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Japanese quantum boffins 'may have the key to TELEPORTATION'


Alice and Bob

I think Alice should take the hint and realise that Bob just isn't interested in her. He never calls her first...

Forget 3D: 13,000 UK homes still watch TV in black and white


Re: WTF?

Put this down to poor sentence structure. It implies "all black and white TVs, because of their vintage, require a set top box to receive digital television" and not "black and white TVs require a special kind of digital set top box".

Crowdsource yourself a new job


Work as a consultant

Most UK contractor's day rates pay better than the majority of the bigger, time consuming projects on here. You need to be in a low cost-of-living country to take advantage of such opportunities. Most UK people just can't afford to work on such projects.

High school student expelled for dropping F-bomb in tweet


The F word has a valid place in poetry

Christopher Eccleston reciting Evidently Chickentown which describes living in deprived areas of Britain. High ratio of f-bombs to content (NSFW):