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Huawei CTO insists: 'We are not a threat to UK and US national security'

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yeah, right

They would say that, wouldn't they ? (with apologies to M Rice-Davis)

Tech boffins: Spend gov money on catching cyber crooks, not on AV

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Arresting the cybercriminals

You can only arrest a cyber criminal if he is operating from a country where:

Cybercrime is illegal, and in some places it isn't

The local criminal justice organisations are willing to help you

You have appropriate legal agreements in place

The criminals haven't corrupted local law enforcement or come to a tacit agreement with law enforcement and the state in return for 'services rendered' to help the state from time to time.

It's no co-incidence that much cybercrime originates from places where the criminals are pretty much immune from arrest and prosecution. Bullet-proof web hosting is one such example.

Nice idea, but only 6 out of 10 for grasp of the facts.

LOHAN's fantastical flying truss menaces kiddies

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The kinetic energy of an object is half the mass times the square of the velocity. The speed at which the balsa falls is far more important than the mass of the truss. Bullets are quite light but travel at very high speeds, that's why they do a lot of damage. It's why birdstrikes are such a problem for fast jets, hitting a sparrow at 600 knots can cause very serious problems.