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Seagate flashes 60TB (yes, sixty) SSD monster

Harry McGregor

You are aware that almost all enterprise SSD in use today is MLC?

The limitations of MLC have been worked around with advanced controller firmware, etc.

Sure SLC is more reliable, but MLC is easily made reliable enough.

Boffins set networking record with marathon 12,000 km fiber data run

Harry McGregor

Re: So....how was it really tested?

Data transmission fiber (ie singlemode or multimode) is glass...

Staples comes clean: 1+ million bank cards at risk after hack

Harry McGregor

Re: Card cloning? What's that?

Nope, my very recent B of A card is Chip and Signature (and Magstripe), but not Chip and Pin.

Office 365 turns Lotus eater

Harry McGregor

Won't trust MS for any migration

Local University here attempted to move to BPOS before Office 365 existed, and were promised a migration path.

After about 8,000 users were migrated, it turns out the only MS supported migration path for over 16,000 users (faculty and staff only) was to sync to a PST and upload the PST to Office 365, one user at a time.

MS is quick to bring in migration tools for other's products, but once you pick an MS product your SOL even if you want to move to another MS product.

The University went with a local MS Exchange deployment, and had to do the user by user migration...

Personally having been a lotus user (and administrator, at times), I far prefer Notes and Domino over Exchange and Sharepoint.

Microsoft tears the wraps off Windows 8 Enterprise

Harry McGregor

That's if your using hard drives.... I have been moving all the small biz I deal with to 120GB SSD drives for the windows machine, and then networks storage (linux/samba) for the real data.

Seagate strikes trillion bit HAMR blow

Harry McGregor

Re: I am of the opinion

Transfer rates (for sequential IO) will surely go up.

Access time, aka seek time, or latency for anything more random will go up or stay the same.

Hopefully flash based cache of ~4-32GB range will help solve some of this, but it's still going to be there for non-sequential IO.