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German lodges todger in 13 steel rings


Re: Pedant Alert

Shouldn't that be dyed-in-the-wool?

Pilots asking not to fly F-22 after oxygen problems


Re: Solution (stu4 @09:44GMT)

I think that is only true if the canopy is open. It would add weight if it inside a closed space.

Mozilla gives passive-aggressive missive to pre-Firefox 3.6 hold-outs

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Re: Tabs are Broken

You can still have your tabs open at the end of the list by going into the about:config page (type exactly that in the address bar) and scroll down to the browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent field and change it io FALSE

'Lex Nokia' company snoop law passes in Finland



Quoting AC 14:02 "I don't understand the idea that the company can snoop on you just because you're using their hardware"

Are you kidding me? Doesn't the very fact that it is their hardware entitle them to use it as they see fit? I have never heard of any company whose employee policy didn't state somewhere that company email is intended for company correspondence only, or some similar words. Even if everybody knows that the rules are loosely if at all enforced and everybody emails their spouse, or passes around jokes, the language is still there and is "officially" the policy. Our emails are not only archived and retained for 7 years, they are also actively monitored. Not every message is read, obviously, only a representative random sample but if a certain flagged word is used in a message that email will be sent to a reviewer to read. And the filtered words can be added at will to flag any subject.

I am in IT so I don't get to read any of the juicy details of peoples personal lives, but if some supervisor/auditor/regulator/whoever says "I need to see all messages sent by X employee during the month of May 2003", then 5 minutes later they will have a CD in their hands to read at their leisure. Not trying to be funny here but I assumed that this was true Everywhere

Windows 7 fast track alarms technical testers


Appears ready for RC to me

To be honest Windows 7 seems nothing more than a service pack to Vista with a name change to appease disgruntled Vista users who will maybe think this is now all new and improved. This guy, is is "Chris" or "Christ"123NT, the article can't seem to make up it's mind seems to be just having a fit because he's not "special" any more he's upset that he can't go around bragging he has the latest and greatest and we don't, because now anyone can get it. Also after using Win7 for a few weeks now, I find it stable and nowhere near the resource pig that Vista was. At idle it uses ~350-400MB of RAM compared to 1-1.5GB for Vista. I haven't had a crash and finding drivers has been easy. It seems like MS is actually implementing some genuine improvements here, so why not give them a break?

Hulu's Hollywood overlords force Boxee block


Freudian slip, Or????

"Hulu said the site's steaming shows will no longer be available"

Ummm, isn't that a good thing that those steaming piles of sh.... err sh..ows, will be unavailable?

Authors Guild to Amazon Kindle: Shut up


Re: it's time to stop by John

That is a brilliant idea, there are several actors I can think of who could greatly benefit the movie industry by having an anvil or piano dropped on their heads

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot


No need to wipe the drive

XP users upgrading to WIN7 Ultimate Beta don't need to back up their data, though you do need to re instsall all your programs after. The Install does it for them. It just wraps up the entire contents of your Windows and Program Files directories and stuffs them in a folder called "Windows.OLD" leaving everything else intact. Besides, Who keeps their Data on their system partition anyway?

Hyperion harbours building blocks of life, says NASA



Density is a measure of the ratio of Mass to Volume. Being less dense than water means that this moon would float if dropped in the Pacific ocean. Wood for instance is less dense than water hence it floats, it is still a solid however and retains its shape very well. Viscosity is usually used when talking about liquids, not solid bodies like this moon, but I suppose if it were to apply, it would be much MORE viscous than water, not less.

Chileans mislay large lake


Standard Wales?

Maybe not the best measure of area, since as we all know, If you flattened out Wales it would be bigger than England.