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Spaghetti Junction! Brum hospitals on hunt for new ERP and finance supplier to untangle current systems

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You have no idea...

I worked for a small gov agency, our finance was done by a bigger related, agency. They, in their infinite wisdom, decided to upgrade, the hardware, the operating system version, the database version and the application for their finance division in one hit over a weekend. A consultant vaguely attached to the project told me he was taking some time off and going far, far away whilst it happened. Needless to say it didn’t go well. I’ll admit it was the late 90s but even so I was horrified. We ended up running dept finances on separate spreadsheets, with a master spreadsheet pulling everything together for finance so that they had some sort of accurate picture for our parent ministry, for a year! The team I was in got lauded for coming up with a fix for ourselves, the other team…well government! Unless you’ve worked there you have no idea

'Hey Google, remind Greg the locks have been changed, and he should find a new place to live. Maybe ask his mistress?'

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Les dawson

It’s just him, ‘the mother in law reminded me over and over again until a sympathetic rat bit through the power cord’

What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?

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Re: de Haviliand

Isn't there a group building a mosquito from scratch just change the 'no of items ordered' on the web page. Just think, the sound of all those twin Merlin engines......bliss

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.

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Oh boy

I'd just upgraded Firefox and thought it was that, then up came the article about the redesign. Using either firefox or ie I've got about 50% of my screen completely white, either side of the screen, not pretty. The top third of the screen is taken up by a humoungous picture with the caption running opaquely through the bottom of the picture. I've a mate that's a printer, if he sees this in print he ends up rolling on the floor in tears at the ineptitude/inexperience of the layout designer, because it makes the text hard to read. I have to concur and think this is equally applicable to web design.

The white at the edge of the screen is like having two bright lights on either side of the screen, not very pleasant.

I've also only got one and a half row of articles at the bottom of the screen.

Was your UA testing internal, because you need more people commenting on it before you send something like this live, banks, big business (I've consulted at both) have big UA Testing teams.

Right end of comments because even the comments screen is hard to use. I do hope you can switch back quickly because this is plain 'orrible.

Security researcher Cédric 'Sid' Blancher dead at 37

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What in all reality probably happened

Ok I've done a fair bit of throwing myself out of airplanes. This is most probably what's called a 'hook turn'. This is a maneuver done under a fully inflated, working parachute, very close to the ground. It consists of flying with the wind towards the landing area and then pulling the whole of one front corner of the canopy down, inducing a very high speed 180 turn with lots of altitude loss. As the canopy comes out of the dive it planes out at high speed which the experienced pilot uses to land in a very dramatic fashion. This allows the pilot to use very small canopies which you can't really land in the way a less experienced skydiver (ie me) would.

That's by the by.

Blue Skies Sid

Apple drops 'thermonuclear' patent bombshell

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Love the patent number ;-)


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