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Scality guarantees 100% availability


Hello Mr Marketing! =)

Of course traditional storage architectures can achieve a 100% guarantee by imposing some strict requirements exactly as Scality is doing.

In fact, I bet this is just a copy of some of the other vendors who have guaranteed 100% through the years, so please don't claim that they were not able to achieve it, since that means that neither are you.

Missing in action: The OpenStackers lost from Gartner's quadrant


Come on, after the all flash debacle of Gartner, it's quite obvious that they are more directed by dinners and money, than by an honest evaluation of technology.

Gartner can be one starting point, but only relying on Gartner is a serious mistake. They are quickly losing their credibility.

Most SAP HANA installs poppable with default keys, hacker says


Yes, no active/active, but you can work around that by pushing more functionality into the application layers, and using synchronous replication. It would be nice if it would come built in from start though, and it is not realistic in all environments to start messing around in the application layers.

OH HAPPY DAY! Lawyers replaced by AI



Strange. It seems today, like most journalists think that the nr of jobs are constant. If you look at all the manual work that has been automated like washing dishes, vacuum cleaning, factories, building cars, refrigerators instead of having to buy ice etc. you would think that there would be no more jobs left.

Add to that, that we're 7 billion people, and the picture is quite clear. Increase automation of jobs will leads to one or more of the following:

1. New jobs will be created, when new inventions create new markets and demands.

2. Reduced cost of living. You might have noticed that we no longer work 7 days per week. Thanks to capitalism, we can now afford to work 5 days a week, and NOT send our children to work.

Now take 1 and 2 together, and the future will mean more fun jobs, less boring manual jobs, lower cost of living that will enable you to do more with less money, and perhaps an optional 4 day work week.

Now if we extrapolate this to the extreme... I see a future where work is optional and tends to be done in the areas of:

1. Science.

2. Culture.

3. "Government" because the politicians always need to make sure the lie that they are needed continues.

So no worry everyone! =) If you want to worry, then worry about the massive surveillance state and potential dictature that might come in the future.

What will happen to the oil price? Look to the PC for clues


Let's hope you are right. If so, then the arabic influence on world politics is over, and they can go back to herding camels, while new countries get the chance to produce oil.

Without oil, arabia would not have much to say in the world.

New job in 2015? The Reg guide to getting out and moving on


Some advice based on my experience:

1. Jobs come through connections, never answer head hunters, it's a waste of time.

2. If not 1, another fertile ground is conventions/trade shows or the competition.

3. Ask for a salary that is high enough to make you feel slightly embarassed about asking for it. That should be just about the right salary for you.

4. Be proactive and switch jobs fast when things start to go down hill at your current job. Sitting down and waiting for better times seldom pays off.

5. Remember that anyone who is a manager is NOT your friend and NOT there to help you. His job is to keep you in your job until the day your retire, at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, if manager says one thing, do the opposite if possible without affecting your immediate situation.

Antarctic ice shelf melt 'lowest ever recorded, global warming is not eroding it'


Lewis is not evil! =) Totally agree that page 2 was a more interesting read that page 1. Would it be possible to see a follow up on the economics of coping with climate change vs. embracing the dark ages again? Maybe that article would be enough to make some green khmers think.

FalconStor struggles on as antsy backers whine 'C'mon, let's sell'


Re: How far would Violin deal go?

It's not the iops, it's the latency. ;) And with increased cooperation between the two, there's nothing to prevent the software from residing closer to the action. Let's see what happens.

FalconStor honcho rejigs storage biz: OEMs - who needs them?


Very nice to see an article about some of the smaller companies for once, and not just coverage of the giants! =)

Climate sceptic? You're probably a 'Birther', don't vaccinate your kids

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Proud to be a skeptic!

Proud to be a skeptic! Keep up the good work Lewis! =)

Forget 'climate convert' Muller: Here's the real warming blockbuster


Great job! Soon the climate hoax will be exposed. =)

Great job! Soon the climate hoax will be exposed, and then perhaps, we can start to worry about more important things such as our decreasing freedom, political power concentration, jobs for the young, and building thorium reactors for cheap energy.

How EMC stuffs channel cakeholes with VSPEX recipes


I thought magirus had their own VCE stack going on for a while.

ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. - Humans begin artificial CO2 emissions


Way to go Lewis! =) My favourite reg journalists who seems to be the only one woh dares to write politically incorrect stuff.

It is quite obvious after climate gate and the IPCC corruption that politicians are using the green house effect to increase taxes and control the population by making it impossible for the common man to fly due to the high future carbon taxes. Once the common man is then "grounded" the politicians can then increase the tax to 100% because it will be impossible to run.

Add to that the "problems" of terrorism which motivates monitoring everybody all the time, and capitalism which motivates socializing all companies, and you have a neat recipe for 1984. So remember the three ingredients now...

* Climate change - leads to increase taxes, making travel impossible.

* Terrorism - leads to the surveillance of everyone.

* Capitalism - leads to communism where private property is seen as immoral.

Now go out there and throw out your politicians, and find me some libertarians! ;)