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Reg tries out Google's Chromecast: Yep, we even tested smut sites


I am working out in the US atm and bought one to have a play with ($35 = £20 approx) - the tab casting is a bit iffy but for playing local content from mobile/tablet/desktop I have found BubbleUPNP to be pretty good. You don't need a full server install (unless you want to do transcoding of files that the chromecast doesn't support natively) on a big machine - client just points the local file and streams it directly to the 'cast. Works well and again, you can open up a web browser on your device and do other things as it streams in the background. couple of £ for the android client, think the rest if free and OSS (NAS installable too).

Only real PITA is that it must, at all times, be connected to the internet, even to stream local content. If you're on a hotel wifi with a sign-in page you're rooked. I have to bridge through a little pocket wifi router + laptop in order to get round this issue.

Other than that, can't be beat for £20.

Belkin Dual-Band Travel Router

Big Brother


Have a look for the TP-LINK TL-MR11U. Does the same kind of thing but has an additional USB port which can be used with a 3G dongle to share that over wireless. It has a 2200mAh battery, enough to run the wireless for 3 or 4 hours heavy use, which can also be used to recharge your mobile phone if you're caught short out and about! Only problem is that it seems to be China only atm. The configuration screens take a bit of working out but there's enough english in the page title/screen that you can do everything required. £22 from one of the Beijing uber-markets. Also supported on OpenWRT if you're feeling hardcore ;)


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