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Beijing's tightening grip on Hong Kong could put region's future as an up-and-coming tech hub in jeopardy


Re: "we need clarity on what the laws will involve before we can decide anything"

Baggio Leung HK independent spokesperson and leader of HK National Front Political Group

arrested with the largest hauls of explosives in HK's history.

HK was always supposed to have security laws, those complaining have similar and worse security laws as does every major country. The protesters are saying the basic law should be respected, that's ironic. the US used it's own national security laws to ban HK and Chinese students from studying certain subjects, the irony gets even more insane from here. The US has used security laws to take rights away from it's own citizens, the PATRIOT act!. 3 million HK'ers signed the partition supporting these laws to stop the rioting. HK residents have bought champagne to celebrate when it comes in, people are fed up with the rioters destroying their life. The Cato institute ranked HK safety dropping to 3rd place based on mathematical democratic models. HK has become more free post handover from the UK colonial rule. The rioters even destroyed a quarantine centre in February and killed a street cleaner and setting a construction worker on fire permanently disfiguring him and so much more. You now have resident's begging and cheering the national security laws. The people collaborating with the US interfering with HK have gotten away with it, Dr Micheal Pilsbury Hudson Institute Washington DC has confirmed that the US NED has funded these rioters with millions of $ and connected with Benny Tai one of the Occupy HK leaders this clear US funding is only scratching the surface.

What you can actually see with your own eye's Joshua Wong and a few of his mates flew to Washington DC multiple times the most outrageous was when he and his buddies testified in front of congress at what was called "The Summer of Discontent" which was basically anti-China carnival where they shared ideas about how to contain China and tried to push through legislation to sanction HK which is ridiculous. You've got countries where people are dying because of US sanctions and these protest leaders begging for sanctions. Guess who HK is going to have to rely on when it's cut off from the rest of the world and loose their special trading statuses.

Joshua Wong's active measure to try and destroy HK and cheering on US aggression against China is a national security issue.

US Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Holly and many others came to hang out with the protesters in HK and they had such beautiful words for them too which is in stark contrast to what they have said about the black lives matter protesters who they don't seem too eager to meet in the streets like they did with the HK protesters and not needing to fly half way around the world.

How would the same actions be tolerated in the US if China did the same to them?


Re: Welcome....

I don't think Hong Kong want this kids that have been manipulated by the US NED National Endowment for Democracy spun out of the CIA to fund opposition movements and media to support regime change.

The US wants to break off the Xinjiang autonomous region from China and want to weaponise minority groups of countries it doesn't like.

Why are you criticising China when you and your allies are doing worse things. A year of protests and riots in HK and there was never a kerfew. The US brought in a kerfew and soldiers after days or similar riots in the US, yet they threatened China if they did the same. The rioters killed a street cleaner and burned a construction worker pouring gasoline on him and setting him on fire.

The NED has funded these protests,

Australian government sun to set on NBN funding


NBN would have been self sustaining

The NBN would have been completed from income previously, thou now with FttN the higher OPEX

from maintenance of FttN cabinets, batteries, copper lines [estimated at $1B of the current $1.4B/yr] etc. means the first $1.5B a year dissappears and can't be used to finnish the network.

What a great plan.

16 telco heads request data retention funding info from Turnbull, Brandis


Bet the best SysAdmins/DevOps accidentally effup the backups

This will be circumvented by 'Accidents' and the data will be lost, corrupted etc. Made

almost un-usable etc, Super-capacitors good for making a instant data wiper, so lets

see the word 'retention' be redefined!

Google grand fromage Eric Schmidt: Backing climate denier lobby a 'mistake'


Re: Crap rebuttal, as you would know if it had happened to you @Thought About IT

These comments are the same ones from decades ago.

It IS agreed that humans are causing issues with the climate buy burning fossil fuels causing the

release of co2 that has been stored over 100,000s of years in under 150 years.

Well I suppose you can't fix stupid.

CONFIRMED: NBN Co has NO blackspot fix plan


With 38,000 klms of Fibre installed for the Backbone, 90 of the 121 POI's installed and operational the NBN has achieved quite alot since the signing of the agreement with Telstra not that long ago. So any claim that it is only 3% complete is just BS. Given that in order to get decent income you need to provide all speed tiers at all end points as you don't know who will want what speed and they may well move. The LNP's Fraudband just can't make much income with only offering maybe up to 25 mbps with no quality of service, no upload speed to talk of. Let alone the maintenance nightmare of maintaining five different technologies. The power for all these node cabinets, 60,000 at 5kw/h is over $8Billion a decade just for the 30% on FttN + ?? for HFC and FttH node cabinets will use hmmm Zip power per decade.

Huawei says US stance is 'protectionism'


Huawei Android source release is intentionally modified

Until Huawei release un stuffed up source code that can actually be used to build a working binary. All the Australian CEO of Huawei efforts will not be believed. Maybe he should speak to his chinese counterparts and get this fixed asap. The developers at modoco have commented that the source release from Huawei has been intentionally corrupted so that the bluetooth, camera, and other systems will not even compile due to Huawei tampering with it intentionally.

Climate-change scepticism must be 'treated', says enviro-sociologist


All commentards

When the commentards have spent as much time and come up with another outcome, then they have the right to believe it. Untill then shut the f.up.

I thought people that read the register could count past ten without taking their shoes off.


Re: She has a point

WHen you have done as much work on the issue, and have come up with a different conclusion then you can have your say and it will have some worth.

I thought people reading the register could count past ten without taking their shoes off.

Medieval warming was global – new science contradicts IPCC


Re: El Reg Scepticism

Clearly the hottest decade != "the earth has not warmed for over 10 years at this point"

What the !!!