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Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

Paris Hilton


The problem with this piece of trash, was that for half of the film, It was pretty brilliant. I really really was loving every second. Then they found the second ship, and it just went so so wrong. There was a point, where the picture of the other crew flashed on screen for a fraction of a second with a big shriek noise, and my brother and I looked at each other, totally mortified because it was INSTANTLY ruined. They turned a pretty great hard sci-fi film into another Blair witch clone and I have never been so horribly horribly disappointed by a film in my entire life. So I vote sunshine, because of the emotional whiplash. The fact that parts of it were good made the rest of the film worse than they could ever have been if they were separate films.

Also, How the hell isn't House of Wax on this poll?


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