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A drone of one's own: Reg buyers' guide for UAV fanciers


You were doing so well until the general advice too.

The CAA aren't planning to change the rules. You do need a license to carry out any commercial work. You won't be able to get any valid insurance without one and you will be fined if the CAA catch up with you.

Don't rush to update your software until it's tested out as fine. It's the same as with any tech, first adopters often suffer but in this instance it usually means re-acquainting yourself with the laws of gravity.

Another vote for the Hubsan X4 btw

Man FLIES with Android-powered homemade bird wings


I'm just surprised anyone had to resort to science fact, to out this as a viral, I mean, everyone used their eyes while watching the clearly dodgy footage didn't they? Did the entire tech press have a common sense bypass all at once? Oh and hey, look at what Nintendo are releasing tomorrow http://www.nintendo.co.uk/kidicarus

In other news, I've got some magic beans for sale.