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Intel imagines chips in nappies to create the Internet of sh*t things


Surely we are just talking about a standard nappy with two wires running down the center (under the surface) up to two pop buttons on the front where the notifier is clipped. Therefore the expensive bit is reusable. It also ties people in to using special expensive nappies.

iFixit boss: Apple has 'done everything it can to put repair guys out of business'


The Mrs just finally let go of her nokia 6300, that thing has had 5 keypads 3 screens and 2 batteries.

Imagine if that had been an idevice....

Dark matter: Good news, everyone! We've found ... NOTHING AT ALL


It's not there guys...

Dark matter is needed to make the maths work for what we are observing.

The maths makes assumptions (flat universe, etc..)

Come on guys, the drawing board is calling.

Let the whole dark matter, dark energy thing go, it's had it's time.

Didn't Hawking say the universe was saddle shaped or something, how does the maths look for that?

Why would the universe be flat and at rest, it just had a huge big bang, that we still do not know the cause of.

What caused that could have left the universe in a right state.

Einstein almost tagged dark energy in the early 1920s


The fault is in the theory not in the search

The need for dark energy is due to a flaw in the thinking of the shape of the universe.

We know mass puts a dint in "space time" but what we ignore is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Between the lumps of mass space time is bulging up, causing the effects we atribute to dark energy.

If you drop a ball in water the amount of water it displaces has to move away.

Same with "space time" except it moves away at the speed of light.

What is at the edge of the universe......I tidal wave of disturbed space time spreading outwards.

oh and the big bang was something 4th dimentional "twanging" space time, and as it jumped back the energy released formed matter etc.. etc.. you can work it out from there.

ALIEN DETECTION was SUPPRESSED by the BBC - top boffin


And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space,

'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth.

O2 flogs logs of mobe locations to anyone with a wallet

Black Helicopters

Time for.... track your MP. com

If it was us tracking MPs or CEOs of companies the law would be down on us like a ton of bricks.

Guess who I saw going into a knocking shop last week.......

Sorry "anonymised" data.......

Guess who's town hall office I saw someone leave, only to go into a knocking shop last week.......

Parasitic data mining must be regulated, to avoid invasion of privacy.

AuthenTec sells out to Apple to the sound of 1,000 lawsuits

Big Brother

Re: Your rival may get many more viewers by NOT banning it

There are no rivals in tv and film. It's a monopoly. If you want to see a particular film or to a lesser extent tv program, you go by the rules of that one studio.

Thats why tv and film from the web is so messed up, until they start to give blanket rights to distibuters we will never have competition. (think music industry 10-15 years ago)

Do you think all the studios would rollover if you just said "Hi I would like to offer your whole back catalogue, and that of all your competitors, for one blanket fee for which I will give you 50%. Is that ok?"

LOL your feet would not touch the floor on the way out.

Raspberry Pi served with Ice Cream Sandwich


Remember it's for kids not for you wrinkly tinkerers

The prime driving force for the R-Pi was to teach kids to program.

Now it can tech kids to program for an OS that they have in thier pocket.

Giving them real world experience.

(Apart from the apple fan boys and girls who are too posh to write thier own code and just use what apple tell them to, LOL)

Uni plagiarism site buckles under crush of last-minute essays


When I was at Uni, it was the printers, photocopiers, binders and laminators that crashed under the heavy load of last min submissions.

Yes I did a degree before google.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?


A man called rainbo



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