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Linux clockpocalypse in 2038 is looming and there's no 'serious plan'


The beginning of the Disco Decade...

or 1/1/1970 at 0:00

Please upgrade to at least 64 bit computing by 2038.

If I live till then, I'll make my best effort.

We take bots down, but they get up again – you're never going to keep them down


Re: When will the NSA do their damn jobs?

I believe that I am one of the targets.


My love of porn has no relation to my political opinion / beliefs.

Firefox 30


Re: Firefox 30

What really upsets me in flash


Looks like 64bit is fine but 32 bit is left to a sad fate.

Brit colo outfit Alphadex offline all weekend after attack


Re: Forget the waranty - keep those spares on hand.

The full details are hackers exploited unsecured WordPress scripts which allowed them to install a UDP relay service on the customers virtual server. This UDP relay service then sent traffic between itself and other compromised servers on the network, the traffic proliferated until it hit it's capacity.

Facebook phone app attempts to seize ALL YOUR MAIL


Re: Good advice

If you are a droid punter, get your phone rooted then get root uninstaller and zap the bloatware.

Commodore outs Linux-running Amiga Mini desktop


Re: AmigaOS now just a gnome theme

Was from the server headers.

Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5

X-AspNet-Version: 4.0.30319

X-Powered-By: ASP.NET

I'm indifferent on the tech but they're not using Commodore OS


AmigaOS now just a gnome theme


You can get their amazing custom linux version from their

Windows/IIS/.NET powered website.