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USA to insist on pre-flight mobe power probe


Re: I wonder how they got this information?

What?! Tigers here in the west midlands?!?! You think you could pass me some of that repellent bud? My office has a few monkeys around but a tiger is defiantly something to be worried about.

time to start carrying a UPS round now for those non battery powered items....

Reports: NSA has compromised most internet encryption


Private circuts

No such thing as private circuits i've been to the main BT comms center and they were working on bypassing and monitoring secure traffic years back and quiet proud they could see a lot of encrypted content and would happily hand over any data requested via the legal channels so this stuff isnt new at all

You still reading us? Not for long! Summer is THE IT meltdown hot spot


Got into work this morning to find a honking big genny purring away..... IT had been up all night after getting alerts all night, apparently a major power switch had failed . Gotta love this weather lol

Bill Gates slurps bigger share of Olympics bungle-boys G4S


The incident with the G4S guard hurling insults at a member of the armed forces was for me the last straw, yes other people cocked up there assessments but troops that had recently returned back from operations we're then giving up there leave to help them out, in return they get screamed and spat at by a "college" who thought up this circus

Students outraged: Computer refuses to do any work for entire week



Past run in's with UCAS lead me to believe they haven't got a clue and this once again reinforces that opinion. They couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery

Interview: Steve Jackson, role-playing game titan



I rememberer reading these YEARS ago and doing exactly what is in this article with 10 fingers :) just a shame there's nothing out now days to continue the line (and such a shame the new app is only for iOS! bring it to the droid!)

GiffGaff goes titsup again in 'leccy cable gaffe


Hmmm who reported this story to you guys lol