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Bill Gates to pull a Steve Jobs and SAVE MICROSOFT – report

Some Call Me Tim

A return to the old days

Oh Dear :-(

On the one hand if Bill returns to product development I'm rather glad I haven't got shares in MS, but on the other it means I'll have many more years being on the gravy train of being paid loads trying to get unnecessarily complicated fundamentally flawed dodgy MS products to work :-)

Hooray for Bill! and the many extra hours of overtime for all us techies he's given us over the years :-)

Top 10 Steve Ballmer quotes: '%#&@!!' and so much more

Some Call Me Tim

Fairwell Steve

Steve announces he's leaving and share price instantly jumps 9% ,says it all.

I feel sorry for the next guy/girl as they have a hell of a mess to sort out. There again it'd be really difficult to do any worse than Steve B!

O2 tears wraps off £26-a-month mobe sport, music, games (and 4G)

Some Call Me Tim

WTF are these operators thinking ?

only 1 or 2 GB a month what are they thinking? do they really not understand what a smart phone is for?

That's why after years with O2 I've just moved to 3 with all you can eat data. And I'm sure I'll not be the only one.

3 will be laughing unless you're with them you'll be paying s#!tloads to the other muppets

Confirmed: Driverless cars to hit actual British roads by end of year

Some Call Me Tim

Here's a Thought

So they are spending billions on trying to teach a computer to drive a car safely and reduce congestion, wouldn't it be simpler to spend a fraction of that teaching humans to drive properly? and for the ones that simply can't grasp it, take away their driving licence and give them a bus pass. Less drivers on the roads and the ones who are left know how drive properly, Problem solved. Except there'll be busses full of idiots (which we could just drive off a cliff young ones style which would solve many other problems)

Hard drive sales to see double-digit dive this year

Some Call Me Tim

'Just looking at the amount of DVD amd BD media I have around my house. It's crazy to think that it will go away'

Are all those CD's and DVD's of yours sat on top of of a pile of cassette tapes and vinyl?

'Sure, ultra books or tablets don't have the drives but laptops, desktops and servers will still need them for years to come'

The desktop is already dying and servers haven't needed them for some time. What actually walk down into the datacenter to put a cd in, you must be like walking!

Yeah and blue ray really took off didn't it? Optical will soon be gone and good riddance to it no more overladen shelves full of boxes gathering dust.

Bubble baron treats Space Station crew to blowup model

Some Call Me Tim

Fun with Foam

I believe that they are not filled with just air like a party balloon which is either likely to slowly deflate or go pop! they are filled with an expanding foam which I'm taking hardens later like cavity wall insulation.

First rigid airship since the Hindenburg enters trials

Some Call Me Tim

Re: Compressed air tank ?

>> Using an air tank that can be compressed (rather than helium) would allow for a larger weight change with less chance of losing expensive helium.

That sounds rather more sensible, suck the outside air on-board and compress it into tanks to take on weight. The surrounding air is also full of moisture unless you're over a cloudless desert and this could be taken on-board too.

Windows Media Center EPG has SWITCHED OFF, wail Euro users

Some Call Me Tim

Re: So glad I'd already given up on MS and Media Centre

Stu. you must be running it on a high powered box the codecs you can use in WMC don't support offloading to the GPU so if you're trying to play HD on a nice quite little small form factor PC such as the Acer REVO you'll only get unacceptable jerky performance. The big gripe with WMC and MS in general is very poor performance browsing large folders once you start to get a lot of media files in them. As others have mentions there are far far better products to use now than anything from Redmond and a lot of them now are cross platform too.

Some Call Me Tim

So glad I'd already given up on MS and Media Centre

Having used Media Center as my freeview PVR for many years I gave up on it when I moved to using satellite. The codecs in Media centre 7 are so out of date and slow they simply can't cope with satellite HD and after much pulling of hair I gave up installed XBMC for my media and got a slingbox for TV/PVR. I feel lucky not to be in the same mess those still using Media Centre are now in.

Microsoft braces for Surface RT feedback storm

Some Call Me Tim

Ballmer is still mad.

Ballmer must either be quite mad or have shares in Apple, it's the only convincing argument for Microsoft's business practices. So glad I'm not a shareholder.

Elon Musk envisions small town of vegetarians on Mars

Some Call Me Tim
Paris Hilton

Re: Optional

I'd pay $500,000 dollars to send Pier Morgan on a one way trip to the cold desolate inhospitable wasteland that is Mars ;-)

Donations accepted to send the unwanted and unwashed to Mars are welcome. Other suggestions,Paris Hilton perhaps? anybody who's ever appeared on a reality TV show?

Just make sure we don't send them a video camera!

Why will UK web supersnoop plan cost £1.8bn? That's a secret

Some Call Me Tim

Re: Political terrorists?

'Working out how to win 40% of the vote instead of 35% could keep you in power indefinitely'

That's easy I'll perpetually vote for the party that keeps my taxes low by not wasting billions on useless projects

Brave copper single-handedly chases 'suspicious' Moon

Some Call Me Tim
Paris Hilton

Oh Ahhh

I don't know why we're taking the mickey out of poor PC plod who at least turned up to investigative and not the yokel village idiot who rang them up in the first place!

Do you think they got another call reporting a man in a silly hat with torch chasing after the moon?

Microsoft dumps Metro from Windows 8

Some Call Me Tim

The Simple Answer

The simple answer is if they can't use the "Metro"name any is to simply remove the "Metro" interface from Windows 8 completely.

That would make Everybody happy :-)

Especially MS shareholders, OEMs, Resellers, Developers, Valve, Enterprises, and of course the poor forgotten end users ;-)

YouView: The long march to... er, where exactly?

Some Call Me Tim

Why the fuss?

My TV already has built in on demand TV viewing apps such as iPlayer, 4OD etc, and my PVR already has the same as does my Xbox and my XBMC (media center PC) does a far better job than any of those for watching content all in one nice interface. This seems like too little too late to impress anybody but my Gran. It's also rather costly, costing more than my top of the range PVR and even a media center PC so why bother? Sugar you're fired!

I need to multitask, but Windows 8's Metro won't let me

Some Call Me Tim

Re: Why are we going backwards?

Nobody who works in IT will upgrade to Windows 8 because of this (well nobody who actually wants to get any work done that is!)

Typically do do my job I have several applications running in windows across 2 sometimes three monitors, I need a web browser open to read info or manage applications along with notepad++ SQL Management Studio, RDP sessions, command and powershell promts usually along with excel and word to write up documents and I go and I need to be able to view all at once and copy and paste between all of them. How I'm supposed to be able to do this efficiently viewing just one or two apps at a time in the new world of metro I do not know.

I like many have worked for years in this way and will not go back to the dark ages of doing one thing at a time. I get paid by the hour and I doubt my employers would be happy when I tell them it's going to take five times as long to do anything because I can now only do one thing at a time.

It just shows that MicroSoft are cocooned in their own world and do not even understand how their current user base use their own products. Any company that doesn't listen to its customers is doomed to failure.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

Some Call Me Tim

Depressing Drivel

I propose all of the grim excuse for films directed by the miserable Ken Loach. What a complete waste of good celluloid. The world would be a much happier place if he'd never got anywhere near a camera. http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/unhappy_32.png


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