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EE unveils shoebox-sized router to boost Brit bumpkin broadband


Re: The last 4%

And yet, you don't have to be miles away from civilization... I'm still well within the boundaries of my city and I get, on a good day and with wind in the right direction, 7 Mbps at best!!

The problem seems quite far more spread that they want to make sound!

Google loses Android friends with Pixel exclusivity


" It has a price to match the iPhone"

I think I can see one issue right there!!!

Email proves UK boffins axed from EU research in Brexit aftermath


And yet, when the infamous "breaking point" poster was unveiled, I really didn't see any brexiter standing up saying: not in my name.

All stood quiet, looking elsewhere.

For me, this was a predominantly racist vote and I haven't found proof, and not for lack of searching, saying otherwise..

Google doesn’t care who makes Android phones. Or who it pisses off



"Statistically speaking, the number of people who upgrade their 5.x Android to 6.x is almost zero".

Realistically speaking people can't upgrade because the phone manufacturer won't release the new version OS and even if they do, the phone provider will ensure it get buried...

So that if you want to get the new Shiny OS you got to renew the contract and get a new Shiny Phone...

I bought myself a Nexus 5 and albeit it's hasn't all the bells and whistles I had in my Samsung, I am kept up to date really often, with all the security advantages....

And once this phone will die, I won't surely go back to Sammy ....

Tesla books over $8bn in overnight sales claims Elon Musk


Re: I know a few people who put in their orders.

Several hundred miles?

A plane might be a better option! :)

Cameron co-opts UK mobile industry for EU Remain campaign


Re: David Cameron... ... is starting to piss me off now.

I have just 3 words: "House of Lords"...

How long until a medieval institution is brought to the 19th century (one step at the time, better not rush).

Why is everybody happy than a non elected elite rules over all of us?

Skype now translates in real-time into seven languages


Re: Any commentard reviews?

Is this a sarcastic comment ??

My experience with automatic transcription is that it's now a bonding moment, calling all my colleagues around my desk and read outloud the utter nonsense it splurts out !!

European Patent Office fires up lawyers over claims of cosy love-in with Microsoft


(The US patent system is a (rubber-stamping operation) significantly cheaper and more efficient if you are a USA company.)

There, ~I fixed it for you! :)

LinkedIn users rebel after personal data siphon crimped

Thumb Down

I gave them the boot a long long time ago, when I realized that my info was distributed far and wide across the web.

Dodgy practices, I don't want to have anything to do with them !

Apple 'Genius': iPhone 6? We've had NO COMPLAINTS about our BENDY iThing


Re: Phat Aluminium?

I would like to point out that being quite a ductile material, when bent, aluminum will retain the shape.

A plastic, definitively more elastic, would try to get back to the original shape.

Time to move away from Windows 7 ... whoa, whoa, who said anything about Windows 8?


quick fix ....

and hold out for the as yet unreleased Windows 9 aka "Threshold", Service Pack 1.

There, makes more sense now ! :)

Trials of 'Iron Man' military exoskeleton due in June


Re: Timeline of events

Incidentally, Mickey Rourke's Russian character used the word "салют" (pron. "salut") that in Russian means "fireworks" :)

Surface 2 and iPad Air: Prepare to meet YOUR DOOM under a 'Landfill Android' AVALANCHE


"they can have files copied to them using micro-SD cards"...unless you have a Google branded device,, in that case you're stuffed!!

In my particular case this has been a deal breaker so far ...

BlackBerry Messenger RESURRECTED for iOS, Android doodads


Re: Hype...

in my experience no one really is actively using Skype on their mobile ... just leave it running for half hour and it will drain your battery flat !

Whatsapp, Viber and (god help us) Facebook messenger are far more used, judging from the marked ranking,

But yes there are more widely diffused messaging services ... blackberry missed a trick, they should have released a client yonks ago... maybe 4 years !

Now it is really no longer relevant with a spiralling down user base... too little, far, far too late !

Credit card-sized mobile simplified for oldies


Re: Why are the volume buttons so small and diddly?

I would also add that I can't really see an easy way for an elderly person to charge it !

The micro USB is a nightmare to fit as it is, even being able to see the "arrow" on one side of the connector .... bad idea really !!!

Maybe they needed a cradle to recharge it ....

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK


and talking about cars...

It's not just the MPGs versus litres per 100 km, but also the power in BHP should translate into KW...

but no manufactures quotes it as is comes out at a lower value :)

1 HP = 0.7457 KW

So, what IS the worst film ever made?


The Women!

I just remembered this one!!!

If you GF/wife brings back a DVD, run in the kitchen and poke your eyes out with a fork, you'll thank me for causing the least pain!!!!

13% in rottentomatoes... and 13% too many in my opinion!!!


Space Balls 2

That was a real con!!

The posters outside had Rick Moranis dressed in a Vader-like uniform same as the 1st movie, but once the film started was a crappy high school crap thing!!!

I walked off the cinema 20 mins in!


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