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Imprisoned Norwegian mass murderer says PlayStation 2 is 'KILLING HIM'

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he's been a bad boy, no video games or electronics and be glad we don't spank him.

Do dishwashers really blunt knives

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the dishwasher temperature was detrimental to the handles on my henckles knives

i had 2 roommates that would use my knives and then put them in the dishwasher to wash instead of wiping them down which i was used to doing while chefing my way throughcollege for an it degree. the knives cost quite a bit and i was a little upset that they were put in the dishwasher to clean, especially when i noticed the cracked handles when retrieving them. the care instructions that come with the knives specifically say 'no dishwasher' and now i know why.

the hot/cold, expansion/contraction effect on my henckles professional s series knives caused the black plastic handles to crack on a 10" chef knife and a 4" paring knife. i think this is due to the knives being full tang construction and the plastic handle bits being riveted onto the full tang. the knives were replaced under the lifetime warranty. i've always had my knives professionally sharpened and only use a honing steel on them to straighten the edge out and they were only washed a couple of times in the dishwasher so i can't comment on them being dulled with an automatic wash.

T-Mobile FREES AMERICANS to roam world sans terrifying charges

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Re: T-Mobile just don't know how to run a mobile network

all the more reason i've been happy to be a loyal t-mobile subscriber for 12+ years. i just called last month and they shaved $20 off of mty monthly bill with a new plan i heard about that still offers me unlimited text, data, and us calls. it was painful the first few years with spotty network coverage but they are improving and wifi calling(stuck with touchwiz roms unfortunately when i really want cyanogenmod back) covers the gaps in coverage beautifully.

Symantec sharpens axe as 1,700 awarded the Order of the Boot - report

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backup exec 2012 was so bad that.......

the release of backup exec 2012 is the most backwards step in software development i've ever seen. they took a good thing and totally borked it. i'm glad to see they are reaping the rewards of dumping trash on their enterprise customers.

Windows Phone 7 'not fit for big biz ... unlike Android, iOS'

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you need go no further than to know that phone7 can't dig into exchange subfolders to know it's not meant for the business world. 'nuff said

Has virtualization really ended all your worries?

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Re: VM iffy

hyper-v is not supported in any way, shape, or form on sbs 20xx. someone was asking for trouble and ignoring a wealth of documentation when they implemented it.


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