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Google cyber-knight lances Microsoft for bug-hunter 'hostilities'


off the wall

security? bugs? has nobody worked in IT? when was a bug ever found, analysed, fixed, tested, signed off and distributed GLOBALLY in less than 5 days?

adobe - meaning, loosely, a place to shelter in/home; a building made of natural materials including SAND, WATER, CLAY and STRAW to bind them together.

perhaps rather unfairly, adobe's might be slated for being full 'poorly put together' and full of 'bugs' - what do you expect in sand, clay and straw?

tavis ormandy? is that with an 'o' or a '0' for zero day maybe? an unusual name that seems to be an anagram of 'normandy vista'? 'white cliffs' anyone?

BBC World Service in a jam as China blocks broadcasts


has anyone listened to a WS broadcast?

...IF the blocked chinese world service broadcasts are anything like the 'dubious content' broadcast overnight in the UK on the Radio4 FM bands (timed between the shipping forecasts just after midnight and 5:20am), then I'd support the blocking of the transmissions in the UK as well!

the content is dire - even Blue Peter and the CBBC kids channel has better more believeable content, reporters who giggle and laugh at the news, can't even pronounce their own names, sound asleep at times and have supposed interviews, which are canned (pre-recorded) with the original interviewer blotted out and the current presenter badly timing questions. Sometimes they get it wrong!

the worst bit is when they drag some group in off the street to howl into a microphone under the pretence of being an ethnic or indigenous tribal music group - probably the cleaners from the Beeb canteen!

goodness knows how Britain got to be Great - couldn't be the FO funded World Service that's for sure!

no wonder the rest of the world thinks britain is well and truly US!

Record €1.47 BEELLION EC fine for price-fixing display cartels


on the ball aren't they just?

nice to see a timely investigation - NOT!

the fines are but small change for those involved - so what was the point?

aren't anti-trust rules/investigations supposed to prevent or pick-up this kind of action at or very near, the time it took place?

6 years is a long time in technology - almost an eternity - after all, look where the internet wasn't 6 years ago!

Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?

Paris Hilton

Prettier interface? 1366 x 768

Task manager in Windows 8 has a prettier interface? Pretty is not a word i would use.

Anyone used to the Sysinternals suite (Microsoft) has seen this screen before. New? No.

Windows 8, as the Customer Preview version, installed and ran fine on a desktop, but often looked more like a 'display add-on' to Windows 7.

It is faster, IE10 is quite a bit faster and copying files appears to have had some performance improvements made, apart from the ease of instant access to other devices, iso file formats and so on

What will put most off, is the HARDWARE that WILL cause the RELEASE version of WIndows INSTALL to FAIL - even though its perfect (and sometimes Logo'ed) for Windows 7.

Intel must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Then there are those 1280x1024 screens out there in offices that will cause Windows 8 to STOP and will NOT WORK. (no, not the graphics cards, the screens)

MS has hardened the install to 1366 x 768 minimum and so far haven't found a way round this as I did in the Customer Preview release.

Shares in new screen sales will go up! Samsung must be laughing!

Windows 8 versions will confuse the punters, say OEMs



RT - surely not 'real time'?

Maybe 'RAGE TIME' for support personnel?

'Retro Tat' for pill pushers - sorry, tablet users?

Smartmobe Wi-Fi blabs FAR TOO MUCH about us, warn experts

Big Brother

Ofcom and the Wireless Telegraphy Act anyone?

My understanding was that any "interception (including reception) of any "broadcast" that is/are "not intended for the recipient" are "illegal" in the strict interpretation of the Wireless Telegraphy Act.

Device service providers may have something to say about the potential abuse of the license terms and condition.

Genuine researchers whilst providing an admirable service and holding industry "weakness" to account, are on dodgy ground here.

Maybe Bill Ray can confirm this..?

NASA's spy sat snaps Curiosity rover burning tracks on Mars


Wot no climate change?

Waiting for usual climate change 'sparks':

a) environmental damage to pristine natural landscape ( equiv on earth, wind-turbines)

b) dust emissions added to pristine 'naturally dusty' atmosphere (butterfly effect? wait for the hurricane!)

c) laser ablation of rock and mineral samples will cause chemical changes to the 'local' environment

d)climate change due to the combined effects above.

anyone notice the more we dump on mars, the heavier it gets (and the lighter, faster spinning mother earth is)?

CO2 warms Earth FASTER than previously thought


What's that bright light in the sky then?

Are you telling me the tarmac roads are melting because of CO2?

Put your hand on any black or dark painted metal object during bright sunlit days and then tell me 'heat' comes from CO2.

CO2 is one of the most misunderstood subjects on the planet.

Essential for life, absorbed by nearly every form of plant life on the planet, emitted by humans constantly 24 hours a day, every day of their lifespan.

As an atmospheric gas, its broken down by UV and other energetic emissions from the sun and as a gaseous element is abused more than anything else by climate wallahs on either side of the 'media' climate change argument.

CO2 acts as a blanket for retaining heat in the atmosphere.

Try telling that to the elderly freezing to death in northern hempisphere winters and expecting your hearing to come away unscathed!

Blankets also retain 'cold', being a form of insulation. (Now there's a commercial proposition)

Some say if we had no politicians, media commentators or climate activists, we'd produce less CO2. Probably right.

That bright light in the sky warms the earth faster than any other factor. Try sitting on the edge of the hotel pool at midday and tell me otherwise. Then try it again between 3 and 5am in the morning.

Google denies Redmond report of a spamming Android botnet


Kaspersky say on BOTH Google PLAY and Apple store

Looks like both are to blame. Found in Russia.


Barclaycard site falls over, web payments impossible


must be DNSChanger

some might blame the FBI removing infected servers

some might say they've finally run out of money

some might say they've had to pay their bonuses in full

probably just some c*up

ps. barclaycard is a trading name of Barclays plc

UK.gov gives nod to .scot



So who will be first to register the TLD, .free and then the address 'scot.free' - England maybe after scottish independence?

best leave the brief website 'a.scot' alone or maybe Her Majesty might send the corgis round!


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