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LOHAN ideas..

Eponymous Coward

Titanium rod.

Doesn't look too stable to me. Where I live every house has an aluminium channel embedded in the concrete ceiling by the windows, in which nylon glides slide to hold the curtains.

If said channel could be supported the length of the truss, and the glides secured to the LOHAN, it might be a readily available, stable launch runway.

IT urine bandit fired and charged

Eponymous Coward

What or who did he deem attractive?

"...urinating, in a strange cat like sexual marking technique, on the chairs of co-workers which he deemed attractive."

Was he attracted to the chairs (which) or the co-workers (whom)?

Everything you thought you knew about cybercrims is WRONG

Eponymous Coward

Seems to me...

...the success of an exploit against a victim depends more on the gullibility and/or greed of the individual and the success of the criminal in making the offer plausible and attractive. Criminals have always known how to craft an 'offer' so that it is irresistable to a certain group of people.

The technical aspect just allows more people to be targeted with less effort and doesn't need IT genius. Eg: Nigerian 419'ers could use snail mail, but bulk email is much more efficient.

Who killed ITV Digital? Rupert Murdoch - but not the way you think

Eponymous Coward

Doesn't matter...

...any stick to beat the Murdoch empire is worth trying in my view.


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