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Curiosity photographs evidence of ancient streams on Mars

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I have waded dozens of trout streams across North America and have yet to find one were the stream bed consisted of sharp angular gravel as shown in the photo. The majority of stream bed gravel is usually smooth and rounded. The stream, if there was one, could have only run for a few years. I suppose it could be the result of an extremely infrequent flood event.

LOHAN ideas..

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Re: Freezing to the launch rail...

Launch should occur on a clear day therefore the dew point will be below ambient at all elevations. Although the rod will cool rapidly, it should be slightly warmer than the ambient temp so there will be no condensation on the rod or tube. No freezing will occur. The balloon must not pass through any clouds. Stay away from grease of any kind. A light sprinkling of powdered graphite wouldn't hurt. Stay with the single rod. I know of no amateur rocket people that use a tandem rail. Anyone who has ridden in a balloon knows there is no buffeting. Phone up Sir. Richard B., I'm sure he'll concur.

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Readers suggest LOHAN mount single mighty rod


Improved lift

If you could only get the launch pad assistant to quit smoking the pipe, you could safely substitute hydrogen for helium. You would then have a Low Orbit Hydrogen Assisted Navigator with twice the lift. At the extreme launch altitude air/hydrogen pressure will be low enough that even if the exhaust ignites the balloon, it will be a slow burn, allowing the rocket to escape.

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LLP (LOHAN launch platform} for a single balloon

Simple solution is to make a large L with 15 foot? arms from 1/2 ? inch tubular graphite (old fishing rods) . Hinge the arms at point of the L. Attach correct counter weight at hinge point. Connect tips of arms with fishing line to form 90 degree or less angle. When one tip of the L is attached directly to balloon the center of gravity of the assembly will cause the lower tip (where launch pad is fastened) to hang off-center of the balloon. When the launch pad is attached at the correct angle to the lower tip the rocket will clear the balloon. Hinging the L facilitates launching.


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