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MacOS wakes to a bright Catalina sunrise – and broken Adobe apps

David 47

Adobe Support

I have an Adobe Lightroom perpetual license.

If you had it installed on Mojave and upgraded to Lightroom, it would work.

However, i committed the cardinal sin of installing a fresh Catalina copy and it wouldn't let me install Lightroom anymore !!

The app is apparently 64 bit but the installer is 32 bit.

Anyway, here begins my ordeal with support. Having stated the above, the drones tried redirecting me to download the 32bit copy twice.

One was cheeky enough to suggest that i use Adobe forums for answers (seriously?) and finally one slightly sensible drone gave me the dreaded answer "Its currently not supported. We will let you know once it is. Meanwhile, <link> is where you can buy Creative Cloud...."

Whatever happened to agile development ?

Shame that Adobe and Apple cant get their act right.

Tesla books over $8bn in overnight sales claims Elon Musk

David 47

Punt Alert?

So basically, Elon collected money from the market. Got a cool deposit (refundable though), will leverage and invest in business. Markets saw the stock go up 8% and corrected back to normal levels. Someone made money in that 8% fluctuations that day. Thats all that matters as of today.

Computacenter rips up £43m council contract over razor-thin margin

David 47
Paris Hilton

Isn't this a violation

Isn't this a violation of the Code of Conduct for evaluating RFPs.

Governments and Councils are not supposed to disclose failure of negotiations.

it is an open invitation for the next bidder for not dropping prices during negotiations.


Paris : Because she won't drop prices....


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