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Sony set to launch smartwatch in Shanghai next week


The watch?

This is a great idea! For those of us that actually want a damn accurate watche that can set itself without having to buy Seiko's Astron watch at $3000-5000 up, it's what exactly I've been looking for.

I would buy it for that alone.

I just came back from Switzerland's Schaffhausen, the home of Swiss watchmaking and saw watches up to $10,000 each that lose 20 seconds (and up) a month.

If Seiko think there is a market for people willing to spend $5000 on a GPS watch, I think Sony will have a winner if the time is right.

Canon PowerShot S100 GPS compact camera


The fly in the ointment with this great camera (not mentioned in the article) is the completely ridiculous popup flash position; directly under the finger of your left hand holding the camera. You will get disconcerting jammed motor messages from the popup flash (did I break it this time, hope not). Fabulous camera but start learning to hold it either one handed or not in the way you would hold your SLR


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