were using turbo compressors/loaders which made it much more important to get right. Which makes sense, turbo compressors used a storing/loading method that stuffed data closer on the tape (later versions also did simple data compression on top, AFAIK), so being more sensitive is no surprise. BUT you could load stuff at amazing speeds; if I remember correctly, we're talking 10-15 times faster. Which is of course still ridiculously slow at today's speeds (and of course the compressing part also meant that there was much more room).

But, most turbo loaders showed the signal as lines, and as the sync signal in the start of a block usually consisted of reasonable straight lines, it wasn't that hard to sync with a bit of experience.


Cassette tapes and turbo loaders (though a bit after the PET) on the C64 was... Interesting

Sitting with a screwdriver to adjust the tape head, so that the lines looked good enough that the load would probably succeed, felt quite sci-fi in the beginning, but after doing it the 50000th time, you couldn't wait until everyone was using disks. What a PITA.

.... And I have a feeling that it wasn't necessary until someone started tinkering (IT'S FASTER THIS WAY. I KNOW IT!) or had a broken head, then when others got tapes from him they needed to adjust, then they lent tapes to others and THEY would adjust their heads, and so on and so forth. A bit like a very manual virus! :)


I feel rather old when my "full-on retro feel" IS an external disk drive.... Not the USB kind, but the kind that you could attach to the C64.

LightSail 2 successfully unfurls its silvery solar sails, prepares to become a truly solar-powered satellite


"After that the spacecraft's atmospheric friction will lead to it falling back to Earth, destroying itself in the process. "

Not much of a propulsion system if it can't even keep the spacecraft in orbit...

P-p-p-pick up a Pengwin: Windows Subsystem for Linux boffins talk version 2


Re: Hyper-V meh

Yeah, that completely ruined it. When I first read about it, I hoped that it would mean being able to ditch Docker for Windows and its Hyper-V dependency, but no such luck.

Beyond needs, Hyper-V being a pretty terrible desktop VM (partially due to it being type 1), and the need need for it to be the only running hypervisor (completely due to it being type 1), makes it terrible choice for basing anything running on a workstation on it.

Nokia reinstates 'hide the Notch' a day after 'Google required' feature kill


Re: And people trust goo ...

It's simply making the area around the notch black and featureless and moving the notification bar down. ... And you'd want that if your prefer to have a proper full-width notification bar instead of a tiny bit extra screen.

Microsoft commits: We're buying GitHub for $7.5 beeeeeeellion


Re: Hmm...

LinkedIn before MS: Complete shit, but necessary

LinkedIn after MS: Complete shit, but necessary

I don't see much of a change?

Facebook's democracy salvage effort tilts scale in Mississippi primary


He didn't mean THOSE elections, only the elections that he's part of matters, of course.

Welcome to Ubuntu 18.04: Make yourself at GNOME. Cup of data-slurping dispute, anyone?


Re: What will they do with the data?

You DO realize that a distro is much (MUCH) more than the kernel, right?

You DO realize that Ubuntu developers contribute to the kernel, right?

You DO realize that a lot of userspace tools interact with hardware, right?

Ubuntu sends crypto-mining apps out of its store and into a tomb


Re: Making Installations Easier

Wtf? Never. Installing dev packages by default just to satisfy your want for easier recompilation would be rediculous. It's not like it's hard to fetch them when you need.

Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser


Re: Testing waters

Not even close to being new. They did this in various versions of MSN as well, which must predate this... 10 years or so?

Wondering why your internal .dev web app has stopped working?


Re: I must have missed the change in standards bodies.

It's their TLD. They can enforce any rules they want on it.

The big problem here is that it was decided that Google could have it in the first place.

Night before Xmas and all through American Airlines, not a pilot was flying, thanks to this bug


Re: And people trust goo ...

"and we are paying pilots who pick up certain open trips 150 percent of their hourly rate – as much as we are allowed to pay them per the contract."

That sounds... Odd. "Please note in my contract that I'm not allowed to be paid more that xxxx".

If it's added on behalf of the company, it both sounds like something put there for this exact excuse, as well as something that (at least from how I understand contract law) they don't need to renegotiate to change, as it's same or better terms.

High-freq trade biz sues transatlantic ISP for alleged spiteful cable cut


Re: You're kidding?

Errrr. This isn't your regular gigabit connection, but a micro-latency connection. They don't hang on trees.

Kotlin's killin' Java among Android devs


It was, then it was pulled again, and all comments deleted, for some reason.


Kotlin is much like Scala, just without the shitty parts... Whiiiich I guess makes Kotlin nothing like Scala.

Hi Amazon, Google, Apple we might tax you on revenue rather than profit – love, Europe


Except that 99% of all consultants works for businesses... Which either does not pay VAT, or get it back. It has absolutely zero effect on their willingness to pay for his services.

Facebook won't change React.js license despite Apache developer pain


Re: And people trust goo ...

This really has nothing to do with the BSD license, but everything to do with the + Patents slapped on top of it.

It essentially means that if you sue (or countersue) Facebook or partners for any patents breaches, also if completely unrelated to the software licensed, you loose your grant. That is a severe handicap to anyone dependent on e.g. React or any of its libraries. This will of course also be a problem if you depend on a library or program that depends on them (e.g. an Apache project, which is why ASF is marking it Cat-X).

Nokia's comeback is on: The flagship 8 emerges


Non-software buttons. Ew.

New iPhone details leak: Yes, Apple is still chasing Samsung


Re: AR

No, you don't hold it to your face. You point it at whatever the app should overlay information/graphics/whatever onto.

Segway hoverboard hijack hack could make hipsters eat pavement


Re: And people trust goo ...

"Those dreaming of sending hipsters crashing into the dirt can forget it, though. IOActive followed responsible disclosure, and the holes have now been patched, apparently"

Curses! Foiled again!

Microsoft nicks one more Apple idea: An ad-supported OS


Errrr... I'm pretty sure it is enough to disable "Get tip, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows" in the "Notifications and actions" settings (at the very least I don't see the ads, and I haven't disabled sync providers).

Of course, that shouldn't even be necessary. I paid for Windows 10, I shouldn't have to jump through hoops avoid spam, phoning home and similar malware ('cause that's what it is!).

Google, what the hell? Search giant wrongly said shop closed down, refused to list the truth


Re: And people trust goo ...

Because it is correct 99.9% of the time?

Google loses Android friends with Pixel exclusivity


Does it really matter? Price-performance wise, the Pixel phones are shit...

Oh wait, they DO want to be like Apple.

Man jailed for 3 days after Texas cops confuse cat litter for meth


Re: I'm assuming

Semtex and C-4 is not the same thing.

Guess King Battistelli's plan to fix the Euro Patent Office. Yep, give himself more power


Re: "Big Jim" Rennie comes to mind

... Or seen the (rather terrible) TV series.

Brexflation: Lenovo, HPE and Walkers crisps all set for double-digit hike


Re: Brexploitation

Is it really? It's not exploitation when they're just covering the cost of your silly choice.

After baffling Falcon 9 rocket explosion, SpaceX screams: Hands off our probe!


Big difference: Cargo trains crashing will destroy the tracks and hold up trains for months during repairs. Even if no one dies, the costs to society are _huge_

Mozilla breathes petition-of-fire at EU copyright laws


Re: Errr...

You DO know that The Mozilla Foundation is much more than the browsers, right?

The Mozilla Manifesto

'Alien megastructure' Tabby's Star: Light is definitely dimming


Re: Stars are mostly big burny things right?

Not to mention that 0.3% dimming every year doesn't at all match phases that have time scales of millions of years.

Smartphones aren't tiny PCs, but that's how we use them in the West


Holy hell you are behind if it is as bad as this article suggests.

In Denmark we have two major competing systems (MobilePay/Swipp) for transferring to friends and stores using your smartphone. I don't know much about Swipp, but MobilePay supports QR codes, NFC and Bluetooth. Scan, accept, done.

If you want to send money to a friend or a shop without a MobilePay box, enter the amount and his/her phone number, check that it is the correct person, accept and done. They will get a notification that you sent money within a few seconds. You can also request money that way (which they of course need to accept), and add an optional message if you like.

Chap fails to quash 'shared password' 'hacking' conviction


I'm going to go with the dissenter here: As soon as it was willingly shared, it is "just" theft of confidential information.

AWS Sydney's outage shows the value of a walk in the cloud


Seems it just shows the importance of designing multi availability zone and multi region into your deployment. Most properly designed sites stayed up (some was affected by an API breakdown that made automatic zone change fail, though)

Thai bloke battles jumbo python in toilet todger thriller


Re: Is it just me, or...

"Python"! Good enough for me.


Re: Hang on....

They will still grab hold of a part of the victim with their mouths. Pretty hard to wrap yourself around something that can flee.

Bundling ZFS and Linux is impossible says Richard Stallman


Re: Open/Closed

Yeah, or you know, law.


Re: Stallman can change the GPS as welll...

No, he cannot.

Apple stuns world with Donald Trump iPhone


Heh, let's not forget that it was Samsung's Galaxy Note line that popularized big phones, so the 6 and 6plus are certainly products of Apple's Xeroxes... And it was Ericsson that started the way back down again.

Apple has been the copier for a very long time... Nothing new here.

Star Wars: Episode VIII delayed by six months


"Star Wars: Episode VII delayed by six months"

That is not the episode you are waiting for.



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