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Smart fridges are cool, but after a few short years you could be stuck with a big frosty brick in the kitchen


Gilfoyle Hacks Jian Yang's Smart Fridge


Blundering London council emails unredacted version of notorious Gangs Matrix to 44 people. Data ends up on Snapchat


Fine culture

I understand that organisations / companies etc need to be held accountable for when they're are breaches like this one.

Unfortunately nowadays, its becoming almost a cultural thing... fine the hell out of anything, everything and everyone!

Look at all of the companies popping up to cash in on this "fine culture" PPI fines been the most notable.

Facebook blames 'server config change' for 14-hour outage. Someone run that through the universal liar translator


Cleaner unplugged something

Probably a cleaner in the server room and unplugging something to plug in their Henry vacuum!

It’s baaack – Microsoft starts pushing out the Windows 10 October 2018 Update



Apple breathes new life into MacBook Air with overhauled 2018 model


Im not sure what to make of this release to be honest

I own both the...

MacBook Pro 13" with touch bar

Macbook 12

As stated in the presentation, it hits a lower price point then the Pro & 12 whilst providing a retina screen.

What I find slightly annoying is that its overall depth is the same as the Pro model

Depth: 8.36 inches (21.24 cm)

ok its a little lighter but hey...

I see this as a comprise more than anything

Its basically a slightly lighter 13" pro without Touch Bar

Would make sense to kill off the non touch pro model considering the new air is pretty much the same

What would have been sweet, is if it had the same svelte case as the MacBook but with a 13" screen

At last! Apple admits its MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards utterly suck, offers free replacements


Re: Stop shilling

Not really, up until a few years ago was and I guess still am still an avid pc user. However as I work from home and remotely in general, I needed something uber portable to work my magic with :-)

However when I'm in the mancave, I have the Mac hooked up to an external monitor and on a stand... hence the external keyboard and mouse.


Im getting bored of the Mac haters, and the constant drivel on virtually every tech site out there, jumping on the bandwagon to moan about the latest keyboards.

I've used the

* Macbook 12 (2016)

* Macbook 12 (2017)

* MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2017)

They are great to type on! Sure they take some getting used to in the first instance, and the 2nd gen butterfly keyboards on the 2017 models feel more tactile.

Whilst they are not as robust as the older models, doesn't mean you hammer the hell out of the keyboards just to prove a point! I keep my clean and where possible, for example when Im working from home, will use an external bluetooth keyboard.

Remember peeps, the internet nowadays seems to be just for the haters / those who have had problems (minority) ... where are the people saying actually guys, these machines are pretty sweet?

How often do you go online to see how good a product is?

Oh and I typed this anti-rant on my Macbook 12 (2017) whilst sat in Starbucks :-)

MacBook Pro petition begs Apple for total recall of krap keyboards


One of the "downsides" about articles like this on the interwebz, is they only show one side to the user experience...

Granted, people take to the web when things go wrong, but how many people take to the web when they are happy with a product?!

I've used both the previous design MacBooks and the new butterfly keyboard.

Granted it takes some getting used to and granted there seems to be cases of failures rearing their head now that the new mechanism is in a lot more peoples hands nowadays...

With articles like this, they seem to bring out the haters, and #metoo crowd!

I for one am one of those "happy / no problemo" users.. my MacBook 12 (2017 model) is my daily driver and use it out and about, for work and leisure purposes and no problems :-)

I digress...

The argument of how apple are dealing with any hardware failures aside... my reason for replying is again, how many people are out there, who do have and like the new mechanism and have had no faults / failures?

Lloyds Banking Group to hang up on call centre staffers


Service Desk Offshore!


So you want to roll your own cloud


Loving the writing style in this article, am pushing x10 lols and head nods in the first handful of paragraphs!

I thought I could build an empire from my ikle self hosted wordpress blog several years ago... and then got fed up and went to work for a large faceless conglomerate!

New York to draft in 250 IT contractors because state staff 'lack talent'


The company I work for (C*pita) have this in reverse! They have IT gurus employed and then get rid of em, drop the salary for the roles and hire taletnless monkeys!


Roku 3: Probably the best streaming player on the market ... for now, at least


I will admit though, out of all the devices / companies on the market offering streaming devices, I have the most respect for Roku....


For me, it boils down to your household eco system and subscriptions

... we have had roku, chromecast and apple tv and all have their advantages / disadvantages

In our household we download most of our content (haters gonna hate) and for casual viewing we subscribe to netflix. Furthermore we have a predominant apple eco system in our house with MacBooks, iPod, iPhone and iPad.... apple tv allows for seamless screen casting from all of these devices and is pretty snappy when it comes to netflix streaming. So again for our needs, the apple tv is the obvious choice

That said, and as the article discusses, our experience with Roku was the best when it came to all out content and apps, but again in our apple eco-system a no go when it comes to seamless casting of on device content to the big tv.

PS - When are Roku and Kodi (formerly xbmc) gonna get into bed with one another, now that would be a match made in heaven!

Apple unveils hints of Monday's new-product announcements


Ipad mini with retina screen... its the only thing people are still crying out for

Review: Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch Ultrabook


As soon as I saw the resolution, I stopped reading!

Ironically I'm sending this reply from my beloved HP Pavilion DM1 which has a 1366x768 however on a 11.6" screen, its the sweetspot. Oh and the display folds horizontal on mine too.... battery lasts a good 8-9 hrs :-P

But yeah, any screen larger than 11.6" should not have 720p rez :(

Netbooks projected to become EXTINCT by 2015


My contribution to this article is that whilst I agree that netbooks have had their day, small form factor laptops have not...

Im writing this reply from my beloved Dual Core HP Pavilion DM1 with a 9hr battery life, 11.6"inch screen and 730p resolution (1366x768)... I frequently use it to stream 1080p movies (XBMC installed) to my spare room LED tv...

Again, netbooks are on their way out yes, but not because of their size, because of their low resolution and overall underpowered graphics and processors

How an Amazon engineer's slip-up started a 20-hour Netflix cock-up


/me shakes his head from side to side and ads another handful of movies to his couchpotato / newsgroup queue... can't beat locally stored content :-)

Its an irony how us web pirates have a more robust solution than the poor souls who choose to go legit ;-)

Mobile operators mourn death of embedded 4G


Re: I thought so. So here they are again!

Tethering here in the uk on the three network is a joy.... I use the payngo plan.... every time I topup with £15 amongst other benefits I get unlimited / all-you-can-eat data transfers, which is perfect for tethering!

On a side note, there is also the wonderful connectify application for windows 7 users


Which allows you to share an existing wifi connection on your laptop to other devices, for example if your logged into a coffee shops wifi where you need an account, this can be shared with other devices without the need to share your login details.

Again another reason why tables with their own 3g/4g built in will go the way of the dodo

Rock'n'Roll Racing


Re: This game cost me a fortune!!

I still play this bad boy at least once a week on my (cough) softmodded xbox running amongst others the snes emulator. Sometimes tempting to google the cheat codes though and roar round the tracks tooled up to the hilt!

Fragmentation bomb wounds Android in developer war


Who Cares

From a user perspective, who cares! Just ride the android gravy train as long as you can, and when something better / more popular comes along... jump ship!

Although saying that, where the frig is the tomtom satnav app for android!

Friggin apple fan boyz win this time!


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