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Disconnect app maker runs to EU to moan about Android


Well how about the idea that you don't buy a phone from a company who's privacy policy you disagree with. If you don't like Google's privacy / tracking policy, get your phone from Apple where you can get their nice privacy and tracking instead, with you're own apple tracking ID suitable for their own Ad platform. Or you could buy your phone from some suitable no-name Chinese company without any Google services (and some with actual English support and nice Chinese tracking policies too). It's the sad commentards like those above who complain about the policy but aren't actually prepared to pay for their email and other services and instead want it for free but still complain about privacy invasion.

Facebook strips away a bit more of your privacy – but won't say why


2-Facebook shadow profiles anyone

Does anyone know whether 2-facebook still is allowed shadow profiles in the EU or whether they were forced to erase them ? (e.g. if you have had the 2-Facebook app installed or it was installed by your phone manufacturer, even if you NEVER registered with 2-facebook, it still hoovered up your contact details and sent all that information to their servers)

(The ICON for pilfering through pockets...)

Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride


Such tripe

There is just so much flawed with the arguments presented in this article. The supposition that a significant number of users are prepared to pay for service just doesn't hold water. The music / movie / games industry have for years tried to claim that they are losing billions with every pirated download equivalent to a lost sale. This has never been shown to be true, at best you have a ten to one ratio of people willing to pay and that is for being persuaded to not engage in an illegal activity.

With free email / maps and so on people are even less likely to be persuaded to pay for a service. The main thrust of the argument that Google / Facebook providing it for free robs other providers / "the economy" also doesn't gain any real traction. Email and maps services have always been available for free. Before hotmail started the whole web email service for free, my ISP provider used to give me "free" email in order to persuade me to remain as part of their service. Similarly MultiMap / StreetMap have long provided free mapping services before Google based on an advert supported model. The only way to stop the "free" model from occurring would be to outlaw it and effectively turn the internet into many walled gardens.

The article just smacks of corporation bashing when really it's the leading governments in the world who can't sort out their own tax regimes.

iPad Mini's quite a handful


Well said

That's why sales of the Kindle Fire went UP the day after the IPad Mini was announced. People took one look at Ipad mini and came to the conclusion that the Kindle was better spec'd, frankly the build quality on the Kindle and the Nexus 7 are absolutely top notch.

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

Paris Hilton

No sorry but,.. what about First Knight with Richard Gere

That has to have some of the most atrocious acting, dialog, plot etc. of any film ever, Even without the sound it's still embarassing bad,......

Paris,.. because she knows how to suck,....


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