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No need for speed, says Oz communications shadow

Kevin Rudd

Cordless phones.

@Getting rid of copper

My cordless phone is useless when the power goes out, the base station needs a power source. No backup battery in the base station and what brand of phone is it? Telsta cordless phone, Telstra being the copper network owner. In most instances these days, a copper network is not the only network, cell phone networks can provide backup.

You must read the Uncle Rupes Australian news(opinion)paper.

Aussies face 10 year browsing lock-up

Kevin Rudd


What you do is not vote for either of the major party, ie nominally right or left, but strangely enough with the same policies and vote for another party, independent that favors common sense not batshit crazy.

The idiot responsible is Labor senator Stephen Conroy.

Microsoft tells US retailers Linux is rubbish

Kevin Rudd

@Anonymous Coward 02:24

I can't comment for what happens on Alan Esworthy's machine, because I are not him, but on my Ubuntu machine, a laptop with stickers on it saying its made for Fista, when I plug in USB-fat32 it magically opens a file manager "work-space" (not a window) and I can copy, delete, whatever, files to it, with no problems I might add.

What were YOU expecting to happen AC? as you did not state it.

Stephen Hawking both British and not dead

Kevin Rudd

@The problem with socialists and their misunderstanding of history

Socialist Stalin was a US, Western ally in WW2 and the US or the West did not battle a Soviet army.

The US was generous to US ally comrade Uncle Joe in providing the Soviet army with lots of equipment to fight Fascist Hitler. In fact Uncle Joe and FDR stitched up a deal better them that duded loyal Western ally Winston.

Hitler's party was "National Socialist" but it doesn't mean they are foundered on socialist principles, the name of the party don't mean shit. eg in Australia, the conservative, right wing party is called the Liberal Party but are in no way "liberal" in the way that American's have corrupted the term. They are "Republican lite" politically.

Swiss public sector allowed to buy Microsoft software

Kevin Rudd


Here, here Geoff Mackenzie! Now AC, Redhat are well justified with their complaint no matter what company, be it Novell, Apple, Sun, whatever, was involved. Transparent public tendering is essential for when public money is spent. A private business can do what it wants, competitive pressure, share holders etc, will lessen the chance of corruption. But when taxpayers money is involved, without transparency, corruption will spread faster than swine flu. And all a corrupt public system need do for additional funds to line the pockets of its cronies is raise your taxes. (google sorry in your case bing Zimbabwe)

So AC, "better that you not comment on stories and be thought a fool than rush to comment and remove all doubt."

US team create carbon nanotube ultra-memory

Kevin Rudd

Rosetta stone

As long as someone leaves a big rock nearby carved with info with on how to interpret the data, this will be a great way to archive the tragic history of humanity for a time when intelligent life forms finally evolve (or land from outer space) that can make use of it.

Microsoft, Asus launch anti-Linuxbook campaign

Kevin Rudd

"Trusted" like a catholic priest babysitter.

After ASUS dared to defy Big Ballmer, looks like ASUS have been sent for a session in room 101. Now that they have been re-educated, they are producing this vomit inducing shite. (seriously, I am mashing chunks of carrot between the keys as I type)

Ahh well, the dream was nice while it lasted, buying a computer and only paying for the hardware and not an MS tax etc, etc.

Oz man fined for drink-drive rumpy-pumpy

Kevin Rudd


You want more Aussie stories? check this one out-


Also covered by the Reg-


And followed up-


He was driving a Holden Commodore SV6, while not a UTE, does tend to confirm Mark above assertion that "Holden utes are the strict preserve of tattooed fuck-knuckles".

Wall Street Journal wants your micro-payments

Kevin Rudd

Where could it end?

So if aussie Rupe gets this to fly, where will micro payments end? Will we have to micro pay the pirate bay for a torrnet file?

Microsoft disables automatic IE 8 downloads

Kevin Rudd


For all those intranets that use their own quirky programs and pages with the past, non-standards IE versions MS could release a "business version". Then each sites own admin, with "certified professional" qualifications that they have studied long and hard for, could show their invaluable worth in these dire times in professionally installing and configuring the "business version" to run all the old internal pages etc.

Then for the rest of the Joe and Jill Blogses out in the world who had MS thrusted upon them when they purchased computing device, MS could release a "for the masses version" for all those casual users who aren't up with the hair-pulling nightmare of developers who have try to make pages work for all the standards browsers and then (dread) IE's multitude of unique "quirks" (per)version.

Then auto-update could silently purge the world of IE's past.

Pissing-on-the-fire icon, if it existed.

Story withdrawn

Kevin Rudd

Change of heart

I originally voted for "mashup" but have decided to go with "*2.0" now, after an insurance company, which uses an add that is like the apple pc vs mac too and fro, started to promote their insurance as "insurance 2.0".

I doubt many insurance buyers would get the meaning of "insurance 2.0" but now that "*2.0" (does "*2.0" have a meaning?) has jumped the species barrier into and is using the sordid world of insurance to spread it's evil contagion, it must be stamped out.

PETA cooks up gory game in Cooking Mama protest

Kevin Rudd


You will be shamed by this game into making a tofu-turkey but after sampling the disgusting taste of a tofu-turkey, the game will become very handy indeed in instructing you in how to dispatch and prepare a real and real tasting turkey.

Supersonic bizjets could have windowless flight decks

Kevin Rudd

@Rubbish, Rubbish Rubbish!

Recently, a Qantas Airbus a330 flying over remote Western Australia suffered a "computer error" that caused the plane to sharply rise then plummet towards the ground, injuring most passengers not buckled up. The meat bags upfront rescued the situation, no doubt helping their fight for a pay-rise.

Scarily, a Boeing 777 from Malaysian Airlines had a similar problem, in a similar location a year or so ago. Meat bags saved the day on that occasion too.

No logical reason, except a "a one in a billion coincidence" and these aircraft, particularly the Airbus, we are told, have never ever suffered such a problem before.

So keep the windscreen and give me an extra window please in the cockpit door so I can have a look into the flight deck and make sure both meat bags are at the controls.

Aerotard and comfortable to be an aerotard.

Mines the parachute looking one.

Son of state lawmaker charged with Palin email hack

Kevin Rudd

Shoot the messenger

All this bloke seems to have done is act as a whistle blower. He didn't, it would appear, use his gaining access to defraud anyone, just to alert everyone to how this Palin is not as morally pure and trust worthy as the image consultants and spin doctors want people (if you class merkins as people) to think.

You think whistle blowers would have the law protect them when they are exposing deceptive and possibly illegal conduct like Palin. Probably a country like Sweden would protect whistle blowers, but ex colonies of Britian are not as advanced.

Microsoft gives users six months longer to flee from Vista

Kevin Rudd
Gates Horns

Blow off Vista

They should extend XP until Windows7 is released, then possibly, into the future after that for an indeterminate period till Win7 proves its worth. (more than likely then, forever.....)

Judge: Breath test firm must hand over source code

Kevin Rudd

Which 13 herbs and spices.

If they can be compelled to give over the source code for the device well it shouldn't be such a stretch for an enterprising lawyer to concoct a lawsuit that compels Coke and KFC to hand over the their "sauce code".

Oz minister walks plank for dancing drunk in his smalls

Kevin Rudd

Tragedy for OZ

Yes, we have become a bunch of puritanic, uptight wowsers down here in Australia and it is a bloody tragedy. It is pleasing to read the comments of people that can't see what all the fuss is about, a bloke getting drunk and making a tool of himself in front of his colleagues. I urge you well adjusted Brits to PLEASE move to Australia, to readjust the balance of puritan wowsers to normal people.

The Hadron Collider: What's it all about, then?

Kevin Rudd

Swallow that coffee before reading this.

Q: So what instrument are the boffins going to use to view the Higgs boson at the LHC?

A: A COLLIDERscope!! (Get it! kaleidoscope, colliderscope? If I have to explain it it just spoils it)

US utilities plot remote switch off

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Double speak

The power company has the ability to disable devices remotely, without warning or consultation, but they claim that it-

"accelerates our ability to EMPOWER our customers to manage their energy usage."

That sentence seems to take wank-words/gobbledygook to a new high mark. (and by high mark I meant low point)

Malicious gossip could cost you your job

Kevin Rudd

Just a weak attempt at lightening the mood.

Blighty gettin' a bit too draconian for you poms? Your welcome to come 'ere down under and get sum Aussie sun on ya pasty complexions.

I, for one, will gladly welcome our former colonial overloads,

(Hey, you people been watching the Olympics? Ever time our flag Aussie flag is raiased, we also (still) raise the Union Jack with it. You own us)

ISO rejects Office Open XML appeal (redux)

Kevin Rudd
Gates Horns

Evil and it's manifest forms.

So the objection gets "thrown out of court" because less than two thirds of ISO hangers on couldn't be arsed voting on it, rather than because there may have been a breach "of the law". Nice way to see justice, fair play and a transparent process carried out, ISO.

May the devil (MS, sorry, that's M$) deliver the ISO members rewards in brown paper bags filled with Zimbabwean dollars.

Dell to launch 'Eee PC beater' today

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Small YES! Cheap NO!

I wish articles would stop calling these things cheap. Small and convenient, yes. Cheap to purchase? Considering what you do get with these eg a decade old, discontinued operating system (XP) and what you don't get eg an optical drive, these things are small in size and value, not cheap. $100 laptop anyone? Pipe dream?

As others have pointed out, you can get more value from purchasing a normal laptop, but a big goofy looking laptop just doesn't have the same 'cool factor' as these ladytops. (My ladytop will be pink with a Hello Kitty theme on the case.)

OpenSUSE 11 a redemptive OS with a Mactastic shine

Kevin Rudd

@Fonts By "Anonymous Coward"

Call me strange, but I haven't bothered to install the fonts from my (optional) windows partition into my pclinuxos system and I actually like the way the fonts look compared to when I use (extremely rare these days now) windows.

But, then AC, your days of Linux are probally from when you attempted to install redhat5.2, deeply scarred, you were turned into a permanent Linux hater and have never looked at it again in an impartial way.

I call your bluff AC or should that be STEVEN HEWITT.

Aussies deploy bovine facial recognition

Kevin Rudd

The dead heart, no country for old men.

When you are talking about a single property larger in size than Belguim as the norm, the need for this type of automation is obvious. Especially when some places may not see rain for a few years in parts (while other parts of the station may be flooded) and rely on water from artesian sources which suffer after years of drought and competition from feral pests. The indigenous animals are smart enough to range far and wide to find the water, the feral and stock animals are not so clever and will die in the mud of a drying water hole.

RFID? These animals are basically turned out into an unfenced area of the size of Blighty and left to feed and breed. Then, after an aerial stocktake, they are aerially mustered (by chopper), drafted and sent to the slaughter house.

The first time a human gets close enough to a lot of these animals to fit a radio tag is normally the bloke with the bolt gun, whose job is to kill the beast, rendering need for radio tag redundant.

Climate supremo deploys knitwear in war on patio heaters

Kevin Rudd

Patio Zips.

Patio heaters, another candidate for the museum of redundant technology. As in the more patio heaters in use, the more greenhouse gas produced, the faster the world heats, the less we will even need patio heaters. I reconmend that people heat their patios and smoking clientele with reverse cycle air-con, that way when the planet starts getting to warm outdoors, we can use the reverse cycle air-con to cool our patios/smokers.

How much CO2 do smokers contribute?

Daylight runners? Will they be any use in the blazing sun all year round climate of the future?

Acer punts £199 Linux laptop

Kevin Rudd

Someone gets it!

Asus started it, so they got it then they lost it.

Others tried to get it but they didn't get it at all.

But it looks like Acer gets it better than the rest and they will get mine and I will get theirs.

Then it will be smiles all round.

Japanese woman moves into bloke's closet

Kevin Rudd

@So that's what happens

Quote "When you come out of the closet in Japan, they arrest you"

Maybe the guy was IN the closet himself and not interested in the services the GILF may have had to offer, hence the police and arrest.

Revealed! The new face of the Eee PC

Kevin Rudd

My vote

My vote for an eeepc domestic godess model with some meat on her bones goes to Nigella (Lawson)(I put the Lawson bit in brackets for those living under a rock). Nigella could be holding a peeled banana instead of a glass of wine, to give a more wholesome health message.

Vye mini-v S37B sub-notebook

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No rest for the Working Dog.

On Page 3, it is good to see that that fearless exposer of sham salesmen and bogus diet's, Mike Moore, is getting a run on Mobile TV.

Oz cops sound iPod road cross death warning

Kevin Rudd

Darwinian theroy in action.

No great loss to the gene pool.

I feel sorry for the motorists that run these tossers down though.

Poor motorist will feel a pang of guilt for a nano-second.

Cuba, India vote no on OOXML

Kevin Rudd

Red is red?

I do not fully understand the ODF vs OOXML standard debate, but the table in this blog on how OOXML writes one simple line of text with the word 'red' in a red font is very illustrative.

The 'ms standard way' to do 'red'.

Word: <w:color w:val="FF0000"/>

Excel: <color rgb="FFFF0000"/>

Powerpoint: <a:srgbClr val="FF0000"/>

The 'ODF way.

ODF text: <style:text-properties fo:color="#FF0000"/>

ODF sheet: <style:text-properties fo:color="#FF0000"/>

ODF presentaion: <style:text-properties fo:color="#FF0000"/>


Network Solutions games net domain biz

Kevin Rudd

Back off!

Back off everyone, for the next four days I've got dibs on this one-




(Un)lucky UCLA student cops Paris's old mobile number

Kevin Rudd

Glaring Inaccuracies.

Even though the register is just an "online" journal, I demand that highest accuracy and journalistic standards should apply when reporting an item as trivial and relating to the vacuous "mega celebrity" as this article does. Alas on this occasion standards have slipped woefully and people should be held accountable. Describing Paris Hilton as "highly talented" indeed. How is that statement ever going to stand up to scrutiny, please.

Blogosphere is the net spawn of Satan: official

Kevin Rudd

It is all greek to me

I thought a 'mobe' was what was inside your computer, and isn't an 'ict' what intel sells to put in your 'mobe'? I'm confused. Maybe it is time we ditched the English language and all spoke French.